The 8 Effective Ways on How to Get Deer to Come to Your Stand

When I hunt deer, I prefer doing it on a tree stand, as it gives me more coverage from my game. And with the many other benefits, it has to offer, I began using it more than I did with my ground blind!

However, one problem I had was the waiting game. Since you’re on an elevated stand, it’s difficult to attract deer compared to being on the ground. With the right strategies and planning though, you’ll be all to get them to go to you!

How? Read on as I show you the eight ways on how to get deer to come to your stand.

How to Get Deer to Come to Your Stand

No one loves the long wait when hunting deer, especially when on a tree stand with limited movement! Fortunately, there are ways on how you can increase your chances of getting deer to come near you quicker. That way, you won’t have to end up waiting for hours and go home game less. Here are the eight tips you can follow:

1. Snack Time and Water

While a food plot is effective, you should also consider offering deer snacks so they can make their way to your area for better targeting. Having smaller food plots near the ambush area can help modify their usual trails, leading them to the trap.

Also, make sure that you also have water, which is especially helpful during hot days when deer need it the most. Offer a water source near your tree stand. You can make your own by buying a kiddie pool or purchasing a deer trough, which can have deer stay and lounge nearby during hot weather. 

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2. Mock Scrapes

Adding a mock scrape can help attract bucks, as they don’t miss scrapes, especially when there’s a urine scent to it! Usually, when a buck sees a scrape, they are most likely to stop, sniff, and inspect by freshening the scraped area.

Make sure that you place the scrape during the late summer, as scraping begins during the early fall. Add a scent dripper near your hunting window.

With a food plot nearby to attract them to come over, deer will start looking at the scrape, giving you the time to take your shot.

3. Have a Food Plot Nearby

Before establishing a food plot, check the local laws to see if planting plots are allowed. If so, begin planting it with crops that are high in protein. Go for kale, soybeans, turnips, chicory, alfalfa, and peas. Then, mix the crop with grasses and grains, such as wheat and oats. This will help attract deer better while also nourishing them with much-needed nutrients.

Besides what I mentioned above, deer also like nuts like acorns and chestnuts. You can also opt to plant pears and apples, depending on your location and climate. It may be a bit of a wait, but it’s quite effective. 

fresh kale

4. Use Deer Urine

One of the most effective lures is by using deer urine, which can draw deer to an area. Hunters would use deer lure a lot, so it’s best to use it when wanting to get them near your area.

Apply the deer urine lure around your area where you want to attract deer. If you want to attract bucks, apply doe scent on trees and grass.

Take note that deer are drawn to the urine scent ten weeks before your area’s local breeding season.

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Deer Urine

5. Place Scent Wicks Around Your Tree

This is another effective way for luring deer, especially when on a tree stand. You can hang these around your stand, as these wicks are saturated with buck urine.

Make sure that you place the scent wicks 20 yards in front of your stand, five feet off the ground tallow the wind to spread the scent around. Also, while placing the lures, ensure that there is NO human scent at all, as this lessens the attraction to the smell.

You can also try using sweet apples, a scent that deer love!

6. Salt Licks Can Help

Another excellent way to get deer to go near your tree stand is through using a salt lick or mineral block. Or, you can also opt for blocks made of apple salt and cider, which work use as well.

You can find these blocks in hunting stores, placing them around the edge of the areas or near your food plots and feeders

Some choose to bury the salt block and sprinkle a bit of salt on top, though it may take quite some time for deer to find it. 

Salt Licks

7. Make the Area Deer-Friendly

Ensure that your area is deer-friendly and a place that deer will enjoy and stay in, rather than be intimated and leave right away.

To do this, I recommend that you grow taller grass along with the food plots, as well as have a mixture of young trees and shrubs along with cleared areas for anise spot to stay in.

Deer want to be in forests with a lot of densities and plants, foraging in clearings though also liking foliage during the day. If you’re wondering what type of shrubs and trees to plant, go for flowering plants, as well as blackberries, junipers, and elderberries.

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8. Clear the Path

I highly recommend that you prepare the path leading to your window beside preparing the area itself. After all, if the pathway is blocked or difficult to get into, how will you expect deer to be attracted and visit the location? Not only that, but deer can be quite “lazy,” meaning they want to take paths with not much resistance for safety and ease.

Open up the pathway straight to you by clearing out any obstacles and tall grasses or cattails using a sickle. Depending on the obstacles and plants, there are many ways to remove and open the area.

Extra Tips on Hunting on a Tree Stand

Now that you’re familiar with how to get deer to come to your stand, what are other tips to follow for better success when hunting on the tree stand:

  • While using deer urine or other scents can help attract deer, you should make sure your own human odor remains undetected! Deer have sensitive senses, and if they smell you, they won’t go near the area. So make sure that you spray or shower with scent-free soap before hunting, and avoid contaminating your clothes or equipment with any small.
  • If you’re using a muzzleloader when hunting and it begins to rain, place electrical tape over the barrel’s end to reduce moisture.
  • Besides the smell, you should also ensure that you avoid making any noise as well. Practice setting up and taking down the tree stand before your hunt (quickly and effectively), as well as selecting the right location for it. Practice getting in and out of the spot as well, doing it as quietly and quickly as possible with safety.
  • Another effective tip for attracting deer is to monitor them with a hidden camera by the tree trunks, which can help you figure out what tactics work and what doesn’t.

Besides attracting deer, you should also follow safety procedures to ensure a safe hunt. Check out this helpful video for more information:

Wrapping It Up

Hunting on a tree stand has got its advantages, but only if you do it right. It’s not only important to learn how to shoot deer from your levanted position but to also be knowledgeable with how you can attract deer for more chances of getting the game to capture.

Hopefully, these tips on how to get deer to come to your stand gave you the helpful advice for successful hunts. So don’t wait any longer and begin following these tips now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with deer hunting on a tree stand, then comment down below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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