The Five Best Salt Block For Deer Reviews: Keep Deer Healthy Now!

When I first began hunting, one of my first issues was how to attract them! Sure, there were deer attractants and decoys available, but I know that the one thing that will surely have them visit a site (and have them stay there!) was the food. That’s why I began doing my research and looking into what would entice deer to my hunting spot. And that’s when I learned all about the best salt block for deer!

But what exactly is a salt block and what can it do to help with your hunting? Read on as I talk about salt blocks and review the five best ones!

Quick Comparison: Top Salt Block For Deer


Product Name



Milliard Himalayan Salt Lick

Editor’s Choice

6 lbs

 9.8/10 Read customer reviews


HijiNa Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick

6 lbs

 9.2/10 Read customer reviews


Trophy Rock Redmond All-Natural Mineral Rock and Salt Lick

12 lbs

 9.3/10 Read customer reviews


Himalayan Secrets Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick

11 lbs

 9.7/10 Read customer reviews


Himalayan Nature Deer Salt Brick

3-5 lbs

 8.8/10 Read customer reviews

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

The Five Best Salt Blocks For Deer

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best salt blocks for deer to invest in today:

1. The Quality and Healthy: Milliard Himalayan Salt Lick

Milliard 6 lbs Himalayan Salt Lick For Deer

What I love about the Milliard Himalayan Salt Lick is its quality! It’s made from the ancient deposits in the Himalayas, containing the needed minerals that deer need for better nutrition (and antlers!). It’s also known to help provide iron, magnesium, and potassium!

I like the fact that the block is easy to bring around. It weighs six pounds and has a rope to drag to the spot. Also, it keeps its shape since the rope is at the center. I do wish the cord is a bit longer, but other than that, no major complaints! It’s a great buy for its quality of salt, making it well worth the price.


  • High quality salt for better nutrition
  • Lightweight and easy to drag
  • Rope is centered for it to last longer
  • Deer likes the taste


  • The cord isn’t as long as wanted
  • Not the most weather-resistant

2. The Weather-Resistant and Durable: HijiNa Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick

HijiNa Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick-100% Natural Pure Salt Block on Rope for Deer

For those who are looking for a salt block that’s extremely durable, then I recommend the HijiNa Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick. What I’m impressed most at is how it’s able to last regardless of the weather. It doesn’t melt easily under rain or wet soil, but it stays in its shape while still being “lickable” for deer.

The salt quality is excellent, with the needed minerals for better antlers and energy for deer! I also appreciate its size and shape, coming with a rope to drag and hang. This block isn’t only weather-resistant, but also known to last longer than your typical salt block, making it a great investment!


  • It lasts longer than other salt blocks
  • Deer love the taste and is weather-resistant
  • Has great quality salt


  • The block is pricier than other salt blocks
  • Rope is a bit too short

3. The All-Natural Deer Attractant: Trophy Rock Redmond All-Natural Mineral Rock and Salt Lick

Trophy Rock - All-natural Mineral Rock/Salt Lick - Attract Deer and Big Game

If you’re focusing on attracting deer during the hunt, then I recommend that you get the Redmond Trophy Rock All-Natural Mineral Rock Salt Lick. I like that it doesn’t use the typical chemicals to attract deer, but natural ingredients that don’t interfere with deer’s health and the minerals in the salt rock.

It has the high-quality salt and minerals required to help deer grow, as well as the good surface where you can install your trail cam. Plus, I love the fact that it lasts long with the big size and weight worth the price. I really like the salt block and would always use it again, recommending it to all types of hunters!


  • Long-lasting and good size
  • Can place trail cam easily
  • Good-quality salt with all necessary minerals
  • Deer attractant with natural ingredients


  • Attracts more does than bucks
  • Pricier compared to other salt blocks

4. The Cost-Effective Set: Himalayan Secrets Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick

Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick for Horse, Cow, Goat, etc. Made from Specially Selected Higher Quality Himalayan Salt - Evenly Distributed Minerals - 100% Pure & Natural

While you might think that the Himalayan Secrets Salt Lick is a bit pricy, it’s actually affordable purchasing it in bulk! You get a more affordable set of four blocks at 11 pounds, making it a worthy investment. I appreciate that it comes in different sizes and weights, so you are able to select which is best according to your needs.

Himalayan Secrets is known for their high-quality salt for cooking, and this is no exception to deer. It has the 84 much-needed minerals and elements that livestock like deer can use. It’s attracted a lot of deer and they like licking it!

Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick


  • Attracts deer and works as advertised
  • Great package and cost-effective
  • Lasts for a few weeks and doesn’t destroy quickly
  • Contains all the necessary minerals for optimum health


  • Heavy and has no rope
  • More expensive when bought individually

5. The Delicious and Enticing: Himalayan Nature Deer Salt Brick

Himalayan Nature Deer Salt Brick 3-5 lbs

Last but not the least, we have the Himalayan Nature Deer Salt Brick, which is a smaller and lighter salt lick which is easy to bring around. I love that it attracts deer so well and that it comes in a quality size that makes it easy to prop your trail cam or to hang on a tree.

Since it’s lightweight, it’s easy to bring and set it up. Once detected, deer will be attracted and like the taste. The quality of salt is great as well, containing the complete minerals for a healthier life. All in all, I appreciate it for its affordable price and quality!


  • Deer love the taste and come back
  • It’s easy to setup
  • Affordable price for its salt quality


  • May be too small and not as long-lasting
  • Not weather-resistant

What Is a Salt Block?

Before we get into the benefits and uses of a salt block, let’s first look into what these are!

When I was doing my research on keeping deer healthy while attracting them to my site, I stumbled upon salt blocks. These are literally big blocks of salt one places in near food plots, which won’t only attract deer but also keep them healthy.

There are many different kinds of salt or mineral licks to choose from, depending on the size and type of salt you want. Himalayan salt is a recommended kind, which leads to better health because of the mineral it contains. It’s no magic block, but it does help supplement deer and entice them to stay within the food plot, making it a great area to hunt in!

We’ll look into the specific benefits in the next section.

The Benefits Of Using Salt Blocks

We all know how salt blocks are considered beneficial, but what exactly do they do for deer and the hunt? Here are some of the advantages it has to offer:

May Be Able to Attract Deer

What is great about salt blocks is that some of them contain natural deer attractants. And since you place it near a food plot, it entices deer to go to where you are. That way, you have a great area to hunt in and won’t need to trek for hours at a time searching for the perfect spot to stay and wait in.

Himalayan Rock Salt Block

Plus, you’ll be able to follow deer around and gain the useful information on how your chosen herd moves around. It also shows you the quality of deer you’re planning on hunting.

Discover more: 

Healthy Minerals for Healthy Deer

Deer aren’t only attracted to salt, but they also have the healthy deer mineral that help keep them quenched and their antlers bigger. It’s no miracle worker, but it works for the best growth and maintenance for deer.

They are also a longer-lasting way to “bait” deer to your food plot, since they can last for a few weeks before it melts completely.

Affordable and Can Be Made On Your Own

Compared to other deer attractants, this is a more affordable option that contains more benefits. Plus, you can easily make your own salt block at home, if you have the time and ingredients!

How to Choose the Best Salt Block for Deer

A salt block offers a ton of benefits but it only works if you select the best one suitable for you and the deer! However, it can be quite confusing if you aren’t familiar with the different kinds of blocks available. So here are some important tips and factors to consider:

Size and Weight

You’ll want to make sure that the salt block you purchase is suitable enough to last for a long time, so it’s best to get a bigger size which would be enough for a few weeks. But of course, it should be at a good weight for it to be easy to bring to the food plot. I appreciate salt blocks that have ropes, making it easier to drag around rather than to carry it with my bare hands.

Quality of Salt

The quality of salt is crucial, as this is what will help keep deer healthy! I recommend that you go for Himalayan salt, which are known to contain much-needed minerals that also help their antlers grow.

You should also consider the “strength” of the salt. While it should melt adequately for deer to have an easier time licking, it should also be weather-resistant. Meaning, it shouldn’t melt and dissipate during rain or snow!

Deer Attractant

There are now salt blocks which also have natural deer attractants. I like getting these kinds of salt blocks because they are multipurpose. Not only will they help deer get healthier antlers, but it also helps deer find where the source of salt is, which will have them stay in the area and make it easier to hunt in. Just make sure that you’re free from human scent as well and stay hidden!

Tips on Using Salt Blocks During Hunts

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits and selecting the best salt block for deer, how can you utilize these salt licks properly to ensure best health and attraction? Read these tips to learn about how to use the salt lick!

  • If you want to track deer and see their movements or how they look like, then I recommend that you place a trail camera on your salt block for better observation. You can do this even before the hunting season so you have a sure spot to hunt in and know what kind of deer you plan on capturing.
  • When looking for an area to place the salt block in, you can never go wrong with a location where deer are always at. Place it in a food plot or on the ground where you can find droppings and deer tracks.
  • Take note that deer will be wary of their surroundings, looking into the salt block carefully before going near it. So you’ll need to be patient and well-hidden to avoid detection. It will take a bit of time before deer “trust” the salt block, so be still and undetected.

You can also refer to this informative video on where to place salt blocks:

Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to try attracting deer into your hunting spot. With the right investment (like salt blocks!), you’ll be able to entice deer without any issue! Plus, it enhances deer health for a more quality catch.

Of all the salt blocks tried and tested, I believe that the best one goes to the Milliard Himalayan Salt Lick. This 6-pound salt block comes from the most quality salt deposits from the Himalayas, which includes the much-needed minerals animals need, from horses to deer! So not only can it attract deer, the salt lick can also keep them healthy.

I appreciate it for being durable and melting good enough for animals to lick. With its large size, it will last for a few weeks, making it worth the price!

Hopefully, this article on the best salt block for deer gave you an idea on what you should begin to invest in for deer health. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these salt blocks now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on the best salt block for deer, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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