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Is It Safe to Refill 1LB Propane Bottles? Surprising Answers Here!

As hunters and campers who are always outdoors, we require certain equipment which utilizes propane, may it be for cooking or starting fires. Because of this, I'm sure many of you have asked, "Is it safe to refill 1lb propane bottles?". After all, it's more convenient and inexpensive to do so, rather than having to keep purchasing new bottles.

However, there are some things to take note of when you plan to refill propane bottles! That's why I did the research and will be tackling if you can refill your 1lb propane bottles now.

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5 Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Almost everyone (except landscape gardeners and farmers) spends most of their time indoors. The extreme British weather makes it hard for one to commune comfortably with nature. The benefits associated with going outside and communing with nature are however worth every moment, reasons you too should consider going out.

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Can You Wash a Tent in a Washing Machine? The Myths and The Reality

Tents can get dirty easily after being exposed to the outdoors. So, it is essential to know how to clean them for long-term utilization.

Last summer, I was out camping. I took my tent so I could stay out overnight. It was a pleasant experience for me, but for my tent? Not so much. It got dirty and I needed to clean it up very quickly because I had more plans on camping with my friends. So, with me being in a rush, I had a weird thought and it was, can I wash my tent in a washing machine? Because a washing machine is the quickest way to clean any type of cloth.

Let’s find out the truth then. 

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