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Things to Consider When Choosing a Mosquito Hunting Nets
Mosquitoes will bite your face anytime there’s an opportunity. Why? Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes, and this gas is plenty from[...]
5 Great Camping Spots in America You Need to Check Out
As the winter months roll through, we're all waiting for the time when things warm up so we can get[...]
Top Hunting Mistakes To Avoid
Wild animals, loaded firearms, difficult terrain, and sometimes, adverse weather conditions. These are all things that are associated with hunting.[...]
How to Be a Modern-Day Treasure Hunter
“Modern-day treasure hunter” - this name is so mesmerizing and carries feelings of fascination. There are plenty of movies created[...]
What’s The Most Important Gear For Family Camping
Camping is a very personal experience, and every camper brings their own strengths, weaknesses, needs and desires. Especially with kids.[...]

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Mitchell, founder of muskethunting.com. Here at Musket Hunting, I provide guides on how to hunt effectively, answer reader's questions, and review on the latest hunting gears. Hunting will give you the experience that nothing else in this world can provide with.

Mitchell Wood, outdoor, ranch and hunting guru


the benefits of hunting as a sport

Keeps physical health in check

Connection with friends and family

Increases mental discipline

Enjoying nature

Mental Relaxation

Gives the body an adrenaline boost

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