The Top 5 Excellent Tips On Scent Control For Deer Hunting

An important aspect to look into when deer hunting is your scent. Yes, it isn’t just about using deer attractants and other products that can lure deer to you, but to control your own human scent! Because deer have such high senses of smell, even the faintest touch of your scent can put them off, with them running away before you even get the chance to begin hunting.

But how exactly can you control your scent while hunting? It isn’t just about the products you purchase! Read on as I show you the important tips on scent control for deer hunting.

Top Five Tips On Scent Control For Deer Hunting

We always hear a ton of ways to attract deer with scent, but what about controlling your own? It isn’t just about spraying yourself with scentless products but strategizing as well. Here are five ways to improve your scent control for deer hunting:

1. Make You and Your Clothes Odorless

The first thing to do is for you to become completely odorless as possible. Not only should your body be scent-free, but your clothes and hunting equipment as well!

To do this, make sure that you use scent-free products on you and your clothes:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Shaving cream
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Deodorant

Do NOT put cologne or any foreign scent deer would see as a danger. You can ready your clothes to keep it scent-free by placing it in a container until it’s time for your hunt. Avoid wearing your clothes even while driving to the fields, as it can pick up scents from gas, smoke, and the like.

2. Plan and Play By Wind

Even if you are odorless, there may be some minor odors deer can pick up. That’s why when strategizing where to enter, stay, and exit from the field, you have to take account both sight and scent. After all, even the wind can end up capturing your scent and transferring to deer noses, which results in them running the other direction.

That’s why you should set up both your blinds and tree stands accordingly to have the effective start. Not only that, but strategize where you’ll enter and exit these areas according to the wind direction. Consider going multiple routes to prevent scents from streaming to bedding areas where deer usually are.

3. Using Active Scent Control

Besides using scent-free products on your laundry and body, you should consider investing in odorless sprays and active scent control, which can reduce the chances of you still having a hint of human scent, may it be from what you ate down to fresheners you may have passed.

Right before hunting, spray scent control around your entire body, from your hat to boots. Wipe down your equipment with scent-free wipes, and make sure that even your breath is free from any scent of what you just consumed (like coffee!).

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4. Avoid the Hard-to-Lose Odors

Before and during your hunt, you have to ensure that you do not pick up any odors that even your scent control can’t lose. Remember, your bodies are able to pick up odors both internally and externally.

With that being said, it’s best that you avoid any strong-flavored foods at least 24 hours before your hunt. This means to stay away from spicy food, smoked and seasoned foods, as well as other intense flavors which can affect your breath.

Furthermore, you need to limit your alcohol consumption, as this taints your breath and sweat.

5. Practice Common Sense Actions When Hunting 

Last but not least, follow common sense as you hunt, following these unspoken rules:

  • Don’t touch and leave any scent on trees and branches
  • Never cross deer trails unless absolutely necessary
  • Walk around water or mud in the field to reduce odor on your boots
  • Don’t consume any food or liquids with strong scents while hunting
  • Do NOT smoke or chew tobacco while hunting
  • For those who have a long walk to their tree stand or ground blind, carry your prepared clothes in a backpack, dressing at the destination itself to avoid body odor and sweat.

If you want to learn more about controlling your scent when hunting, here’s an informative video to help you out:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to hunting, you have to ensure that you can attract deer AND avoid having them run away from your looks and smell. Removing your scent is the top priority, lessening the chances of being detected by the deer’s strong senses. That way, you’re able to spy and hunt them without the worry of them running away before you could get to them.

I hope that this article on scent control for deer hunting helps you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these tips today.

If you had any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on scent control for deer hunting, then comment below. Your thoughts are much much appreciated!

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