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Do you want to get your hunting articles published? Do you consider yourself an expert when it comes to hunting? Do you have a hunting blog, and want to guest post? If so, visit the contact me page and email me your best article. We are looking for hunters with opinions, skills, and value to bring to our readers. We want journalists that are aspiring to deliver the best content. All you need is a love for hunting, and preferably hunting deer to get started.

Please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to get your post on Musket Hunting.

The Benefits Of Writing For Us Are:

  • Notoriety in the Hunting Industry
  • Links back to your website
  • Increased traffic to your site
  • A Strong article portfolio

A Couple Of Rules Are:

  • Your article must be well-written and relevant to hunting topics.
  • All articles must be original content written by you. We will check all articles for content scraping.
  • Lots of photos & lots of examples.
  • You must be honest in your opinion. Any spam or paid promotion are not tolerated.
  • Read a few of our articles to understand our writing style.
  • All content is subject to approval by muskethunting.com and may or may not be used, altered or unaltered, and released whenever we see fit.(Most likely this won’t happen, but it is our right)

Every post we publish will teach our readers to do at least one of the following…

  • Deer Hunting
  • Turkey Hunting
  • Waterfowl Hunting
  • Bowhunting
  • Food Plots / Land Management
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Big Game Hunting
  • Predator Hunting
  • Small Game Hunting
  • Guns and Shooting
  • Global Hunting
  • Surviving

There are three types of posts that work well…

1. How To Post

2. Simple Question Post

  • Must follow this Guideline 2
  • In this article type you will be sharing detailed tips and ideas, or the results you have achieved from a specific hunting topic or technique. You will explain what you did and the results you achieved, then show the readers (within reason) how to do it themselves to achieve the same results. This article is a great example: How Much Meat From a Deer Can You Get? The Answers You Need to Know

3. Based List Post

  • Must follow this Guideline 3
  • In this article type you will put together a numbered list that will serve as a quick reference guide for new hunters to help improve their hunting skills or solve a common problem new hunters face. Each item in the list will include a brief description. This article is a great example: The 9 Best Deer Hunting States You Need to Check Out

How to submit…

If you have the expertise and are willing to create an outstanding article for Musket Hunting ’s audience, send us an email with 2-3 your topic ideas to:

[email protected]

Please include the words “Guest Post” in the subject line.

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  1. Hello, I am the chief editor and founder of alaskanarrows.com and I think that you guys are doing great work in the hunting niche and it’s nice to see the work you guys do.

    We actually create content that you are looking for and we’ll be glad to work with you guys in any way possible though unlike what is offered on your ‘write for us’ page, we would love to be a contractor or freelancer for your site in that we will create content for your website under the topics that you mentioned in exchange for a small fee as we actually have a group of writers in office who often times find themselves without work hahaha!

    We are still capable of taking a few more slots of websites needing this service from us and you guys seem to be a great site for us to work with due to the style and tone of writing your articles.

    Otherwise, we’d be glad to also do a sponsored post for your website too which we have done a few times already for other clients.

    No pressure! Even if you are not interested, it’s great to just get acquainted with someone in the same industry!

    Let me know what you think Mitchell.




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