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Should you plant a turnip plot this fall? What’s better, clover or chicory? Do you really need a tractor, or will your ATV work? If you’re managing hunting land, you can’t afford not to check in here.

Cooking for Hunters: How to Smoke a Turkey and Grill Fish on a Charcoal Grill

One of the most thrilling parts of being a hunter is making the kill, and having something that you can cook. Whether you’re hunting turkey, fish, pork, or deer, there are dozens of ways you can prepare your catch on a charcoal grill. This simple piece of equipment can be used across dozens of different cooking styles, to produce some delicious foods. Also, knowing the amount of effort that went into catching it can make the protein taste even better. Let’s look at some recipes that you might want to try the next time you catch turkey or fish.

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When to Plant Radishes For Deer: You NEED to Know These Tips!

If you're planning to hunt deer and attract them into your area, then radishes are the way to go! These are the go-to crop for deer food plots, whether you're attracting and/or hunting deer. BUT, just because you planted radishes don't mean deer will automatically come to you.

You need to make sure that you not only plant your turnips in the right place but at the right time as well! If you want to know when to plant radishes for deer correctly, read on! I'll show you the times to plant radishes and more tips for food plots.

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How to Cook Deer Heart: Yummy Recipes and Tips!

Whenever I hunt, I'm always on the lookout for deer because of their delicious venison meat, especially their heart! You'll be surprised by how rich the flavor is, especially when you cook it just right. Sure, people might find you weird for cooking and consuming deer heart, but don't knock it 'til you try it!

But the question is: How can you even prepare and cook it as a yummy dish? As I did my research (and did it myself), I realized it wasn’t that hard and anyone can do it! So read on as I show you the proper steps and tips on how to cook deer heart for you and the family to enjoy.

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Hunter’s Guide To Cooking Deer: 8 Tips To Make The Most Of It

Hunters, gather up! Because today we discuss the best way to hunt and cook deer.

With the help of many experts on venison, both hunters and chef, we’ve gathered up 8 crucial points that will make sure that you get the most out of your hunt.

Hunting a deer is a daunting task and it takes a lot of care to meet perfection. However, cooking venison not only requires patience and knowledge of the meat but also needs the right set of equipment.

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The Best No-Till Drill For Food Plots: Attract and Help Deer Grow Now!

If there was one thing that helped attract deer, it had to be food plots. These didn’t only have deer come near my area for hunting and viewing, but it helped them become healthier, too! It’s the reason why I started growing food plot, which held more benefits as a hunting strategy.

After a long time of growing food plots, I came across no-till farming, which seemed even easier to do to avoid too much work. To learn more about this and the best no-till drill for food plots, read on! I’ll show you more about how to do no-till farming.

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How to Cook a Wild Turkey: The 3 Delicious Recipes to Try Out!

You've gone turkey hunting and caught yourself a big one, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! But wait: How do you properly cook it from scratch?

When you capture the wild turkey, it's still got its feathers and you'll need to dress it yourself, cleaning and separating its meats before cooking. It's different from your typical store-bought domesticated turkey, that's for sure!

With that being said, what's the best way to cook wild turkeys and where can you begin? I did the research on how to cook a wild turkey, so you know what to do from start to finish. Read on!

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When To Plant Buck Forage Oats: What You Need To Know For Healthy Deer

When it comes to hunting deer, then it's best to begin setting up and preparing a few things to attract deer! This doesn't only mean trying out tactics such as a deer decoy or hiding in a hunting blind, but to also use food as a way to keep deer healthy while having a sure space to keep them in one area for hunting. One effective grain to plant would be buck forage oats, which are great for deer. But it might be confusing as to when to plant buck forage oats, especially if you don't have a green thumb!

So read on as I show you what you need to know about these types of oats and how you can plant them yourself!

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How To Cook Deer Sausage: The Easy and Simple Guide You Need

Congratulations! You have now caught and dressed your deer, giving you delicious venison to enjoy. It's the perfect way to end your expedition, as you'll have the chance to prepare and serve the meat, a showcase of your hard work on the field! A simple and easy way to serve venison is as a sausage style. It's perfect for a camping-themed party! But how to cook deer sausage?

I know how difficult it may be for those who aren't natural cooks. That's why I'll be showing you how to cook deer sausage for your next celebration with loved ones.

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Chicory for Deer: The Facts You Need to Know and How to Plant It

Hunting for deer isn't just about finding and shooting your prey. Many skilled hunters set up traps or learn to raise their prey until such time comes that the deer is plump and meaty enough to catch! It's the reason why people have open gardens with enticing plants deer would eat. Not only does it keep up the deer's health, but your prey will start going to your area, making it an easy target. If you're wondering what kind of plant to plot on your garden, chicory for deer is quite beneficial and will attract your prey easily.

Learn more about chicory and how to effectively plot it in your garden here!

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