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How to Preserve a Squirrel Tail: The Easy Steps to Follow

Beyond deer, I really love hunting small game like squirrels. These small games, particularly different types of squirrels' tails, make great displays, bait, or even clothes! That's why when I do get the chance to hunt them down, I try to tail 'em down (no pun intended!).

During long hunts though, I have some trouble preserving them, making sure they’re good for their use once I’m home. I’m sure a lot of you have had the same questions as well, which is why I decided to share my tips on how to preserve a squirrel tail, so read on!

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Six Helpful Tips On How To Train A Squirrel Dog

Dogs are man's best friends in almost everything, and hunting holds no exception! These loyal and furry animals are one of the best companions to take along with during the hunting season, as they have the impeccable sense to look out for predators and the potential game you can capture.

Squirrel dogs, in particular, are great types of dogs to bring along with. But how can you make sure that they are well-trained to handle the hunt? It's not too early to begin training your furry friend! So read on as I show you a helpful guide on how to train a squirrel dog.

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