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Hunter’s Guide To Cooking Deer: 8 Tips To Make The Most Of It

Hunters, gather up! Because today we discuss the best way to hunt and cook deer.

With the help of many experts on venison, both hunters and chef, we’ve gathered up 8 crucial points that will make sure that you get the most out of your hunt.

Hunting a deer is a daunting task and it takes a lot of care to meet perfection. However, cooking venison not only requires patience and knowledge of the meat but also needs the right set of equipment.

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How to Make Your Own Hunting Clothes: Adding Camo Patterns Easily

One of the crucial things to invest in for hunting is the clothes you wear. Not only should it be at the appropriate colors and in camouflage, but it should also be strong and sturdy enough to wear in the fields! However, we all know just how expensive getting hunting clothes are, which makes people wonder if they can make their own.

Great news: You CAN learn how to make your own hunting clothes! As long as you have the right materials, the appropriate equipment, and the willingness to learn, you can save up while still getting nice clothes for the hunt. So read on as I show you how to make your own hunting clothes now!

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How to Move a Gun Safe: 7 Efficient Steps to Follow

Gun safes are great ways to ensure that your weapons and other hunting equipment are locked away. This keeps the home safe while the gun isn't in use, away from pets and children who might come across it. These are highly beneficial, which is why many gun owners and hunters invest in heavy-duty ones.

But with heavy-duty gun safes also come the difficulty in actually moving it. Whether you're moving homes or would like to relocate the gun safe, how can you successfully move it? I did the research so read on as I show you how to move a gun safe properly!

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Black Bear Hunting: What Beginners Need to Know

Hunting a black bear could be lethal as well as thrilling. For someone who is going for the first time bear hunt, there are plenty to small to extensive details that one can use to make the expedition successful.

First of all, if you hunt in the western states, then it is crucial to determine the difference between a black bear and grizzlies. While black bears are huntable, Grizzlies are not as they seek protection under federal law.

Well, without any ado, let’s talk about some of the significant tips.

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The Best Place to Shoot a Deer: 5 Effective Areas For Clean Kills

I've always established that shooting a deer means you have to be in a strategic location. Either you're on a comfortable ladder tree stand or down in a hunting ground blind, all that matters is that you're at your best position to shoot a deer. However, you know where to place yourself when shooting deer, but what's the best place to shoot a deer?

Is it on the head, stomach, or are there any other strategic parts to know about? After doing the research, I came across some interesting facts, so read on! I'll be showing you the places to shoot deer for a one-shot kill!

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Ready To Summon Your Inner Wild? Don’t Forget To Grab Your Binoculars for Hunting!

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only fan of the Hunger Games franchise here. It has been a couple of years since the trilogy has reached its conclusion but some of us (and by that, I mean me) still can’t get over the action-packed storyline. Needless to say, one of the characters that really stood out and resonated with the audience was the main heroine, Katniss Everdeen. There is a certain charm that envelops strong-willed women, after all. Their aura is just irresistibly captivating. It feels as if they can sweetly sing you a lullaby and cradle you to sleep – but cut your throat soon after, lol.

Kidding aside, the book and movie franchise was certainly a treat to experience and it has made a huge mark in many people’s lives, especially mine.

One of its biggest influences on me can be seen on the hobby I’ve been closely following in recent years. I have developed a love for hunting – believe it or not. Of course, I don’t do it the Everdeen way with a bow and all. I use a classic sniper rifle (check out other cool rifles here) to hunt. Archery isn’t something you’ll easily get a hold of in just a couple of years, after all. So I settled for the next best thing. A real gun certainly gives off the right feeling to. It’s more intense and thrilling, if I must say.

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The Best Archery Accessories for Deer Hunting

Each year, over 10 million people go out to hunt deer in the United States. On average, this leads to 6 million deer being killed and reported. To ensure that you get one of these deer and the best one you can, it's crucial to have the right accessories during your hunt.

In addition to hunting being a great form of skill-building and recreation, it also helps control the deer population. A population that leads to over $250 million in crop, landscaping, and personal damages each year. Not to mention the million or more deer that will be involved in car accidents every single year. Making every shot count is essential. 

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