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4 Reasons To Take A Thermal Monocular To Your Next Hunting Adventures

Once upon a time, it was either a binocular or nothing. This tool was widely embraced by hunters for sporting a kill in the wild. On the other hand, thermal imaging was primarily used by the military and hardcore law enforcement agencies while on the field.

But a lot has since changed and the affordable cost of infrared technology, thanks to recent developments, has led to the widespread availability of consumer-level thermal imaging devices.

Unfortunately, if your loves for hunting dates back to the 80’s and you have not kept up with modern trends, then you may not see much use for a thermal monocular. To help meet this need, we have put together some interesting reasons for an infrared monocular in your next hunting adventure.

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Hog Hunting At Night: Thermal Scopes And Essential Gear

When is the most appropriate time to hunt for hogs? Honestly speaking, this is a question we hunters have asked or have been asked over and over again and with no doubt, the answer is always the same.

When the sun goes down! I mean, since hog hunting has become a popular and effective way of controlling their ever-expanding populations, these destructive feral beasts have instinctively adapted to beat the hunt by becoming nocturnal feeders in a bid to avoid being taken down during the day. For this reason, the best time to land one of these trophies is at night when they are actively feeding.

The problem is, hunting in the dark comes with its own set of challenges from limited visibility, to a high likelihood of spooking your target in the dark. Fortunately, all the odds are not stacked against you as a nocturnal hunter. With the right preparation, tools and gear, you can easily guarantee yourself a successful night hunt. And this is how!

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