Unraveling the Burris Oracle X Problems and Solutions

The Burris Oracle X is an innovative product that has attracted the attention of the shooting and hunting community. With its advanced features and capabilities, it promises to be a game-changer in the optics industry. However, like any modern equipment, it cannot avoid negative feedback from users.

In this article, we dip into the Burris Oracle X problems that users have encountered. By exploring these concerns, we aim to provide an objective perspective on the product and offer possible solutions to enhance the user experience.

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Overview of Burris Oracle X

Before turning to the Burris Oracle X problems, let’s take a moment to understand what it brings to the hunting community. Burris Oracle X is a smart crossbow shooting product that has gained attention in the shooting and hunting community. When Oracle was born, it applied all the excellent features of Eliminator LaserScope after more than a decade of innovation.

After Oracle was on the market for a short time, Burris quickly realized the popularity of crossbow hunting. Then Burris combined the advantages of Eliminator and Oracle by designing crossbow-specific optics called Oracle X. The Oracle X builds on the years of experience with which Burris has created ranged rifle scopes.

burris oracle x problems

In my experience, Oracle X has the best range of long-range crossbows on the market thanks to the application of advanced technologies.

The dimensions of the Oracle X measure 11.9 inches in length, 2.95 inches in width, and 3.28 inches in height. Its outstanding features include a built-in laser rangefinder with angle compensation, ballistic calculator, and environmental sensors. All are integrated into the scope’s display.

We are also impressed by its use of the wireless remote to activate the rangefinder. Because we found that using the button on the scope was less cumbersome.

It also has the ability to be waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and control brightness as well.

So is it possible to have a perfect high-tech product? Of course not. Burris Oracle X also has some problems noted from assessment of hunting experts and customer feedback.

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Reported Burris Oracle X Problems

Besides the praise for the best range of the crossbow, the Burris Oracle X still faces various negative reviews from the hunting community and users. Most of these issues are concerns related to optics and performance, durability and build quality, as well as software and firmware glitches and design inconveniences in use. To be able to evaluate more objectively about Burris Oracle X problems, we need to go into each group of problems.

Optics and Performance Issues

The optics of any crossbow are crucial, as they directly impact the user’s ability to acquire targets accurately and efficiently. Some users have reported issues with image clarity and distortion when using the Burris Oracle X at certain magnification levels. Additionally, concerns regarding focus stability have been raised, leading to difficulties in maintaining consistent accuracy during shooting sessions.

Moreover, the integrated rangefinder, a standout feature of the Oracle X, has been subject to criticism. While the concept is promising, some users have experienced inconsistencies in its readings, leading to doubts about its reliability in critical situations. In long-range shooting, precision matters, and any inconsistencies in range readings can significantly affect the accuracy of shots.

Durability and Quality Concerns

A crossbow is an investment, and users rightfully expect it to be durable and rugged. However, several reports have surfaced regarding the Burris Oracle X’s quality, with complaints about certain components not holding up to the demands of rigorous shooting conditions. Concerns have been raised about the scope’s ability to withstand recoil, environmental elements, and accidental impacts. Some users have even reported issues with water resistance, raising questions about the scope’s reliability in adverse weather conditions.

In addition, fast battery drain is also a Burris Oracle X problem. The first few weeks seem pretty smooth with the built-in battery. But the problem started after a while. Battery life is surprisingly short. Survival time can be as low as 3 months. However, battery problems can be easily fixed. When going out, take a spare battery with you or completely replace it with a new built-in battery.

Software and Firmware Problems

The Burris Oracle X’s advanced technology relies heavily on software and firmware to provide real-time ballistic calculations and aiming solutions. Unfortunately, this dependence has led to reported software and firmware issues. Users have encountered glitches and bugs that affect the scope’s performance and functionality. Some have faced instances of freezing displays or slow response times, hindering their ability to make quick and accurate adjustments during shooting.

Additionally, users have expressed concerns about the availability of updates and customer support in addressing these software and firmware issues. In a world where technology rapidly evolves, consistent updates and support are crucial to ensuring optimal performance for users.

Uncomfortable Design Problems

Another issue that users also mention is its heaviness. It is almost 12 inches long and weighs almost 2 pounds. Most of its competitors are lighter. This also becomes one of the reasons hunters consider whether to buy Burris Oracle X or not.

burris oracle x problems

Solutions for Burris Oracle X problems

Although most problems with Burris Oracle X come from the manufacturer, users also need to pay attention to some of the following notes to ensure the best product experience:

  • Regular Maintenance:

Properly maintain the scope by following the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and storage. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of the scope and minimize potential problems.

  • Firmware Updates:

Check for firmware updates from Burris and make sure the scope is running on the latest version. Updated firmware can resolve known bugs and improve overall performance.

  • Verify environment settings:

Users can manually verify environment settings and double-check rangefinder readings to cross-reference their accuracy.

  • Contact Customer Support:

If you have a problem, contact Burris customer support for assistance. Several users have praised Burris for their responsive and helpful customer support, providing quick solutions. However, users also need to provide detailed information about the issue to expedite the resolution process.


The Burris Oracle X is an ambitious product that brings innovative features to the shooting community. While it has received praise for its potential, reported problems and issues have surfaced, impacting user experiences. Understanding these concerns can help users make informed decisions when considering the Oracle X for their shooting needs.

Additionally, it is essential for Burris to acknowledge and address these problems promptly to maintain its reputation as a leading optics manufacturer. As technology evolves, addressing user feedback and continuously improving products will be crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With proper attention and solutions, the Burris Oracle X has the potential to live up to its promise of revolutionizing long-range shooting experiences.

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