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How to Hunt Coyotes at Night: The 3 Major Tips to Follow

Coyote hunting is a pretty fun activity I love to do during my free time. And since they're nocturnal animals, it's actually best to hunt them during the night, when they're awake and outdoors! But I know how difficult it is to hunt at night, especially when you don't have the proper knowledge and equipment.

Even I was confused at first, so you're not alone! That's why I did my research and want to share my experiences with you on how to hunt coyotes at night. So read on as I show the right tips and equipment you need to begin your hunts now.

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5 Helpful Tips For Night Time Hunting For Safe and Fun Hunts

Night time hunting can be a great thing to do and one that is really enjoyable and also successful. We’ve compiled a list of five different things to do to prepare yourself to go out hunting at night time.

Before you consider going out with night vision to shoot, you need to do some research first. It isn't simply about going out in a field, making a scan of the land and then shooting a fox.

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