The 10 Best Bow Case Reviews You Need to Check Out Now!

When bowhunting, it’s essential to keep your bow and arrows secure. Regardless of the bow model or type of arrows you have, without the proper protection, it will end up losing its quality in the long run. That’s why you should make the wise investment in the best bow case, which will ensure that your bows are protected from any environmental factors that cause damage.

But what is the best bow case to invest in? I show you the top ten different bow cases suitable for any bows you own!

Quick Comparison: Top Bow Case

ImageProduct NameBow TypeCase TypeScore
Mossy Oak Compound Bow CaseMossy Oak Compound Bow CaseCompound BowSoft Case 8/10
Allen Company Compound Bow CaseAllen Company Compound Bow CaseCompound BowSoft Case 8.5/10
Plano Protector Compact Bow CasePlano Protector Compact Bow Case
Editor’s Choice
Compound BowHard Case 9.6/10
SKB Hunter Series Bow CaseSKP Corp. Hunter Series Bow CaseCompound BowHard Case 9.2/10
SAS Recurve Takedown Bow CaseSAS Recurve Takedown Bow CaseRecurve BowSoft Case 8.6/10
Plano Bow Max Recurve CasePlano Bow-Max Recurve CaseRecurve BowHard Case 8.7/10
Vista Traveler Takedown CaseVista Traveler Takedown Case
Editor’s Choice
Recurve BowHard Case 9.4/10
barnett Crossbow CaseBarnett Crossbow Case

 Editor’s Choice

CrossbowSoft Case 9.7/10
Contra Reverse Limb Crossbow Case w/Scope CompartmentAllen Company Contra Reverse Limb Crossbow CaseCrossbowSoft Case 9/10
Plano Spire Crossbow CasePlano Spire Crossbow CaseCrossbowHard Case 9.3/10

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The Best Bow Case Reviews

Based on my research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are the top ten best bow cases you can invest in, depending on the type of bow you own, may it be compound, recurve, or a crossbow:

The Best Compound Bow Case

1. The Fully Functional and Durable: Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Compound Bow Case

Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case review

What makes the Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case an excellent investment is its fantastic design. I love how easy it is to carry and that it comes with a camo pattern that makes it inconspicuous when hunting. It’s made of the durable materials that can hold up to the harshest conditions, regardless of where you go.

Furthermore, I appreciate that it comes in a one size fits all, making it flexible when I bring different models of compound bows. All in all, it’s simple but a robust case that’s well worth the investment.

  • Extremely durable material to withstand any weather
  • Camo design for less noticeability
  • One size fits all
  • Can’t strap bow to the case
  • No extra pockets

2. The Roomy and Easy Use: Allen Company Compound Bow Case

Allen Company Compound Bow Case review

If you’re looking for an excellent case with extra storage, then the Allen Company Compound Bow Case will make an excellent investment. It can fit most bows and comes with a Gear Fit design that makes it easy to pack and store your bow’s accessories in seven pockets! Whether you want to store your arrows, broadheads, targets, bow wax, or even your items, it will be able to fit in the case!

It’s comfortable to carry, having a padded handle grip and a quality shoulder strap. And with its smooth zipper pulls, you can access your gear without hassle.

  • Seven specially designed pockets
  • Has a lot of room for your bow and accessories
  • Comfortable to carry around
  • Padding isn’t very thick
  • Stitching isn’t as quality

3. The Resilient and Secure: Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case review

If you prefer a hard case, then the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case is the one for you. I like that it comes with a nameplate order form to personalize the case to avoid theft or loss. It also has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around or store while offering high-quality density foam for extra security and protection for your bows. There is a patented pillar lock system for security purposes, which is what made me purchase it!

Furthermore, the case comes with a limited lifetime warranty and the reliable quality to last for years.

  • Hard and durable case to last
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Excellent lock system to prevent theft
  • May be too small for some bows
  • Instructions are difficult to read

4. The Tight and Resistant: SKP Corp. Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case review

Another fantastic choice for a hard case will have to be the SKB Hunter Series. It can fit almost all types of compound bows on the market with its quiver attached. It has the rigid shell with nice padding, which adds more support and protection for your bow. Furthermore, it has interlocking stacking systems that prevent theft or easy opening for your curious kids!

The inside offers a tight and secure fit for your bow to prevent any dirt or moisture from coming in. It also has plush padding for water resistance and security to keep your bow safe.

  • It can hold both arrows and bow
  • Excellent material and interlocking system
  • Fits almost all types of bows perfectly
  • A bit large and bulky
  • There are no straps to hold down the bows

The Best Recurve Bow Case

1. The Fully Secure and Attractive: SAS Recurve Takedown Bow Case

SAS Recurve Takedown Bow Case review

If you’re looking for an excellent soft case for your recurve bows, then the SAS Recurve Takedown Bow Case is a personal favorite I would recommend. It comes with a fully padded interior and features pockets for your items or small gears. It also has the comfortable material that makes it easy to carry around.

With its soft material to protect your bows and the excellent structure for hassle-free transportation, it’s a simple yet functional case for you. It’s an affordable investment for the beginner bowhunter!

  • Soft and lightweight, easy to carry
  • Comes with various pockets for extra storage
  • Affordable price worth the value
  • The frame is too soft
  • Better for beginners

2. The Perfect Fit: Plano Bow-Max Recurve Case

Plano Bow Max Recurve Case review

For those who want a hard case with extra padding to keep your recurve bow safe and sound, then I would suggest the Plano Bow-Max Case, which has the solid build with the fantastic interlocking foam. You won’t need a strap to hold it down because it will fit your bow snugly. I was surprised as to how strong it held up for such an affordable case. You get what you pay for and more!

For those on a budget, this is a hard case you should consider.

  • Extra strong and durable material
  • Interlocking pads for extra bow protection
  • No need for straps
  • No space for gear or arrows
  • Foam sometimes falls out when opened

3. The Excellent Design and Protective: Vista Traveler Takedown Case

Vista Traveler Takedown Case review

If you want a more “advanced” hard case to fit your bow AND arrows, then the Vista Traveler Takedown Case is an upgrade. It can hold up to 18 arrows and with a built-in broadhead wrench for easy set up while hunting. The case itself is weather resistant and with lockable snap closures that make it protected and secure from weather or dust. It even comes with small compartments for items like your armguard, gloves, or strings!

It fits everything perfectly and is the ultimate traveler case for recurve bows.

  • Has compartments and space for arrows
  • Lockable snap closures for quick access
  • Body is weather resistant
  • No sleeve for the bolts
  • Foam sometimes falls off

The Best Crossbow Case

1. The Soft Yet Strong: Barnett Crossbow Case

barnett Crossbow Case review

If you need a soft bow case for your crossbows, then you can never go wrong with the Barnett Crossbow Case. I like that it comes with a lot of additional compartments for extra room for your gears AND protection for your bows. It also has the comfortable padded shoulder strap to make it easy to bring around regardless of where you go. Plus, the sling is removable, depending on what you prefer.

Solid construction and excellent storage, this is one bag that will last.

  • Comes with a lot of pockets and compartments
  • Fits most bows well and with padded protection
  • Excellent material to last regardless of weather
  • May be too big for some
  • Padding isn’t too thick

2. The Extreme Storage: Allen Company Contra Reverse Limb Crossbow Case

Contra Reverse Limb Crossbow Case w/Scope Compartment review

Another excellent choice for soft cases comes from the Allen Company, a Contra Reverse Limb Crossbow Case. I appreciate the fact that it comes with a scope compartment and extra pockets for your quiver. Also, I praise it for its ultimate comfort, thanks to its padded straps (adjustable) and the rubber carry handle for flexibility and functionality.

  • Comfortable padding and rubber handle
  • Has space for quiver and scope
  • Heavy foam padding with excellent quality material
  • Pockets are open to weather and dust
  • May be too small for some crossbows

3. The Compact and Heavy Duty: Plano Spire Crossbow Case

Plano Spire Crossbow Case review

I prefer hard cases for my crossbows for excellent protection, and the Plano Spire Crossbow Case doesn’t disappoint. I lot its compact design that can fit many types of arrows. Furthermore, it has the foam padding for extra protection, as well as the heavy-duty latches for security from theft or other environmental factors. And since it has storage for my accessories and a quiver, it’s easy to bring around without the need to bring other bags. All in all, an excellent investment for a hard case.

  • Fits most bows with room to spare
  • Comes with compartments and extra storage
  • Excellent security system
  • Padding isn’t too thick
  • A bit expensive

The Benefits of Owning a Bow Case

There are a ton of ways you can store and transport your bow, and sure, it may seem cool to carry it around bare. But did you know that there are even more advantages to owning a bow case than you realize? Here are just some of what you can reap:

Safety and Security

You may think it looks fantastic of you to carry your bow and arrows bare but did you know that it can also be unsafe? To prevent hitting people or injuring yourself while you carry your bow, a bow case will be able to keep your bow safe from theft, injury, or the hassle of bringing around!

Protect Your Bow and Arrows

best crossbow case

This is the most critical part of bringing a bow case; you’ll want to ensure that there’s something that keeps it safe and sound! With a bow case, your bow and arrows are secured and without the worry of it breaking if it falls. These cases are padded to prevent damage.

Easy Storage and Transport

Last but not the least, do you have a problem bringing you bow and arrows everywhere while traveling and hunting? Or do you have a hard time figuring out where to keep it at home? With a bow case, you’ll be able to easily carry your equipment around or keep it in a safe place at home, free from accidents!

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How to Choose the Best Bow Case

A bow case is very beneficial for you and your bow but only if you choose the right one suitable for you! If you’re unfamiliar with how to pick the best bow case, here are some tips and factors to consider:

What Kind of Bow Do You Have?

Let’s first learn about the type of bow you have. There are different types of bows and cases available for crossbows, compound bows, and recurve bows. Identify what you need so you can get a spacious one that fits your equipment. That way, you won’t have trouble storing it. Take note of its size as well, since there are models that are either bigger or smaller than the standard bows.

Soft or Hard Case?

There are two main types of bow cases, the soft or hard case. Hard cases are best for rough conditions as they are made of a water-resistant material, but they are quite bulkier than soft cases. If you are hunting during sunny days and want to prioritize comfort, then the soft case is for you.

Strong and Durable Material

I recommend that you look for bow cases made out of premium quality material that can withstand any type of falls or weather conditions. That way, there’s no chance of your bows from breaking or getting damaged while you’re out hunting. It should also have the useful locks to seal it from theft, pets, and children.

Ease of Transport

I like bow cases that are easy and comfortable to carry, namely those with padded shoulder slings or an excellent grip for hard cases. I focus those with a balance of strength and weight to avoid the hassle of lugging around heavy equipment (while still prioritizing security!).

Extra Storage

Last but not the least, check out the additional features your chosen bow case should have, such as extra storage for small bow accessories or your arrows. This makes it easier to transport your items while hunting, eliminating the need to carry extra bags or packs.

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Taking Care of Your Bow

Now that you’re familiar with why you should invest in a bow case and how to select the right one for you, how else can you care for your bow to ensure safety and protection? Here are some tips to follow:

Besides packing your bow, if your case has extra storage space, here are the essentials you should bring as well:

  • Multi-tool
  • Surgical tape
  • Exercise bands for practicing and training
  • Water
  • Spare tabs and release aids
  • Small tackle box with glue, wrenches, and screws for quick repairs

If you are packing extra accessories to your bow case, avoid overstuffing it as this may either affect the case’s protection of your bow or damage the case itself.

When caring for your bow, you also have to care for the casing. After every hunt or travel, wash or clean your case according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that the case will be useful in protecting your bows for years.

Remember to take your time placing and storing your bows in the casing rather than to rush. Doing so may cause scratches or damage to your bow.

Store your bows and arrows somewhere safe from any water, floods, or the prying hands of children and pets. Furthermore, have it cleaned and regularly maintained, even if you do not use it as often

Here’s an excellent video showing you more details on how to take care of your bow:

Wrapping It Up

Regardless of the type of bow you have, it’s imperative to make the right investments for storage and security. That way, your bows will be able to last for the long run and without any issues when you go bow hunting.

If you have a compound bow, the best compound bow case will go to the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case, which has the size to fit most bows while being able to store and transport anywhere quickly. Made of the durable materials, it can withstand even the most terrible weather conditions!

For those in need of a recurve bow case, the Vista Traveler Takedown Case is a perfect choice, which is entirely padded for extra protection from scratches or hot and cold conditions.

As for crossbow owners, you will enjoy the Barnett Crossbow Case, which is well designed to provide room and protection with extra compartments and spacious room to fit most crossbows. Easy to carry and with a camouflage pattern, it’s perfect for hunting.

I hope that this article on the best bow case gave you an idea of what you should begin investing on for the protection and quality of your bows today. So don’t wait any longer and start looking into any of these bow cases now!

For those who have any questions or would like to share their tips and reviews, do comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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