The Best Crossbow Target For Broadheads: The Ultimate Guide You Need

Are you planning on going bowhunting anytime soon? Then you should learn how to train for it properly! After all, how will you be able to capture game if you don’t have the skills to target and shoot accurately? That means you’ll have to begin practicing, with the best crossbow target for broadheads being a fantastic investment! That way, you’ll be able to correctly practice and know the positioning and accuracy of your shots.

But how will you know what to buy? Read on as I show you the five best crossbow targets for broadheads!

Quick Comparison: Top Crossbow Target

ImageProduct NameScore 
Block Vault 4-Sided Archery Target with Polyfusion TechnologyField Logic Block Vault Four-Sided Archery Target


Editor’s Choice

 9.7/10Read customer reviews
Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow TargetBlock GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target 9.2/10Read customer reviews
Rinehart 18 - 1 Broadhead TargetRinehart Targets Broadhead Target 9.5/10Read customer reviews
Black Hole - 4 Sided Archery Target - Stops ALL Fieldtips and BroadheadsBlack Hole Archery Target 9.2/10Read customer reviews
Morrell 131 Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target - for Crossbows, Compounds, and AirbowsMorrell 131 Double Duty Field Point Archery Bag Target 9.3/10Read customer reviews

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Top Five Best Crossbow Target For Broadheads Reviews

Based on my research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are the top five best crossbow targets for broadheads:

1. The Extremely Strong and Durable: Field Logic Block Vault Four-Sided Archery Target

Block Vault 4-Sided Archery Target with Polyfusion Technology review

What I love about the Field Logic Block Vault Archery Target is that it comes with the Polyfusion Technology that makes it strong and durable, able to withstand arrow penetration. It’s a fantastic target that does just as advertised, already stopping at least a thousand arrows! You can use it either in close or far ranges without any damage. It looks and feels like it will last for a very long time, making it an excellent target for almost any crossbow. Sure, it may be a bit over one’s usual budget, but for its strength, I can say it’s definitely worth the price.


  • Stops at least a thousand arrows successfully
  • Polyfusion technology for ultimate durability
  • High quality and can be used for close range
  • Easy to remove your arrows


  • High price
  • Hard to remove arrows in cold temperatures

2. The Best For Youth: Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target review

If you’re looking for something suitable for your child or want something light, then the Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target is the best ideal for you. Take note that it’s used for bows that have 40 pounds of draw weight or less, with open-layered technology that makes it easy to remove the arrows while lasting for longer. I like that it comes with the high contrast aiming points for better visibility, so you’ll be able to move from large to smaller points for practical accuracy.

Additionally, it has a handle for easy transport. Light and portable, you can store and bring it anywhere with ease. All in all, an excellent investment for your young and budding bowhunter!


  • Light and portable, easy to carry
  • Great for children
  • Easy to remove the arrows
  • Great design for better targeting


  • Too light for over 40 pounds of draw weight
  • Sometimes tips over when the arrow hits it high

3. The Versatile and Amazing: Rinehart Targets Broadhead Target

Rinehart 18 - 1 Broadhead Target review

If you’re looking for a target that comes in different targets for more efficient shooting, then the Rinehart Target is the best for you! I love the fact that it comes with 19 marks in one block, giving me more of a challenge and having me shoot in various angles, best for bowhunting. It also comes with the self-healing foam that ensures a more prolonged and stronger lifespan, as well as easy removal of arrows. I’ve been using it for almost a year, and it still works well, with minimal wear and tear. Quiet, portable, and strong, this makes it worth the investment!


  • Self healing foam
  • Quiet target when hit
  • Easy to transport
  • Durable and can be used anywhere


  • Sometimes difficult to remove arrows
  • May be a bit small for some

4. The Unstoppable and Easy Carry: Black Hole Archery Target

Black Hole - 4 Sided Archery Target - Stops ALL Fieldtips and Broadheads review

What I like about the Black Hole Archery Target is that it can stop all types of arrows efficiently and without any noise or tipping. It has great quality material, a sturdy block that can withstand many shots. It’s also very portable, a lightweight yet durable block that you can bring anywhere or place in your garden for training. Another thing I appreciate is that it does with different noticeable white targets to make it easier to train and keep track of your accuracy. All in all, with its inexpensive price, it’s worth the investment for training.


  • Different markings for better archery training
  • Easy to pull out arrows
  • Portable and light
  • Tough material to last for long


  • Black material of the target is a bit rough
  • Markings fade quickly

5. The Double-Duty and Flexible: Morrell 131 Double Duty Field Point Archery Bag Target

Morrell 131 Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target review

A personal favorite of mine is the Morrell 131 Double Duty Archery Bag Target. I love it because it comes in different markings that take the shape of a deer’s head, a four-sided target that can work for high-speed arrows while still lasting for a long time. It even comes with a tote carrying handle for easy portability so that I can bring it anywhere and anytime. The arrows are easy to remove, and I can say that with its material and shots I’ve made, it will last for a long time.


  • Easy to remove arrows
  • Has carrying handles for portability
  • Can withstand high-speed arrows
  • Does not tip over


  • Mesh sometimes gets out with the arrow
  • Not very wide

Why Get a Crossbow Target For Broadheads?

You’re probably wondering: Why bother investing in a target when you can use the usual stand or hang one from sturdy objects like poles or trees? Compared to using those, these targets are useful in having you practice and become a more effective bowhunter! How so? Here are just some of the benefits it has to offer:

It’s Easy To Set Up

What I love about these crossbow targets is that they are easy to set up, all you need to do is to put it on a sturdy stand or ground and start shooting! They also come with handles, making it easier to carry around or store when you plan on training in fields or at home. They don’t take up a ton of space and are at a good weight to carry without the hassle.

Strong and Withstands Arrow Penetration

Compared to using paper targets or flat boards, I like these foam targets, which can withstand the strongest and sharpest of arrows. They are built to ensure that your arrows won’t penetrate too deeply into the target, having them last longer and making it easier to remove the arrows. That makes it last longer for future training! Another huge plus is that they are affordable and light.

It Isn’t Flat

With foam targets, you’ll be able to have more sides to shoot and practice with, sharpening your aim and accuracy. Some targets have four sides while others have even more, with more possibilities to practice your shooting skills. These targets come in different styles, sizes, and designs, built for training without it falling apart. All in all, these targets are strong, durable, arrow-friendly, and built to make you become a better archer!

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How To Choose a Crossbow Target For Broadheads

Crossbow targets for broadheads are indeed beneficial but only if you choose the right one suitable for YOU! It isn’t just about picking the first thing you see on the market. But how will you know what kind of crossbow target to get? Here are some tips and factors to consider:

Target Density

Take note that not all targets are made for all your broadheads. Make sure that you consider the arrows you use and the density of the target you choose. The target should be able to handle the draw weight of the bow you want to shoot with, as well as its draw length or your arrows will end up penetrating and having the target fall, if not damaging it.

Target Size

I would recommend that you get a big target, the bigger, the better for fewer chances of your arrow straying! You’ll leave more room for error this way. But if you like a challenge, then get a smaller or adequately-sized target. For beginners, I suggest that you purchase the most significant target best for your budget. Also, choose a design suitable for you, which are usually four-sided ones. Targets with more sides make it better for training when shooting other angles as well.

Strength and Durability

Of course, you must focus on targets which are both strong and durable, with the ability to withstand different shots, weather, or even while you carry it. I appreciate targets that are easy to carry and can take on different types of weather conditions, may it be too hot or rainy. I recommend that you get a waterproof crossbow target with a high-contrast color that can be seen from afar if you plan on long-distance shooting.

Bag or Foam Targets?

There are different types of targets available, and we will be focusing more on the foam target. But with that being said, I would like to introduce to you the other types of targets, which can be put to good use.

best crossbow target

Bag Targets are excellent if you want to practice with target points instead of arrows, which can slow and halt flying arrows with ease. They are heavy and dense, though not suitable for broadheads.

Foam Block Targets are great for broadheads, which can withstand the arrow’s penetration and comes in different styles and sizes for full target penetration. These are strong and durable.

Another type of targets are 3D or competition archery targets, which attempt to look as realistic as possible, made for hunters or competition. However, they are quite expensive, which is why I recommend foam block targets.

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Using a Crossbow Target For Broadheads

Now that you’re familiar with why targets are beneficial and how to choose one, the next question is: How will you be able to use it properly? Check these tips on keeping your target useful and lasting for a long time:

  • When you plan on using the crossbow target, remember to handle it with care. This means carrying and storing it properly. Even if the target is waterproof, you’ll want to avoid it from getting wet and getting damaged easily. That’s why it’s best to use it on dry land and average weather conditions.
  • Once you have taken your shot and planned to remove the arrow from the target, do so carefully rather than to pull it out without care, which can damage the target.
  • Only use quality arrows and broadheads, which will have the sharpest blades and fly straight. They will give you better success and improve your bowhunting skills. A typical weight for broadheads is about 100 to 125 grains.
  • When you train, practice in the field regularly. Get a feel for your trigger and bow, shooting from different positions, and learn how to set up and sight in quickly just like you would in any hunt.

Here is an excellent video that shows you all about using a crossbow target:

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! When you want to become skilled in bowhunting, then you must focus on training as well, with a reliable target helping you out. This will be able to help you with your accuracy and positioning, making you a better hunter to capture your game. It’s better than using the typical shooting stands, which have a shorter lifespan.

Out of all the different types of crossbow target for broadheads, the best one would have to go to the Field Logic Block Vault Four-Sided Archery Target. It comes with the Polyfusion Technology that makes it robust and durable, taking up the strength of your arrows hundreds of times without any issues. It works as advertised and more, making it an excellent target that stops arrows regardless of its weight. While it’s a bit expensive, it’s worth the investment and lasts for at least a thousand times.

I hope that this article on the best crossbow target for broadheads helped you find what you need for your next target practice. So don’t wait any longer and begin investing in the best of your hunting skills today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on crossbow hunting and target practice, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think!

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