The 3 Easy Ways on How to Cut Carbon Arrows

When it comes to bowhunting, you will need to make sure that you use the quality arrows suitable for you. One of the best types of arrows one can invest in would be carbon arrows. And to make sure that it’s tailor fit for you, you may want to consider getting it at the appropriate length, which entails you to cut it. But you’re probably wondering how to cut carbon arrows and why it’s important to do so in the first place.

Read on as I will talk about cutting carbon arrows, as well as the steps on how to do it and tips you can follow for better bowhunting.

What Are Carbon Arrows?

Carbon arrows are made out of high-quality carbon material made for consistency and durability. They are known as one of the most favored arrows for all bowhunters because it isn’t only consistent, but lightweight enough to carry while you’re hunting around the field.

What Are Carbon Arrows

These carbon arrows are sharp and offer deep penetration to match with straightness and accuracy. So you’re probably wondering why you should cut them!

To customize your arrow, you must cut it according to the length you prefer. That way, it reduces any accidents and increases the chances of you getting accurate shots. It gives you more control over how you aim and shoot, as you have cut and customized it according to your standards.

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How to Cut Carbon Arrows

Before you begin cutting carbon arrows, you’ll need to prepare the following materials:

  • Carbon arrows
  • Speed cut-off tool (Above 5,000 RPM) that has an abrasive wheel
  • The mounting hardware and clamps for keeping the arrow in one area
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Base to put the arrow on, like a wooden block
  • Sandpaper
  • Dust mask and goggles for the hunter’s safety

Now that you have prepared the materials, here are the steps to follow:

1. Measure

Using your ruler, hand measure the desired length you want and mark the arrow with masking tape. This is a better way to cut your arrows rather than to line it up with a yardstick ruler since you won’t always need always to adjust the clamp. And marking the arrow with tape avoids making dreaded mistakes that will render your arrow useless.

You can figure out the ideal length of arrows you need by measuring your draw length or inquiring in specialty hunting shops.

2. Cutting With the Wheel

Cutting with the Wheel

Now that the arrows are properly marked and ready for cutting, it’s time to prepare the arrow for the cutting wheel. Put the arrow on the wooden block at the area where you’ll be cutting.

Use the sliding clamps to secure the carbon arrow, with one hand guiding the shaft to the blade and the other spinning the arrow. Remember to wear your protective gear at this point.

Now start cutting it, adding a consistent and gentle pressure while you slide the arrow against the cutting wheel.

3. Finishing It Off

Once you are done cutting the arrow to the desired length, it might come out at a square length or size that may make it difficult to add your inserts to. Sanding the arrow with sandpaper will help shape your arrow properly, making it ready to add the inserts into.

And you’re done!

But what other hunters take note of is the fact that cutting arrows may be expensive. While you can take it to the shop, it doesn’t solve the budget problem, so is there another way to cut your arrows without using a specialized arrow saw or speed cut-off tool?

Using Saws

Yes, there is! You can use a tile saw or Dremel tool. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, and use the sharp parts of the blade to make sure that it hits the mark you put on your arrow. Again, do not add too much pressure as it would crack the shaft if ever. Spin the arrow in the same direction of the blade to ensure no angle variations and a cleaner result.

Cutting with the Saws

Finish the arrow’s look by using an abrasive black compound or sandpaper for it to fit into any inserts.

Using a File

Another method of cutting carbon arrows is from a file, using the flat area and cutting it off using little strokes. Roll the shaft while stroking, applying gentle pressure and using only the corner of your file. It WILL take a lot of patience and time though, but it’s ideal for those who don’t have any equipment around the area and need a quick fix. Perfect the cut area by drawing circles on file.

Other Tips on Cutting Carbon Arrows

Now that you know how to cut carbon arrows, the next question is: What can you do to make cutting these arrows easier? Here are some tips to follow:

  • I recommend using tape when marking lines where you want to cut through your carbon arrow. Not only will it be easier to identify where you want to cut it, but it protects your shaft when drilling or cutting through it.
  • If you will be using a drill, put the opposite end of your arrow shaft into it and let it spin. It will look more circular.
  • Always clean up during and after you are cutting, as it will create a lot of dust along the way. Use a small vacuum or brush away any particles you can breathe in. That way, it prevents you from getting allergies or causing breathing problems in the long run. Plus, a clean area is better to work in.

Here’s a video providing excellent tips on cutting your carbon arrow shafts:

In Conclusion

If you have made the great choice of purchasing carbon arrows, then that’s excellent! You’re in for a great hunt to come. But of course, there are other things to consider such as customizing your arrows according to how you want it. Not only does this create a better outcome when shooting for prey, but learning these skills help you acquire the skills you need to hunt according to YOUR standards and wants.

I hope that this article efficiently taught you how to cut carbon arrows. So now that you know what to do, don’t hesitate and follow these steps on cutting your carbon arrows today. You’ll love the outcome!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences and tips on how to cut carbon arrows, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

2 thoughts on “The 3 Easy Ways on How to Cut Carbon Arrows”

  1. Hi I have a short draw length, 25″ but shafts come 30 or 32″. How can I cut them down to 27″ and still maintain my need spine thanks

  2. Hi Mike,

    To cut arrows down to 27 inches and maintain the necessary spine:

    1. Determine necessary spine.
    2. Purchase arrows with appropriate spine and at least 32 inches long.
    3. Mark where to cut.
    4. Use arrow saw or Dremel to cut.
    5. Smooth cut edge.
    6. Install components.
    7. Test spine.
    8. Adjust weight if necessary.
    9. Test accuracy before use.



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