Will A BB Gun Kill A Raccoon?

Raccoons are intelligent and curious animals. Raccoon hunting is no longer strange and has become a favorite of many people. While trapping and relocation are often the most humane and effective ways to deal with raccoon problems, some people are considering using BB guns as a solution. So, will a BB gun kill a raccoon? 

The use of BB guns to kill raccoons is a matter of debate. While BB guns are primarily intended for target practice and are not intended to be harmful, their impact on raccoons can vary. Considering the effectiveness of BB guns in killing raccoons raises complex issues of accuracy and effectiveness.

BB guns are generally considered less powerful than traditional guns so what will their impact be on raccoons? Keep reading the following article to discover if a BB gun can kill a raccoon and why. Let’s explore this topic in-depth because it will definitely be useful for your upcoming hunting trip! 

About BB Guns

A BB gun is an air gun that shoots small, round projectiles known as BBs. BBs are usually made of metal or plastic and are 4.5 millimeters (0.177 inches) in diameter. BB guns are often used for recreational shooting, target practice, and sometimes in various sport shooting competitions. 

will a bb gun kill a raccoon

There are three types of BB guns available in the market, including spring-powered, gas-powered, and electric-powered guns. Spring-powered guns use a spring mechanism to compress air and propel the BB pellet. Gas-powered guns use either CO2 or compressed air to propel the BB pellet. Electric-powered guns use a battery-powered motor to compress air and propel the BB pellet. Some BB guns are made to seem like real firearms, while others are more playful or sporty.

BB pellets come in different sizes and materials. The most common material is steel, but there are also plastic and biodegradable options available. The size of the BB pellet can range from 4.5mm to 6mm in diameter. The weight of the pellet also affects its velocity and impact. 

Will A BB Gun Kill A Raccoon? 

BB guns have a very low chance of killing a raccoon and you’ll mostly just injure the raccoon. These guns are powered by compressed air, either through a spring mechanism, a CO2 cartridge, or a pneumatic pump. 

The power of a BB gun varies depending on the type of gun and the type of BB being used. However, most BB guns are not powerful enough to penetrate the thick fur and skin of a raccoon. It is likely to cause only minor injuries, such as skin punctures or bruising. This is due to the low velocity and limited force of the BB pellets.

In terms of function, feel, weight, and looks, a BB gun can be purchased that is very comparable to a real firearm.It’s not uncommon for individuals to use one of these replica weapons to get used to carrying a weapon as well as manipulating a weapon. In comparison to real firearms, it’s a much safer option. 

But the two greatest downfalls is that replica weapons do not kick like real firearms and they are not as accurate as real firearms. This is because replica weapons are just not as accurate in precision and “reaction” as real steel firearms. 

Raccoons, on the other hand, are hardy species with a high pain tolerance, and their survival instincts may allow them to flee even after being shot. However, if the pellet hits the raccoon in the eye, mouth, or ear, it could cause serious injuries or even death. This is because these areas are more vulnerable and have less protection from the thick fur and skin of the raccoon. 

will a bb gun kill a raccoon

In general, the safe choice for euthanasia when hunting raccoons is usually not a BB gun. These guns are more suitable for target practice and recreational activities than hunting raccoons. 

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Risks Of Shooting A Raccoon With A BB Gun

The possibility of risks when using a BB gun to kill raccoons is very high. These include risks of legal and ethical consequences. 

Legal Consequences

Many jurisdictions have strict animal cruelty laws that prohibit causing unnecessary harm to wildlife. Even if shooting a raccoon is permitted in your location, BB guns are not powerful enough to reliably and humanely dispatch a raccoon. Raccoons are tough creatures, and the little bullets from a BB pistol do not produce fatal damage, resulting in unnecessary suffering.

Ethical Consequences

Shooting a raccoon with a BB gun is not a humane way to deal with a raccoon problem. As mentioned earlier, the chances of killing the raccoon are slim, and instead, it will likely cause pain and injury to the animal. This goes against ethical treatment of animals and can also lead to negative consequences for the person who shot the raccoon.

Additionally, injured raccoons have exhibited unpredictable and aggressive behavior, posing a risk to the shooter and others in the vicinity. Handling injured or suffering animals is often dangerous and requires expertise. 

Comparisons Of Bb Guns Vs Other Guns 

BB guns and other guns, such as traditional firearms, differ significantly in terms of design, purpose, and legality.


BB Guns: Come in various designs with a focus on safety and simplicity. Some models mimic the appearance of real firearms for recreational purposes. These guns use small, round projectiles known as BBs, typically made of metal or plastic.

Other Guns: They are designed for specific functions, such as handguns for self-defense, shotguns for close-range shooting, and rifles for longer-range accuracy. Vary widely in terms of caliber, action type, and features. Other guns use various types of ammunition, such as bullets, shotshells, or slugs, depending on the specific firearm. 


BB Guns: Primarily used for target practice, plinking, and sometimes pest control. They often considered entry-level firearms for learning basic shooting skills.

Other Guns: Serve various purposes. They include self-defense, hunting games of different sizes, competitive shooting sports, and military or law enforcement applications.


BB Guns: Generally subject to fewer regulations, but local laws may vary. This gun is often considered as air guns or toys, but misuse can still lead to legal consequences. 

Other Guns: Subject to strict regulations and licensing requirements. Their ownership and use are tightly controlled, with specific laws governing storage, transportation, and use.

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