How Many Fps To Kill A Raccoon?

Raccoon hunting is a popular activity in many states across the country. These small, furry creatures are known for their mischievous nature and can be found in various parts of the world. But when it comes to hunting them, one question that often arises is – how many FPS to kill a raccoon? 

With the growth of technology, hunting has become more than just a means of survival. It has become a leisure hobby for many individuals, with various sorts of weapons and ammunition being used. 

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals with a sturdy and strong body. Choosing a weapon with appropriate FPS greatly determines the result when killing raccoons. Choosing a gun with an insufficient muzzle velocity may result in undue pain for the animal, which is not what hunters should do. In this article, we will discover the answer to this question to help you best equip yourself for your upcoming hunting trip. Keep reading to know more!

The Anatomy Of A Raccoon 

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals, with an average weight of 10-20 pounds. Their fur is thick and grayish-brown, with a bushy tail and sharp claws. Vital organs in the raccoon’s body include the heart, liver, lungs and brain. The heart and lungs are located in the chest cavity, while the liver and brain are situated in the abdominal region. A shot to any of these organs can prove to be fatal for a raccoon. 

Additionally, raccoons have a sturdy and robust body structure, with strong bones and muscles. Their front legs are shorter than their hind legs, giving them a hunched appearance when they walk.This structure also allows them to climb trees and swim effortlessly. The thick layer of fur on their body provides insulation and protects them from extreme temperatures. 

Factors Affecting The Lethality Of A Shot

There are 3 main factors that affect the damage of a shot: weapon type, ammunition and location of the shot. 

Weapon Type

The type of weapon used is one of the most significant factors that determine the lethality of a shot. Rifles, pellet guns and bows are popular weapons for hunting raccoons. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to killing a raccoon.

Rifles are the most commonly used weapon for hunting raccoons. They offer high accuracy and precision, making it easier to target vital organs. Shotguns fire multiple pellets or shots at once, increasing the chances of hitting the target. However, the spread of the pellets can also result in non-fatal shots if not aimed correctly.

Bows are often used by experienced hunters who prefer a more challenging and traditional approach. They require a high level of skill and precision to make a lethal shot.


Different types of bullets and pellets have varying levels of impact and penetration, which might influence the outcome of a shot. The weight of a bullet greatly impacts its velocity and penetration. Heavier bullets tend to have higher FPS and can penetrate deeper, making them more lethal. 

There are various types of bullets available in the market, such as hollow-point, soft-point, and full-metal jacket. Each of these has its own characteristics and impact on the target. Hollow-point bullets, for example, expand on impact, causing more harm to crucial organs.

For shotguns, the size of the pellets used can affect the lethality of a shot. Smaller pellets may not penetrate deep enough to cause fatal injuries, while larger pellets may result in. 

Shot Placement

The placement of a shot is crucial when it comes to hunting any animal. A well-placed shot can result in a swift and compassionate kill, whereas a poorly placed shot can cause the animal unnecessary pain. When aiming for a raccoon, important organs such as the heart and lungs, or the brain, must be targeted for a clean and ethical murder.

How Many Fps To Kill A Raccoon?

It takes a minimum of 600 FPS to kill a raccoon with a rifle. This is considered the bare minimum, and anything below this may not result in a clean kill. However, it is essential to note that this FPS requirement can vary depending on the type of weapon and ammunition used.

how many fps to kill a raccoon

FPS stands for “feet per second”, is the speed of the bullet as it exits the barrel of the gun. Muzzle velocity is an important factor in determining the performance and characteristics of a firearm.

For example, a shotgun firing multiple pellets at once may require a lower FPS to kill a raccoon compared to a rifle firing a single bullet. Similarly, a bow requires a higher FPS due to the lack of velocity and penetration compared to firearms.

While 600 FPS is the least required to kill a raccoon, a higher FPS is advised for a more humane and ethical kill. I suggest using a minimum of 800-1000 FPS when hunting raccoons with a rifle. This ensures that the bullet has enough velocity and penetration to reach vital organs and cause a quick and painless death.

For shotguns, a minimum of 500 FPS is recommended, as the spread of pellets can increase the chances of hitting vital organs. However, it is crucial to aim for the head or chest region for a clean kill.

In the case of bows, a minimum of 300 FPS is suggested, but this may vary depending on the skill level of the hunter. You should practice and hone your skills before trying to hunt raccoons with a bow. 

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