When Should You Carry Arrows in the Nocked Position? What You Need to Know

Bowhunting is a fun sport that many people love to do because it gives them a thrill! Also, bowhunting can help sharpen the hunter’s skills while giving them the venison and display for homes. But when you do such an activity, there are things you’ll need to learn to stay safe and become an even better hunter.

One of them would be to learn when to take in certain positions to ready your target. A particular question you might be wondering about is: “When should you carry arrows in the nocked position?” While the answer may be obvious, there are other rethinks you need to learn about bow shooting safety as well, and not just when to take into position.

So read on as I show you all about bow shooting safety, namely the nocked position.

How to Do the Nocked Position?

The nocked position is the proper form once you’ve targeted your prey and before taking the shot. Here’s how to do it properly:

When nocking an arrow, it needs to be positioned a quarter inch above of your arrow rest. You will need to grip the arrow between your thumb and index finger on your right or left hand, depending on your preference.

How to Do the Nocked Position

With your opposite hand, hold the bow parallel to the ground, around as high as your waist. The string should be towards your body. Put the arrow shaft on your bow’s arrow rest, then align the slot in the nock with its string. Make sure that your cock feather points out and then pull the arrow behind until the string snaps in its slot.

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The Importance of Learning When to Do the Nock Position

Doing the nock position at the right time will increase your chance of accurately targeting and shooting your prey. It will also reduce any risk or chances of injuring fellow hunters around you. Learning the safety guidelines of bow hunting should be one of the first things to do.

When Should You Carry Arrows In The Nocked Position?

You should only go into nocked position when you have already spotted and targeted your prey, gradually walking his way up to it. Why? Because if you went into position too early, not only will you waste your time and arrows (if you accidentally let go), but your prey will detect the sound of a failed nocking position, running away.

A bow Hunter aiming at a White tail buck against

A bow Hunter aiming at a White tail buck against

It may also be a safety hazard because if you let go of your arrow prematurely, you might injure yourself or other people. While accidents like these don’t happen every day, there are still possibilities, and it’s best to be a responsible hunter and make sure that you follow the safety guidelines on how to shoot properly. After all, you never know what may happen.

More Bow Shooting Safety Tips

Now that you know when to carry arrows in a nocked position properly, the next question is: How should you start bowhunting safely? There are other tips you’ll need to follow, such as:

  • Only release the arrow when the coast is clear and the target shows.
  • Prepare for the just-in-cases and ensure that there is something that would stop your arrow from moving forward if you miss your target. Do NOT shoot over the horizon, as this may hit fellow hunters.
  • NEVER show an arrow near another person or hunter. Even if he is nearby and you are sure of your target, you should only shoot when there’s no one around. Because even the slightest change of wind or small items unseen by you are major factors that can cause arrows to veer off course.
  • Never show straight up, no matter the reason. Falling arrows would have the strong force to hit and penetrate human skulls!
  • Stay relaxed before taking your shot since being agitated may cause slight changes in how you shoot. Take your time, be silent and peaceful.
  • When you make your shot, do not drop your bow right away. Instead, leave it for a few seconds before slowly lowering it down.

In Conclusion

When bowhunting, there are things you’ll need to learn about in order to stay safe and still catch a good buck! The nocked position is important to learn when you want to hit your target accurately, but you also need to learn when you should do it so as to avoid any accidents or injury.

I hope that this article answers your question on: “When should you carry arrows in the nocked position?” as well as other bowhunting safety tips for you and other hunters to stay safe in the field. So what are you waiting for? Practice these bowhunting tips and enhance your skills today.

If you have any questions or would like to add more tips on bowhunting, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you think.

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