How Much Meat From a Deer Can You Get? The Answers You Need to Know

When it comes to hunting for deer, one of the main things you’ll need to focus on would be the meat you’ll be getting. You’ll be surprised to know that the amount of deer meat you’ll get from your target might be more (or less) than what you expected. It would depend on some factors, and besides learning about deer meat, you’ll need to know how to butcher them to get the most out of it. So, how much meat from a deer can you get?

Read on as I talk about deer meat, the amount you can get, and some tips on how you’ll be able to butcher your deer properly.

​What You Need to Know About Deer Meat

Deer meat is called venison, you can either get it from markets or hunt for it yourself. These types of meats are delicious, packed with the flavor and nutrition you need to stay healthy. Compared to the other types of meat, it’s very healthy in macronutrient composition while being low in calories.

You can cook deer meat just like how you prepare any other meat. The seasoning is to remove the gamey smell people dislike from the venison.

Deer Meat

How Much Meat You Can Get From a Deer?

There is a close-to-accurate formula to figure out the amount of meat you can get from a deer, though you will need to know the following definitions:

  • Live-weight: The deer’s total weight
  • Field-Dressed Weight: The weight without the deer’s innards
  • Hanging Weight: The weight without the deer’s skin, head, or inedible leg parts

The formula is:

  • Live-weight x 78% = field-dressed weight
  • Field-dressed weight x 75% = hanging weight
  • Hanging weight x 75% = EDIBLE MEAT

While this can help you calculate the amount of meat you can get from deer, other factors may affect the real number.

Important Factors to Consider

Three factors would determine how much meat you can get from the deer:

Deer Size

Since the amount of meat depends on how big the deer weights, this is one of the most important factors to consider. Meaning to say, the healthier and older the deer, the more meat you can get!

How You Butcher the Deer

You will need to make sure you accurately cut through your deer, taking away as much meat as possible. If you are inexperienced, you may miss some part, or worse, you might even rupture the gall bladder, releasing bile that makes the meat it touches inedible!

The Deer’s State

The deer’s species and its current health condition will contribute to the amount of meat it has to offer. Nursing does have more fat, while bucks have more meat after the mating season.

Where you shot the deer is also an important factor, since if you misplace your shot, it may destroy most of the meat.

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Tips on Butchering Deer Meat

The way you butcher your deer determines how much meat you’ll be able to get, so it’s best to know how to properly butcher and process it to get as much as you can. To help you out, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Make sure to age your deer at a cold temperature for about a week before butchering. This tenderizes your meat and improves its quality.
  • Invest in the proper tools, making sure that they are made out of strong and quality materials with the sharpness to cut through thick meat and bones. The three primary tools to invest in would be butcher knives, bone saws, and a meat grinder to quickly store the meat for cooking.
  • To get as much meat as possible, follow the deer’s muscle lines and creases. Make cuts on the inside of your deer, puncturing the skin and working from the inner parts. That way, there will be minimal hair.
  • Remember to make your meat last, wrap it properly in butcher paper and a zip bag, then freeze it for further use. Label the meat, so you know when it’s best to use it.

In Conclusion

If you’re planning on getting deer meat, then you’ll need to make sure that you know how much meat from a deer. It’s important so you know what type of deer to hunt for and how much meat you can expect to get.

I hope that this article fully informs you about deer meat and what you should do to get the amount you are supposed to have properly. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know about how much deer meat you can have, learn to target your prey and improve your skills as a hunter today.

Do you have any questions or would like to share your tips when butchering meat? Then comment down below! I would love to hear what you have to think.

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