The Proper Way on How to Clean Deer Antlers

One of the popular types of hunting would be deer antler sheds. There are various ways you can get deer antlers, and they can be quite rewarding since you can sell it or have it displayed in your home with pride! But before that, you'll need to make sure that you clean and maintain the antlers well, so you have a better-looking display. What if you don't know how to clean deer antlers, though? It isn't just about wiping them down!

To help you out, read on as I show you how to clean deer antlers the correct way and other tips to maintain its shine!


Where Do You Get Deer Antlers?

Before getting into how to clean deer antlers, where do you obtain them anyway?

What some people don't know is that deer shed their antlers once a year, with the season depending on the area they are in. That's why many hunters hunt for antlers or those who happen to stumble across those that were recently shed and left behind.

where do you get deer antlers

Deer shed their antlers in a matter of days, with the process taking about three weeks. They soon grow new ones over the summer, which takes about three to four months. Age will also play a huge role here, since the process may change as the deer grows older.

The reason why deer shed their antlers is that of their testosterone levels dropping, which weakens the connection between its antlers and body. Rubbing it on the trees is also a factor of their antlers falling.

The whole antler shedding process does NOT harm the deer unless it was forced out from a hunter or predator.

How to Clean Deer Antlers

It's important to know how to clean deer antlers because it will help retain its beauty and lengthen its lifespan. What many also don't know about is the process of cleaning the antlers, as there are specific products that can help keep its good looks.

All hunters and collectors should be aware of the proper way of keeping their deer antlers clean so as to improve its worth and have it look great when displayed on their property.

Prepare the following materials when cleaning your deer antlers:

  • plus
    Deer antlers
  • plus
  • plus
    Clamp (optional)
  • plus
    Wire brush
  • plus
    Pot of water
  • plus
    Salt and/or bleach/hydrogen peroxide (optional)
  • plus
    Fire pit or stovetop
  • plus
  • plus
  • plus
    Nonabrasive soap
  • plus
    Damp and dry towel
  • plus
    Mount or wire ( for display)

You can follow these steps when cleaning deer antlers:

Step 1: Remove the Antlers from the Skull

Step 2: Scrub Antlers

Step 3: Boil Antlers

Step 4: Remove Antlers from Water

Step 5: Wash Antlers

Step 6: Scrub Antlers

Step 7: Dry Antlers

Step 8: Display the Antlers

In Conclusion

When hunting, you might come across deer antlers, which make an excellent display in your home, or even for selling. Keeping them clean and looking shiny will improve its worth and make it the perfect addition to the hunter's home. That's why it's crucial to learn how to clean deer antlers and maintain its shine.

I hope that this article helps you learn about the right way on how to clean deer antlers. Now that you know what to do, why not give your home more of a design and get a pair of antlers today?

Do you have any queries or want to share your tips on cleaning deer antlers? Then comment down below. All your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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