Deer Hunting In Windy Conditions: A Helpful Guide

When I first began hunting, one of the first things I was told was to forget hunting in the wind. Many hunters have experienced unsuccessful hunting days trying to catch deer during windy conditions, after all. But what if I told you that it’s still possible to go deer hunting in windy conditions?

Sure, the wind does affect deer movements to a certain extent, but you can still hunt successfully as long as you know your stuff! So if you’re about to go hunting on a windy day, plan ahead and read my tips!

How to Go Deer Hunting In Windy Conditions

Hunters claim that there will be no deer around during windy days because they can detect human scent easier. However there are many studies that now debunk that fact, with deer moving even MORE during windy days, but LESS during windy nights. So wind does affect deer movement, just not in the way we thought.

If you want to learn more about how the wind affects deer movement, check out this helpful video:

That’s why it’s time to take advantage of the windy days and hunt wisely. Follow these six tips to go deer hunting in windy conditions effectively:

1. Understand Your Ground’s Wind Pattern 

Understanding the winds is the most important part, so make sure that even before hunting season, you know the wind patterns of the area. Have weather apps and gain access to weather websites to get a gist on what will happen in the next few days. Also, I recommend that you scout the area before hunting season begins, checking out the terrain features and how it affects the wind patterns.

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2. Enter and Exit Fields With Wind Factoring In 

You can understand the weather, but you also have to plan out how to enter and leave the field without being detected. When your scent is blown to deer as you walk or go up to your stand, your day is over.

So figure out how you’ll enter and exit the hunting grounds and factor in the wind patterns while doing so. This helps you figure out what to do the next day.

3. Map Your Hotspots 

You need to be equipped with the physical aerial map of the grounds you’re hunting in. Lay down the map then color all of the areas which look like they’re sheltered from winds that come in different directions.

Understand and plan out a route to access such areas, so you know where the favorable hunting hotspots are for the day. It has you stay ahead from competition and you’re more likely to target deer.

4. Think Like Deer 

Think of the saying, “it takes a thief to catch a thief.” When you understand the way deer work, you’ll be able to track them successfully.

So respond to the wind as you know a deer would, so you can strategize and trick them to going to you. With this said, look out for the favorable positions and areas a deer would bed and feed without having to stay out in the wind. It’s best to hunt in places that are sheltered from the high winds.

5. Stay Scent-Free 

Just like our fingerprints, all of us have a unique scent, depending on one’s personal bacteria biome and ecosystem, as well as other factors. It can be from the detergent you use, what you just ate, perfumes, and the like. While they smell good, you need to make sure you’re as scent-free as possible, as deer can detect human scents!

Use scent-free soaps and detergent before a hunt and spray your gear with scent-eliminating spray. This won’t completely remove the odors, but it’ll minimize getting caught.

6. Don’t Rely On Your Stand 

And lastly, don’t rely on your stand too much and leave it! Sure, big deer MIGHT come to your tree, but it can end up with you waiting forever for it. So get to the ground to find and meet it instead, heightening the chances of coming home with the game.

Just make sure that you have NO scent at all and hunt at the right places and times. The high winds will be able to cover both your sound and movement, so it’ll be easier to track deer.

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Wrapping It Up

Deer hunting in windy conditions is such a huge controversy, and while it makes the hunt challenging, it’s what makes the day fun! With the right tips and knowledge on deer, you can still bring home game despite the weather. It’s all about understanding your prey and their patterns of weather changes.

I hope my tips on how to go deer hunting in windy conditions helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin following my tips for your next hunt!

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