Do Deer Move In The Rain? The Facts You Need To Check Out For A Great Hunt!

Sure, a lot of you have already hunted under the blazing heat, or even began targeting your game on tree stands and transporting guns to your boat, but have you ever attempted hunting during inclement weather? It seems difficult, especially when predicting the way your game moves during the rainy season. It has people wondering: Do deer move in the rain?

Instead of just guessing and missing out on a good hunt just because of a bit of wet weather, read on to learn more about how deer move during the rain and how you can successfully have a good hunt despite these “limitations!”

Do Deer Move In The Rain?

So, have you ever heard of deer moving under other types of weather besides the usual sunny day?

Whitetail deer (or any other deer) do not have the luxury of sleeping under the roof of a cozy home with warmth and blankets. They live outdoors and are better adapted to the outdoor life as compared to us humans. They have the metabolism that can withstand cold temperatures that would usually freeze us, as well as the fur coats that keep them warm.

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do deer move in the wind

During windy weathers, deer do not mind the light breeze. But once the wind becomes stronger, that is when they start to hide or avoid moving. This is because it’s hard to detect or identify predators as it removes the scent and makes it difficult to hear predators and in what direction it’s coming from.

The same would go for rainy weather. A light drizzle is fine, or even a bit stronger than that. But once it’s a torrential downpour, all your senses are unable to work. Just like us, humans, deer would have difficulty smelling, seeing, or even hearing predators approach. Because of this, they would avoid moving during the extremely rainy weather until it begins to subside.

Deer have the ability to predict approaching storms, feeding lightly before and after minor storms or feeding heavily before and after the major storms.

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deer in rain

So, is it recommended to hunt deer during this type of weather? If it’s slightly windy or simply drizzling, then that’s totally fine. You’ll still be able to find a few bucks or does roaming around the fields. But don’t bother hoping for a sight of the game during inclement weather, as deer are seeking shelter or do not move at these times.

How To Hunt For Deer When It’s Raining

Now that you’re familiar with how deer move in the rain, how can you successfully hunt them without any issues with your gear or sight? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Before you begin the hunt, make sure that you check the weather first. Being knowledgeable with when a storm is approaching will have you be able to determine if deer will be out or hiding during the day.
  • To avoid getting sick or being uncomfortable during the rainy hunt, I recommend that you wear quality clothing, such as a hat, jacket, boots, and gloves, on top of your usual hunting gear, of course.
  • You won’t need to change your tactics during the light rain or drizzle. But once the moderate rain begins, attempt still-hunting or reverting pastures, as spot-and-stalk is effective. Use your eyes more so than your legs!
  • Still-hunting is a great way to hunt during moderate rain. When doing so, always go for very slow movement, taking one step and stopping each time you do so. Spend time looking at your surroundings with binoculars for hunting. If there is nothing, take another step and begin glassing again. Keep your eye on the back trail as well, as there are some bucks that come in behind you.
  • Stop against a tree or any type of cover (like a hunting blind). This makes it easier to blend in and has you lean on something.
  • When it begins to rain heavily, I suggest that you wait it out rather than risk your life for the hunt. The drying out period is great, as this is when you find animals resuming their normal activities.

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Here’s an excellent video talking about deer hunting in the rain:

In Conclusion

Are there some of you who wish to achieve a great feat of hunting in just about any weather? Hunting during the rainy season may seem daunting at first, but once you realize that a bit of rain won’t steer deer clear from the fields, you’ll probably enjoy it more (and even like the breeze that goes with it!).

I hope that this article answers your question: “Do deer move in the rain?” Now that you know how your game goes around the fields as you hunt, begin planning your next expedition today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences with hunting in the rain, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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