Tools You Need When Hunting Ducks

If you’ve decided that you want to get into hunting, whether for sport or for food, and you live by bodies of water, you’ve likely considered hunting ducks. After all, they are plentiful and easy to find in more places than most other popular kinds of prey.

Generally, duck hunting has several benefits. For instance, it’s an effective way to spend quality time with nature and relax. When done in groups, duck hunting can also provide an enjoyable experience and memorable memories with your family and friends. 

With these things in mind, there’s no question why hunting ducks can be one of the best outdoor activities you can do. However, hunting ducks requires you to be prepared with the proper equipment. The equipment in question here doesn’t include fancy boats and designer duck nets. Essential equipment and gear needed is, on the contrary, quite simple and affordable.

You need to make sure that you have these basic tools for effective hunting that also feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, you might not be able to hunt to the best of your ability. We have compiled a list to help you start gathering the tools you need when hunting ducks.


A basic shotgun or rifle is efficient enough for hunting ducks. There isn’t necessarily a shotgun specific to duck hunting, so this is open to preference. It’s advised that you have a sling to accompany your shotgun or rifle to make for free hands when you need to. You may also navigate difficult terrains when hunting meaning you need to have your hands free at times. Carrying your gun in your sling then eliminates any accidents that can occur in such scenarios.

However, it is equally important to pack enough shotgun ammunition when duck hunting. Check to see if the shotgun ammunition you’re considering is compatible with your weapon. For instance, if you’re using a 12-gauge or 20-gauge shotgun, ensure you’re using the correct load. 

Generally, shotgun loads for duck hunting have a high-velocity powder charge that provides a lethal effect on your target. If you’re looking for a good duck hunting load, you can check out some online gun stores or sporting goods retailers to find more options. You can also visit reputable resource websites to learn how to choose the appropriate shotgun loads for your next duck-hunting adventure. 

Duck Calls

You are going to have to get quality duck calls to lure the ducks into your decoys. Successful duck calling doesn’t, however, only depend on the quality of duck calls but how you efficiently use these. You can find out more about duck calls and how to utilise these for the best possible outcome of your hunting trip. 


The type of decoy that you use may depend on the type of ducks that you wish to hunt, the area that you are hunting and preference. It may take a few trials and errors to figure out the most efficient types of decoy. You can try using color blocks, duck mimics, and or even using real ducks as decoy. You can also download hunting apps that help you to efficiently catch your duck by drawing decoy diagrams. These diagrams can help you set up at the best possible locations.

However, if you need help using decoys for your duck hunting trip, it’s essential to consider some valuable tips to attain a desirable outcome. For example, you should know how many decoys to use to maximize your chances of successful hunting. You should also know how to pick the proper decoy spread based on the wind conditions or the location where you’re hunting. That way, you can make the most of using decoys for your duck-hunting journey. 

Head Lamp

A headlamp is handy for hunting done in inclement weather or at night. Compared to a flashlight, a headlamp means your hands are free and you can concentrate on the matter at hand instead of worrying about lighting. You can get rechargeable headlamps, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about the light dying out on you when it matters the most.

Ear Muffs 

Never underestimate the power of the sound that a gun produces. You will have to invest in a good pair of earmuffs to protect your hearing. If you are into technologically advanced tools, you can invest in earbuds that block out the deafening sounds of the gunshots, yet magnify the sounds of the area surrounding you. This means you don’t have to solely rely on sight to spot the ducks and can still hear the movements of the ducks as you carry out your shots. 


You will need a good pair of binoculars to help you accurately spot and observe the movements of the ducks. You can opt for digital binoculars that you can set depending on the distance and lighting. Some binoculars have hazy glasses that result in unclear results. You have to make sure that your pair of binoculars has exceptional quality glass that will help you see into the far distance.


If you are not comfortable in the gear that you are wearing, you may not be successful on your hunting trip. Duck hunting means being prepared to get soaked. You are advised to invest in a good pair of thick and durable waders that will help you navigate slippery slopes and gorges. Sporting a pair of sneakers is a sure way to get disappointed by the hunting outcomes as you will experience leaks and slipping on wet ground.

Thermal Wear

Since you will get drenched out in the open air, you have to be protected from the harsh cold that you will be subjected to. You can purchase thermal wear that adjusts to your body temperature and the weather. This type of thermal attire increases heat when you are cold. You won’t always predict the state of nature during your hunting trip, which makes such thermal attire a great tool.


A dog can be your best friend when it comes to hunting ducks. If trained efficiently, a dog can spot the best locations for you to set your decoy. A dog is also efficient in encouraging the ducks that may be in hiding, to come out in the open for a better shot. Once the duck has been caught, your dog may be more than excited to waddle into the water and fetch the duck for you. You may want to consider training your dog to become your duck hunting partner.


You need to have a phone with internet connection on you for scenarios where you need to communicate with people who are not in your hunting zone. You may be caught in a storm, or may have lost your bearings and require help. If you don’t have a functioning mobile phone, you won’t be able to communicate with people who will come to your rescue. If you fear that carrying a phone with you is a distraction, you can simply switch it off and use it as needed.


The list of tools that you need for your hunting journey doesn’t have to be complex, just be sure to do some research. The information you find may help you discover the essentials and preferred tools you will need for hunting. Some of the tools include a shotgun, duck calls, decoys, a headlamp, earmuffs, binoculars, waders, thermal wear, your dog, and your phone.

Keep in mind that the process of duck hunting requires patience and practice regarding the tools that you take with you on your hunts. After several hunting sessions, you will soon be on your way to becoming a professional duck hunter.

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