My Stories with TideWe See-through Hunting Blind

Hunting blinds bring many benefits to a hunter when they are out in the field chasing the elusive white-tailed deer or turkey. There are many drawbacks to them, including needing more visibility. Well…until now, the TideWe See-Through Blind has changed the way I look at. I mean through ground blinds!

I have always had a hunting blind in my arsenal of strategies, but honestly, I treated them as a last resort option for my setup. The ones I have owned previously were either too small and compact with giant windows so deer can see right in, or big, bulky, and heavy with awkwardly small windows that were difficult to see out of, much less shoot through. When I came across the See-Through Blind from TideWe, I was hopeful that I found my new solution, but I still had a bit of skeptical thoughts because of my views of hunting blinds in general. Well, let me tell you…that skepticism has vanished!

The first time I sat in my blind was like many hunters, and it was in my yard. When I received the package in the mail, I could not wait to open it up and see what it was all about. My first impressions were amazing. The blind itself is quiet. I mean extremely quiet compared to other blinds I have owned. The setup is also effortless and quick, which gave me the confidence to know I can use this piece, be mobile, and quietly set up on spots on the go. It is also light and compact. I have no problem carrying the blind, my pack, and my weapon to my location of choice. 

Whenever I sit in this blind, I am still blown away by how well I can see from it, yet nothing can see in! The windows are on a silent slide system. I can adjust their settings to my preferred shooting lane. I can make them as big or as small as I like. There is plenty of room to sit comfortably and utilize the 270 views to my advantage. I can see everything that is in front of me and to the sides of me! Being that I like to film my adventures and post them on my YouTube channel, Beef Outdoors, it was important to me that there was plenty of extra space. Camera gear does take up real estate inside of a blind, and I find this one to be the perfect size for me to hunt and film from in comfort! Which applies to both hunting with a firearm and a bow. I have plenty of room and head clearance to draw back my bow! I pair the blind with the 360-degree silent swivel chair for a great 1-2 punch for shooting and comfort!

If you are like me and only see the disadvantages of hunting blinds, put those thoughts to rest and pick yourself up a See-Through Blind from TideWe! This hunting blind will change how you approach your setups and how you see the woods or fields in front of you! Pick yours up today, and you will not be disappointed! 

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