The 4 Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands to Add Support and Height!

When I began hunting deer on an elevated stand, everything was smooth sailing. It was easy to install and setup, giving me the wide area and sight I needed to capture deer. But the deer stand I chose wasn’t as big as I wished would be, but I didn’t want to get a whole new deer stand, spending more money! That’s when I found out about the best elevator brackets for deer stands.

These products helped me out big time but it can be quite difficult to find the best one for you. That’s why I made this helpful purchasing guide, so read on!

Quick Comparison: Top Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands


Product Name

Beam Size



Summit Outdoor E1088 Compound Angle Elevator Brackets

Editor’s Choice

4×4’s Compound Angle Read customer reviews


Copper Ridge Outdoors Elevated Platform Mounts 4×4’s 7 Degree Angled Read customer reviews


HME Multi-Use Platform Brackets

2×4’s, 2×6’s, 2×8’s


Read customer reviews


Summit Outdoor E1000 Straight Angle Elevator Brackets 4×4’s Straight Angle Read customer reviews

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What Are Elevator Brackets? 

Before we get into the reviews, I want to first describe what elevator brackets are for those who aren’t familiar with it. Elevator brackets are used to help keep platforms like tables and elevator stands stable. These are also used to elevate and add height to your deer stands, hence the name.

They are a reliable way to build both platforms and wooden structures, usually made of the quality metal and steel to help keep your angles perfect. These brackets also help add strength and better weight capacity, which makes it a great investment for both constructions and set up of deer stands.

The Benefits Of Using Elevator Brackets

You’re probably wondering: What makes the elevator bracket such a great purchase for deer hunters, specifically those on deer stands? It actually has a lot of excellent features and benefits! Here are the advantages it has to offer:

Elevates Your Deer Stand

This is the reason why I appreciate elevator brackets the most, as it adds a bit of height to your deer stand. While the height improvement isn’t as huge, the difference helps make it easier for me to spot deer from afar, especially when using my trusty binoculars

Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands

Adds More Support and Stability

Strong elevator brackets are made for assembled or DIY deer stand because of how much more stability it adds. It lessens the chances of your deer stand from wobbling or creating noise, keeping it in one place. It also has the improved weight capacity that won’t fail you.

Great to Use For Other Projects

Elevator brackets aren’t only made for deer stands, but you can also use it for other projects as well. They have the versatility to be used for extra support and stability for other projects, especially wooden DIY furniture! You can use them for tables, benches, beds, and more!

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How to Choose the Best Elevator Brackets For Deer Stands

Now that you’re familiar with what an elevator bracket has to offer, how can you properly choose the best one? With the many brands available, it can get quite confusing. So here are the important factors to consider when doing so:

Strength and Durability

You should ensure that the elevator brackets you select have the excellent strength and is made of the strong materials. That way, your deer stand will last longer and will be safe to stay on because of the added support and weight capacity the brackets bring.

Go for brackets which are made of the (12 or 14-gauge) heavy-duty steel or metal, which do not break easily and stays in shape regardless of where it’s placed.

The Compound or Straight Angle? 

I highly suggest that you get a compound angle elevator bracket, which is also known as double-present angles. These have the eight-degree angle, making it strong and protective against rocking or swaying. These are best for taller and heavier objects.

Single angles only have one preset angle, making it less sturdy and with a lower weight capacity that sways a bit. They are more affordable and best made for shorter platforms.

Straight angles, which are very affordable, are the least sturdy and made for shorter platforms which have less weight capacity.

Compatible Beam Size

The elevator bracket should be compatible with the beams you’ll b using it on. Most elevator brackets are made for 4×4’s, though you can find some that work for 2×4’s. Some even have the compatibility to work with multiple sizes, such as 2×4 or 2×6! This all depends on your deer stand dimensions.

Ease of Use and Setup

Of course, your chosen brackets should be easy to use and assemble, having the easy-to-follow instructions. I appreciate brackets that don’t only come well-packaged, but with the comprehensive guide to help me begin building.

Also, I like brackets that are quick to assemble, only taking one person without the issues of getting it right. It lessens stress and has me finish polishing off the deer stand in a day.

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How to Use and Care For Elevator Brackets

Now that you’re familiar with elevator brackets for deer stands, how can you properly set it up and maintain it to last longer? Here are some tips to follow:

  • When setting up your elevator bracket to the deer stand, I recommend that you check everything at least two to three times, ensuring that it’s at the proper angle and bolted in to stay put. This prevents any accidents or damage to the deer stand.
  • If you plan to construct your own deer stand or tower, then you shouldn’t only focus on the brackets, but the quality of the wood and materials are chosen to build it with. It helps to have the plans and diagrams, as well as building instructions and help to get you started.
  • When looking for a plot or land to place the deer stand in, it should be along the route of where bucks usually go to. It’s best to go up to 20 feet high for better sight, as well as positioning it at an angle where the sun doesn’t hit your eyes, but the deer!

If you want to learn more on raising your stand, here’s an informative video to help you out:

The Four Best Elevator Brackets For Deer Stands

After my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are my top four choices on the best elevator brackets for deer stands:

1. The Strong and Durable: Summit Outdoor E1088 Compound Angle Elevator Brackets

Summit Outdoor E1088 4 x 4 Compound Angle Elevator Brackets

What makes the Summit Outdoor E1088 Compound Angle Elevator Brackets the best is its amazing quality and strength! It’s made of the heavy-duty 12-gauge high-strength steel, which offers the durability and support made to last. Once you receive it, you can see just how solid the construction is, you won’t have to worry about it falling or swaying as you use it.

These are best used for deer stands, though you can also use it for other purposes, also raising hunting blinds for better coverage and protection on the wet ground.

I’m in awe with the way it gives the support I need on my stand without the wobbling. It’s saved me a lot of time in assembly and setup. Everything works well and it’s compatible with most beams, which make it worth the price! From its amazing strength and construction, I believe it to be an investment for most deer stands!


  • They are made of the excellent and strong quality to last
  • The brackets are compatible with different types of beams
  • It stays sturdy and stable all throughout using it


  • It doesn’t have the fastest shipping speed
  • Some complaints of it not fitting treated beams

2. The Secure and Stable: Copper Ridge Outdoors Elevated Platform Mounts

Copper Ridge Outdoor Elevated Platform Mounts (Set of 4)

For those who want the assurance of stability and security for your deer stand or elevated hunting blind, I recommend the Copper Ridge Outdoors Elevated Platform Mounts. They’re made of the heavy-duty 11-gauge powder coated steel, which has the sold construction to provide stability and larger weight capacity.

These brackets are pre-drilled for lag bolts, securing the lumber to these brackets for ease of setup and assembly. I also like that it has the large channels made for 4×4 wooden posts, so you’re able to customize your platform and beams to whatever size you need and prefer. they are made of the solid build and look to be durable and last long without any issues.

All in all, I’m pleased and have no major issues with it. Definitely another great investment, if only it were compatible with even smaller beams!


  • Has the 7-degree angled legs for a solid base and better stability
  • This is made of the amazing strength built to last and keep the stand supported
  • It has solid construction and no wobbling whatsoever


  • It’s not made for smaller beams like 2×4 or 2×6
  • A bit difficult to understand when assembling at first

3. The Easy Setup and Adequate Elevation: HME Multi-Use Platform Brackets

HME Multi-Use Platform Brackets. Hunting Blinds, Observation Decks & Outdoor Platforms. from Hunting Made Easy!

These HME Multi-Use platform brackets aren’t only more affordable than the other brackets I’ve tested, but they also have the excellent quality! It’s made of the welded construction and is a multi-angled leg month, which offers good stability. It’s best for those who want a higher platform, raising stands by six inches easily and without any problems in the building.

However, you do get what you pay for and the durability is still in question. From what I see though, it seems like it can hold up for a long time and I won’t have a problem in terms of extreme shakiness and the like.

Overall, this product is best for those on a budget and focusing on height when building a deer stand. You have everything you need at a moderate price, and can use it for more than a deer stand!


  • The brackets come at an affordable price with adequate value
  • It’s easy to set up and build with
  • It has the strength and durability to last for a long time


  • It requires to make the base from six-inch boards, specifically
  • There are some issues with slight wobbling, though nothing major

4. The Versatile and Supportive: Summit Outdoor E1000 Straight Angle Elevator Brackets

Summit Outdoor E1000 4 x 4 Straight Angle Elevator Brackets, Set of 4

Last but not least, we have the Summit Outdoor E1000 Straight-Angle Elevator Brackets. Made from the reputable company, you’re only assured quality without scrimping on its strength and premium materials. It’s made of the heavy-duty 14-gauge high strength steel, which looks and feels strong enough to last and support platforms for years.

I also highly appreciate that it’s very quick and easy to assemble. It only takes one person (me!) and a couple of minutes to measure and join the brackets and wood pieces together. After that, you’re able to use it and not have to worry about weight and stability.

It doesn’t wobble, keeps things intact, and offers a slight height increase for deer stands. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for straight-angle brackets with strength and reliability in mind.


  • Quick and easy to install, only takes a few minutes
  • Adds amazing strength and good height to deer stands
  • Made of heavy-duty steel for durability


  • Lumber doesn’t attach well and requires a bit of shimmying
  • These are straight elevator brackets, a bit limited on wood piece choices

Wrapping It Up

If you feel like your deer stand isn’t high enough, then you should consider investing in the best elevator brackets for deer stands! Through their slight elevation and robust materials, it can keep you higher and viewing your deer with the assurance that it stays put. It’s great for many hunters who use deer stands!

After all the research and tests done, the best one goes out to the Summit Outdoor E1088 Compound Angle Elevator Brackets. These are the made of the heavy-duty 12-gauge high-strength steel, which is what makes it durable and keeps for deer stand supportive despite the weight put on it. It’s also quick and easy to assemble, only taking a few extra minutes as you set it up with your deer stand.

It’s versatile, can be used for other projects, and looks built to last. All in all, a worthy purchase I would recommend to many deer hunters using stands.

Hopefully, this article on the best elevator brackets for deer stands helped find the right one for you! So don’t wait any longer and check out any of these products now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on elevator brackets, then comment below. your thoughts are much appreciated!

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