The Best Binocular Harness For Hunting: Awesome Equipment You Need!

I have used binoculars even during my first few hunts, though I never realized that there were awesome accessories for it to make it easier to carry! What saved me from the hassle was the best binocular harness for hunting, which felt even more comfortable and allows me to continue walking while making use of my hands.

Are you wondering what harness you should begin investing in? Read on for my top five choices!

Quick Comparison: Top Binocular Harness for Hunting

ImageProduct NameScore 
Badlands Bino X Camouflage Hunting Binocular CaseBadlands Bino X Camouflage Hunting Binocular Case


Editor’s Choice

 9.5/10Read customer reviews
ALPS Outdoorz Extreme Bino HarnessALPS Outdoorz Extreme Bino Harness 9.1/10Read customer reviews
Vortex Optics Binocular Harness StrapVortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap 9.2/10Read customer reviews
Bushnell Deluxe Binocular HarnessBushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness 8.9/10Read customer reviews
Field Logic S4 Gear Lockdown x Hands-Free Adjustable Binocular HarnessField Logic S4 Gear Lockdown x Hands-Free Adjustable Binocular Harness 8.8/10Read customer reviews

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The Five Best Binocular Harnesses

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, here are the five choices on binocular harnesses to choose:

1. The Strong And Versatile: Badlands Bino X Camouflage Hunting Binocular Case

Badlands Bino X Camouflage Hunting Binocular Case review

The reason why I feel like the Badlands Camouflage Hunting Binocular Case is one of the best harnesses out there is thanks to its spacious and awesome design. I like the print as it blends well with my clothing and wherever I’m hunting. It also has enough space for more than just a pair of binoculars. It even has a 1L reservoir to stay hydrated along the way.

The harness is also backpack-friendly and has a magnetic closure, easier to take out your binoculars without the use of loud zippers or any type of noise when opening or closing. Another huge plus s its lifetime warranty, where the company will fix any signs of wear and tear no matter how old your harness is! For something that will surely last a lifetime, it’s a must-buy!


  • Zipperless system- No noise when opening or closing
  • Has a water reservoir
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Backpack-friendly
  • Easy to strap on
  • Spacious bag


  • A bit too bulky
  • Reservoir can’t be removed

2. The Stylish And Comfortable: ALPS Outdoorz Extreme Bino Harness

ALPS Outdoorz Extreme Bino Harness review

For those who would like something extra durable and surely made of the premium materials, I would recommend the ALPS Outdoorz Extreme Bino Harness. It’s made of highly-durable nylon ballistic fabric, meaning that it will last long no matter how harsh the environment is. It’s also very easy and comfortable to wear, with a padded back panel for better comfort. The pockets are also close to the chest no matter, making it easier to get things from the bag.

Inside, there is a fleece-lined interior complete with a lens cloth, making it safer for your binoculars. It also has the U-shaped pocket to make it easier to fit any type of binocular size and access to it without hassle.


  • Easy access to binoculars
  • Can fit different-sized binoculars
  • Interior is fleece-lined with lens cloth
  • Padded back panel for extra comfort


  • Not adjustable enough for very heavy layers of clothing
  • Shock cord loops are useless

3. The Ingenious And Affordable: Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap

Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap review

If you’re looking for something that’s both affordable and easy to use, then the Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap is the best for you. When I tried it on, it was one of the most comfortable straps I have ever used, as they are made of nylon and lycra.

I like the fact that the straps would spread the binocular’s weight to make it easier and quicker to use for viewing. Another plus is that the straps have the ability to keep many types of equipment secure handsfree, may it be my binoculars, rangefinders, or even a camera if needed. It stays stable and without any discomfort on your neck. For its affordability and durability, I can say it’s worth the investment.


  • checkAffordable price
  • checkDurable material
  • checkVery comfortable to use
  • checkCan hold binoculars, cameras or rangefinders


  • A bit confusing to attach to binoculars at first
  • Extra attachment is not included

4. The Clear And Durable: Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness

Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness review

Now if you have the extra budget and can spend a few more dollars on quality and build, then the Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness is the best choice for you. This harness is made out of the most quality materials with a beautiful all-black design. It’s simple but does the job right. It also has comfortable elastic straps that disperse the weight of whatever you carry.

When you attach the binoculars, they are below your chin to quickly use for sighting. And with its perforated back panel, it can support heavy equipment, may it be cameras, rangefinders, or binoculars. Definitely worth the investment!


  • Very durable and comfortable
  • Clever and simple all-black design
  • Easy to attach to devices


  • Expensive price
  • Not fitting for children or small build

5. The Extreme And Secure: Field Logic S4 Gear Lockdown x Hands-Free Adjustable Binocular Harness

Field Logic S4 Gear Lockdown x Hands-Free Adjustable Binocular Harness review

What I like about the Field Logic S4 Gear Lockdown x Handsfree Adjustable Binocular Harness is the fact that it has enough space for any type of binoculars while feeling so comfortable and easy to wear! 

The harness is lightweight and breathable, meant for very long expeditions without the discomfort. It’s also very secure, made of a pliable cover and stretch shock cord to secure your binoculars while still making it easy and quiet to use. And with its tension-free glassing and anti-bounce technology, there’s no need to worry about your binoculars from moving around or facing tension to your face when drawing out binoculars! I give it a huge thumbs up for its ultimate comfort!


  • Easy to put on binoculars
  • Very comfortable
  • Binoculars do not move and stay secure
  • Well-structured and for many binocular sizes


  • No side covers
  • A bit expensive

Benefits Of A Binocular Harness

What is a binocular harness in the first place? Basically, this is a wearable harness which holds your binoculars when not in use. They can also hold other small accessories!

Now, why will you need to have one for your hunts? It’s got a ton of benefits, such as:


One of the main reasons why I began using a binocular harness was because of the ultimate security it had to offer for both me and my accessories. I loved the fact that I can easily clasp in the binoculars and not worry about it falling. And being hands-free was the best choice I ever made, as I’ll be able to utilize them for other things, such as installing my scope mount, setting up my tree stand, or just navigating my way through the fields safely.

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Harnesses are usually made of elastic, which will stretch out and have you be able to move around early and without discomfort. I also like the fact that it helps with your neck pain! One problem I had was the heaviness of binocular straps. Because I can just put it on the harness for it to hang, it relieved the strain and I am able to walk for a longer period of time. Plus, no more uncomfortable swinging of the binoculars as I walk, which is a safety hazard when I’m being fast!


Like mentioned, the binocular harness will be able to keep your accessories well-strapped. It also offers stability in a way that it offers a shake-free view and makes it easy to spot anything close by.

Light And Easy To Carry

What’s great about the binocular harness is that it’s extremely light and can be attached to your backpack so you are able to easily hang your binoculars or cameras. A harness like this is also effortless to adjust, fitting many people easily and during all times of the year. So whether you’re wearing a huge winter jacket or thin shirt for summer, you won’t have to worry about adjustment and having the harness fit.

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How To Choose The Best Binocular Harness For Hunting

Sure, a binocular harness has its many advantages, but only if you manage to choose the right one for you! But what’s the best? Here are some tips and factors to consider:

Type Of Harness

There are different types of harnesses to choose from:

  • A Standard Harness is your typical basic harness, which is extremely lightweight, simple, and cheap. It does the job well in holding your binoculars comfortable, though there’s no protection or storage space for anything else.
  • A Bag Harness is the ultimate type of harness, in my opinion. It’s a full bag with a ton of features that can have you not only clasp your binoculars but add extra accessories as well. It also has full coverage and better carrying capacity than any other type of harness. It’s best for those who need to carry gear they can easily whip out, or for hunters visiting the field during cold or rainy weather. However, they are quite bulky and expensive.
  • A Cover Harness is a multi-tool, which has more protection than the standard harness but not as much security and extra storage as the full case. However, they are lighter and more affordable.​​​​
  • Dual Harness Straps are best for those who don’t only carry binoculars, but camera and accessories as well. For hunters, this is great for carrying your scope, rangefinder, or other hunting gear besides your binoculars. It can carry multiple pieces and is lightweight. The problem is that there aren’t any pockets or much protection, compared to the other harnesses.

Durability And Strength

Besides the type of harness you choose, you should also consider its strength. It must be made out of premium material that isn’t only durable and meant to last during any condition, but comfortable as well. I would recommend something with elastic straps for easy adjustment. I also recommend that you find harnesses with extra features, such as the bag harness having a reservoir for water or more pockets for your ammunition.

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How To Use A Binocular Harness

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits and choosing a good binocular harness for hunts, how will you be able to sue it? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure that after every hunt, you wash down or clean the harness based on the manufacturer’s instructions. You wouldn’t want the material to end up rusting or tearing so easily because of lack of a good wiping down. Avoid using any harsh soaps which can wear out the straps or bag.
  • Test out the harness and practice putting it on, adjusting the straps according to your needs. It’s best to do this before the hunt to ensure comfort while you walk around.
  • While you use the binocular harness, only keep as much as it can carry to avoid it from tearing or breaking while you are on the field. Avoid overstuffing it as well!
  • You shouldn’t only focus on protecting your harness but your binoculars as well! Remember to keep your lens closed and free of dirt or water. Also, clean it with a specialized cloth and do a major cleaning from time to time.

Check out this excellent video showing you how to attach a harness to your backpack:

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! You won’t need to continuously carry your cameras, binoculars, or other hunting accessories in deep bags where it’s hard to get. Now, you’ll be able to have a comfortable and secure pouch that you can add everything to without worry of it falling or shaking. And with extra room for your accessories and small equipment, you’ll become a more efficient hunter!

Out of all the different types of binocular harnesses tried and tested, I believe the best one would have to come from Badlands Bino x Camouflage Hunting Binocular Case. With its extreme versatility and tons of features, you can never go wrong with its security and comfort. It’s got a 1L reservoir, easy-to-close magnets, and a lifetime warranty to take advantage of in the long run! You’ll surely enjoy this handy piece of equipment for your next hunts.

I hope that this article on the best binocular harness for hunting helped you become more knowledgeable on what you should invest in for your future hunting trips and equipment today. So don’t wait any longer and make the wise purchases from this list now!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on the best binocular harness for hunting, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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