The 5 Best Camera Arms for Hunting: Track Your Game Easily!

A lot of hunters I know are very fascinated with deer, that they film them all seasons. It’s a growing passion that also holds its many benefits, from being able to have footage of your hunts down to tracking deer and where is the best spot to find deer, hide, and take your shot.

Besides investing in a quality camera, it’s also best to get the best camera arms for hunting, which will be able to hold your camera by the trees steadily and without it looking suspicious.

But with the many types of arms available, which is the best one? Read on as I show you the five best products to invest in!

Quick Comparison: Top Camera Arms for Hunting


Product Name


MCA200-Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm MCA200- Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm

Editor’s Choice


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Fourth Arrow Camera Arm

Fourth Arrow Camera Arm


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Hawk HUNT HARD Camera Arm Hawk HUNT HARD Camera Arm 9.2/10

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Rage Powersports Hunting Game Cam Adjustable Mounting Arm

Rage Powersports Hunting Game Cam Adjustable Mounting Arm


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Allen Treestand Camera Arm

Allen Treestand Camera Arm


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The Five Best Camera Arms for Hunting

Based on my tests, research, and overall customer reviews, these are the five top camera arms to invest in for your hunts:

1. The Strong and Sturdy: MCA200- Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm

MCA200-Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm

What I love about the MCA200- Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm is how it’s made of the robust materials that make it well worth its price. When I first received it, I already felt like it was built to last, and after using it, I wasn’t wrong. It took a while to set up, but it was easy to adjust after that, and once you mount and begin recording, it stays put and is smooth.

Well-made and working excellently, it’s definitely worth the investment and I recommend it to any hunter!


  • Made of strong materials built to last
  • Smooth and easy to adjust
  • It has good reach with long arms


  • May be a bit confusing to set up at first
  • Some complaints of not receiving a silent strap

2. The Compact and Complete Kit: Fourth Arrow Camera Arm

Fourth Arrow Telescoping Lightweight Six Foot Outreach Arm and Arm Base for Point of View Cameras

Another excellent choice goes out to the Fourth Arrow Camera Arm, which is made to film hunts. I believe it’s one of the best for hunters because of its compact, lightweight size that makes it a breeze to carry around before installment. Also, it comes with everything you need, including the shoulder, base, straps, and the tool you need for assembly.

The setup was easy and I had absolutely no issues using it, working amazingly so far. It can take heavy weights despite the compact size, and nothing droops and it stays still!


  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry
  • It can handle heavy equipment without drooping
  • Good assembly and comes with the complete kit


  • Doesn’t have the longest and best reach
  • Carbon arm comes at an expensive price

3. The Long Extension and Durable: Hawk HUNT HARD Camera Arm

Hawk HUNT HARD Camera Arm

For those who want something very sturdy and can handle the heaviest of camera equipment, then you’ll like the Hawk HUNT HARD Camera Arm. It doesn’t only have the robust features to it, but it also comes with the long extension for better reach, which is something I need when filming deer!

It works well and holds the camera securely, with it operating smoothly. While it’s a bit on the heavy side, it’s worth the extra weight because you can truly see how it’s built to last regardless of the weather and field conditions.


  • Strong and can withstand any weather conditions
  • Long extension and offers better reach
  • Holds camera securely and smooth operation


  • Heavier compared to most camera arms
  • A bit difficult to mount to the tree

4. The Easy Assembly and Adjustment: Rage Powersports Hunting Game Cam Adjustable Mounting Arm

Rage Powersports Hunting Game Cam Adjustable Tree Mounting Arm

If you have a GoPro or other smaller sports camera, then the Rage Powersports Hunting Game Cam Mounting Arm is just what you need. It’s able to strap to the tree quickly and easily, with minimal assembly. And oct you have it set up, it’s got the adjustable arm so it can hold and smoothly move around, carrying cameras adequately (of up to four points!).

With its complete package and ease of use, it’s definitely worth the price for those with lighter equipment and on a budget. While it isn’t a professional one, it does the job!


  • Mounting plate and arm is strong
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Compact and lightweight, great to carry around


  • Joints are made of plastic but still sturdy
  • Not for heavier cameras and equipment

5. The Solid and Universal: Allen Treestand Camera Arm

Allen Treestand Camera Arm Accessory

Last but not least, we have the Allen Treestand Camera Arm, which is an inexpensive choice but still performing well. It comes with a long arm and a solid support bar, which holds your camera securely and without a hitch. It also has the quick adjustment and accessory hooks so you can hang extra gear, which is awesome when I need a place to hang my binoculars or other lightweight equipment!

Sure, it isn’t the most durable, but for its price, you do get something strong enough to help film deer for a few hunting sessions.


  • Very affordable price
  • Has accessory hooks to hang other light equipment
  • Solid support bar and long arm


  • Not the most durable of all camera arms
  • Some complaints of screw bending

The Benefits of Using Camera Arms

You’re probably wondering: Why’s it so important to film your hunts anyway? Can’t I just sit in one area and simply wait or document without the need of a camera arm?

camera arms for hunting

You’ll be surprised to know that there are many advantages documenting your hunt (and using camera arms) can offer!

Shows You Where to Hunt

What’s great about camera arms is that you’ll be able to know where you should begin hunting, as it will document the life of deer in the area you choose. So now, you’ll be able to figure out which places to hide from, which specific space deer will usually stay, and create your strategy from there.

Camera Arms Lessens Effort

Maybe you’ve tried documenting your hunts with the use of a handheld camera or smartphone. After a few hours of waiting, you’ll realize that you’ll either get numb arms from always holding out your camera, or you’ll fumble if you ready your equipment while trying to keep your camera up!

That’s why it’s best to have a camera arm, so you can safely install your camera on it and keep it secure without having to hold anything. You’re focused on the field!

Understand Deer Better

You can’t hunt without knowing a bit about the game you’re trying to catch. And what better way to learn about deer than to see them for yourself without scaring them away? Camera arms strapped on trees are discreet and can help you understand movements of deer in your area. 

For Fun and Documentation

And of course, some hunters want to document their hunts for fun and entertainment. Or, one may just catch “the one that got away” on camera to show off to everyone, with hard evidence! It’s a great way to also learn what you need to improve in during your next hunts. 

How to Choose the Best Camera Arms

Filming your hunts and using camera arms for it is quite beneficial, but only if you select the right one for you! However, with the many brands available, it can get tricky selecting a proper set of camera arms suitable for both your camera and the field.

camera tree arm

So here are some helpful factors to consider to start your search:

Strength and Durability

You don’t want to own camera arms that break after the first use! Invest in a set of camera arms made of a superior material to avoid breaking easily and lasting for many hunts to come. It’s best to pay a bit more for quality rather than to waste it on something not built to last.

Ease of Assembly and Adjustability

Don’t waste too much time out in the open when installing your camera arms to the tree. It should take only a few minutes without creating any noise, so get camera arms that you can set up at home prior to the hunt, attach it to your backpack, and strap it on within seconds. It should also be easy to adjust according to what angle you want it at.

Compatibility With Camera

Fortunately, most (if not all) camera arms are compatible with any trail cameras. But just in case, it’s best to do your research to see if it includes the right mounts required for your equipment. It saves you a lot of time and money doing this, rather than receiving something you can’t use.

Size and Weight

You’ll want to get a camera arm that comes at the optimum size and length, depending on how far you want the camera to be from the tree. However, you’ll also want it at a compact size, with light weight to make it easy to carry. That way, there’s no hassle in carrying bulky equipment that can tire you or create noise.

Smooth and Silent

I recommend that you also focus on its silence and how discreet it is when in use. Because if you have a noisy camera arm that always squeaks or moves, it will be detected by deer who’ll stay away from the area. It should also be smooth during the movement for less noise and flawless filming to make it easier to look around.

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Bonus Tips on Filming Your Deer Hunts

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of filming your hunts and selecting a camera arm for doing so, what tips can you follow to document your deer hunts accurately? Here are some helpful tips to follow:

  • Once you have your camera arms, you should also make sure that you have the right camera to go with it. Focus on compact cameras that still give a wide viewing angle and crisp imagery, as well as something that can be mounted on the camera arm and last for a long time.
  • Find the appropriate filming site, which should be hidden away from deer’s sight but still focused on where they usually are. You can choose to set up your camera and arm by the tree you’re on (if you’re on an elevated stand).
  • Make sure to practice hunting while with the camera, as having a camera arm beside you can knock off your angles or positions. Worse, you might be the one to knock off the camera arm, causing noise or risk of dropping the camera! Familiarize yourself with how to aim and shoot, ensuring that you aren’t in the way of the camera arm.
  • Keep your camera away from sight by spraying scent eliminators and placing camouflage covers on top.

Did you know that besides purchasing a camera arm, you can also make your own? Here’s a short DIY tutorial if you’re unable to purchase your own yet (or still waiting for it to arrive!):

Wrapping It Up

Filming your hunts are a great way to keep track of where you should hunt and the way your chosen deer move! And with a quality set of camera arms, you won’t have to worry about your camera falling off or deer noticing it. It stays put, keeps your camera safe, and continues to accurately track deer movement wherever it’s placed.

Of all the different types of camera arms tried and tested, I believe that the best one goes to the MCA200- Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm. What I like most about it is that it does exactly what it needs to do with such strength and flexibility. Made of the excellent and strong materials, I believe that this won’t break any time soon and will perform well in keeping my camera secure for years.

It’s sturdy but not too heavy, which is great when bringing it around with you for installation. Plus, the assembly is pretty straightforward, there are no frills to it!

Hopefully, this article on the best camera arms for hunting gave you an idea on what to invest in when documenting deer. So don’t wait any longer and look into getting any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your reviews, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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