Are Deer Color Blind? The Answers You Need to Know!

When hunting, one of the first things you’ll need to prepare for is how you can stay hidden and away from deer’s sight. The best way to do it? Through keeping quiet and staying in camouflage. But does it really matter about the color of clothes you’re wearing? It makes you wonder: Are deer color blind?

This is a pretty tricky question. Lots of people have presumed deer are color blind but there are some who disagree. Well, what’s the real answer?

Read on as I show you what deer actually see and how hunters like me can stay hidden from their sight!

Are Deer Color Blind?

The short answer here is NO, deer are not color blind but see colors differently. Here are some facts to take note of about how deer see colors:

1. Deer Can See You Blink

What’s amazing about the deer’s eye is that they can sense and see even the smallest of motions. It’s ironic that while they have fantastic motion detection, they are unable to see detail.

It’s the reason why deer would stare at you for a few minutes, unable to see you well enough to distinguish what you are! That’s why using the best tree stands are beneficial!

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2. Deer Can’t See Red

So, what colors can deer see?

Deer are red-green color blind and would see red and orange as shades of green. This is called having a protanope vision, which would also have deer more sensitive to blue light. That’s why it’s best to NOT wear anything blue while hunting!

3. Deer See Amazingly At Night

While deer only have two types of cones (photoreceptors that would see color), they also have fewer concentrations on these. However, they have a greater concentration that works during the dark, which is why deer have better night vision and see well in the dark compared to daytime.

4. Deer Have Impressive Senses

Now, this may sound weird but yes, since deer visions are increased when seeing blue, it’s safe to assume that deer are sensitive to UV lights. And where does this come from? Laundry detergents are known to have UV brighteners for clothes to look whiter! As a result, your clothes make it more noticeable to deer.

If Deer Are Color Blind, Why Wear Camo?

You’re probably wondering: If deer are unable to see, then what’s the point of wearing camouflage patterns?

If Deer Are Color Blind, Why Wear Camo?

While you don’t absolutely need to wear camouflage patterns, it’s still recommended! This is to remain undetected and to avoid standing out in your surroundings, which deer will still be able to detect.

The main reason why it’s still important to wear camouflage is that it would break your silhouette in your environment. It’s the break-up patterns which leave you hidden. However, your silhouette is probably not the top worry when staying undetected.

Wearing camo is a significant way of not being sensed by deer, though not the most important. You can still wear the camo clothes you have, just avoid the color blue and ensure it doesn’t have any UV brighteners.

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How to Stay Undetected By Deer

Now that you know about how deer see, what are other ways you can stay undetected by them while hunting? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Like mentioned, deer have increased sense when it comes to UV lights. Make sure that you have your clothes checked with a UV blacklight or to use UV killer washing agents to stay unnoticed.
  • The best time to hunt for deer is during dusk or sunset, just as the sun peeks out or before the night comes.
  • Do NOT wear anything blue and avoid blue camo patterns while hunting to avoid being detected by deer.
  • You might want to consider getting up on a tree stand to avoid being seen when you move around. Besides the colors you wear, you have to worry about your shadows and movement as well!
  • checkYou don’t need to stop purchasing camo patterns and clothing, but to consider your priorities beforehand. Instead of looking into the colors, look for clothing which keeps you warm first then consider how effective it is in keeping you hidden wherever you plan to hunt in.

Check out this video showing us how we can stay undetected by deer:

Wrapping It Up

While deer would see other colors different to what we usually see, that doesn’t mean they are literally color blind! Deer perceive colors differently and that means to wear specific camo patterns to remain undetected by deer at certain times.

I hope that this article answers your question, “Are deer color blind?” Now that you know about what to wear when hunting, begin learning more about how to find deer in the woodsnow!

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on deer hunting? Then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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