The Best Tree Stand Bow Holder: 5 Awesome Ones For Easier Hunting!

There’s a ton of advantages of hunting on a tree stand, but it also comes with downfalls. One of the things I struggled with was figuring out where I can hang my bow while it isn’t in use! After all, I can’t always carry it the entire time waiting, because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Once I began looking into getting the best tree stand bow holder, it became much more convenieyount! I was able to relax while waiting for my game, without carrying my bulky bow all the time. 

If you’re new to choosing a tree stand bow holder, then read on as I show you the five best ones!

Quick Comparison: Top Tree Stand Bow Holders


Product Name


Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest

Editor’s Choice


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 Team REALTREE 3-Arm EZ Hanger Team REALTREE 3-Arm EZ Hanger 9.5/10

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 Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder


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HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder

HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder


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HME Products Pro Series Super Bow Hanger

HME Products Pro-Series Super Bow Hanger


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The Five Best Tree Stand Bow Holders

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five best bow holders to invest in today:

1. The Strong and Resilient: Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest

 Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest

What makes the Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest the top on my list is how strong it is! You can definitely see the sturdy construction right there, made with lightweight aluminum. It’s easy to mount on ANY tree stand, with it being able to hold any type of bow. That way, it’s universal and can even hold other forms of equipment while using the crossbow.

It’s an easy setup since the screws are extra long, accommodating to any type of tree stand. However, I do wish the mount and arm were at a polygonal shape, so it won’t be twisting while in use. But all in all, I have no other major complaints and feel like this is totally worth the investment!


  • Has excellent construction and durability
  • Compatible with most tree stands
  • It’s easy to put in with long screws


  • Would have been better if it were at a polygonal shape
  • There’s no quick release when it isn’t in use

2. The Compact and Multi-Purpose: Team REALTREE 3-Arm EZ Hanger

 Team REALTREE 3-Arm EZ Hanger

If you’re looking for something thin and sturdy, then I recommend the Team REALTREE 3-Arm EZ Hanger is your best bet! What I love about this bow holder is that it’s thin but with the ability to hold many items, a multi-purpose tool to hang your binoculars, bows, calls, or to even use for your houseplants when you aren’t hunting!

The holder swivels to access it easier and is made of the heavy duty steel to hold just about anything. And with its long screws what can extend to as much as 34 inches, it works to install for just about any tree stand.


  • Thin and sturdy, made of durable materials
  • Can be used to hang bows, calls, or plants
  • The holder swivels for easier access


  • Requires more tightening than other holders
  • The joints loosen over time

3. The Universal and Discreet: Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder

What makes the Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder universal is the fact that it can fit almost all tree stands easily, clamping on within seconds without the need of screws or other small tools! It’s very easy to put on and made with heavy-duty metal to last for a long time. It also has the rubber coating for better protection and discretion, but not to worry- It’s quiet and doesn’t map any squeaky noises!

It works just as expected and holds my equipment well. However, this is best suited for those with Summit tree stands rather than other brands, since it takes a bit of time to install otherwise.


  • Quiet rubber coating for discretion
  • Does the job well and holds various hunting equipment
  • Clamps on in seconds, depending on the tree stand


  • It’s better for Summit tree stands
  • Smells oily upon arrival of the package

4. The Affordable and Easy Setup: HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder

HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder

If you’re looking for something more affordable compared to other holders, then the HME Products Universally Mountable Bow Holder is the right choice. Not only is it more affordable, but it’s made for just about any tree stand, may it be climber or ladder. It’s also very easy to set up, without using any tools and with the ability to mount within seconds!

The bow holder stays put solidly and with the ability to rotate and quick release as needed. Overall, I’m impressed with this small and compact holder and would recommend it!


  • Easy to set up and no tools needed
  • Can swivel and has a slide-and-lock system
  • Solid attachment to hang your bow with ease


  • Sometimes moves with your movement in the tree stand
  • Gets loose when you shake the bow

5. The Sharp and Durable: HME Products Pro-Series Super Bow Hanger

HME Products Pro Series Super Bow Hanger

Last but not least, we have the HME Products Pro-Series Super Bow Hanger. Not only is this made for tree stands, but can also be used for hunting blinds as well, so you are able to hang your other equipment without worry of it falling down.

I appreciate the holder’s very sharp point, so it’s easy to stick to a see trunk without having to use tools to push it down. It can hold the weight of my crossbow well and even has a dual-prong accessory hook, which can hold other equipment like your attractants and binoculars!


  • Comes with a dual-prong accessory hook
  • Very sharp point for easy setup
  • Locks in place and holds bows efficiently


  • exclamation-triangleThe hook is made of plastic and may worry some hunters
  • exclamation-triangleSome complaints of slow shipment

Why Do You Need a Bow Holder?

Bow holders are compact pieces of equipment that are meant to hold your hunting equipment while on the tree stand. These have sharp edges to place it on the trunk of the tree or installed on the stand itself, made to lessen the bulk of what you carry while waiting for your catch.

Tree Stand Bow Holder

But what exactly do these products have to offer? These are the reasons why you should invest in bow hangers or holders:

Can Be Used to Hang More Than Just Bows

What I like most about a bow hanger is that they’re meant for other equipment as well. So while I’m using my crossbow, I can still hang other small trinkets like my binoculars or deer attractants, which puts a load off my pack and helps me get them for using quickly.

Compact and Affordable

Bow hangers aren’t huge and difficult to carry! They’re actually very small and can fit in your pocket while going up your tree stand! That way, you won’t have to worry about bringing heavy packs while climbing, nor do you have to hassle yourself in setting it up. Most bow hangers are compatible with your tree stand or have sharp edges to place in the tree.

Eases Up Your Load

When you’re on your tree stand, you won’t be using your crossbow or other equipment the entire time. It can take hours before you actually take your shot. Instead of tiring yourself carrying the crossbow, you can hang it next to you safely without caches of it falling. Plus, it’ll be easy to grab when you will need it!

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Selecting the Best Tree Stand Bow Holder

Bow holders are beneficial, but only if you select the one suitable for your hunts. If you’re having a difficult time choosing just one, here are the factors to consider:

Strength and Durability 

Make sure that the bow holder you choose is made of the strong and durable material, preferably made of stainless steel but coated in black to stay discreet (it shouldn’t reflect from the sun!). You’ll want it to be able to hold your equipment properly and without chances of it falling!

Ease of Setup and Use 

Get a bow holder that’s compatible with your tree stand and that’s meant to carry the kind of crossbow you have. Or, you can also opt to find a bow holder that can be easily built into the tree so you won’t have to think about the compatibility.

What It Can Hold 

Like mentioned, a bow holder is meant to hold your crossbow but can be used to hang other items with ease. If you have other equipment like binoculars, then you’ll want to have a bow holder that can carry multiple items and still hold up. That way, you get your money’s worth!

Price and Brand

Last but not least, consider your budget. Fortunately, bow holders are relatively affordable, ranging between $10 to $25. However, this doesn’t mean you should scrimp or overspend. Figure out how much you can spend, focus on reputable brands, then consider the other factors after to narrow down your search.

FAQs: Bowhunting on a Tree Stand

Now that we know all about the benefits and how to select a bow holder, what else do you need to know about these products? Here are the frequently asked questions regarding bowhunting when on a tree stand:

1. Where should I place the bow hanger?

Depending on your tree stand and holder you purchase, you should place it on the tree stand itself, if it’s compatible. Or, you can screw the bow hanger into place in a strong part of the tree, near your stand and where you’re positioned so the crossbow stays in place and you can grab it quickly when the time comes.

2. How can I safely place my bow on the hanger?

Be wary of how you place your crossbow on the holder. Hang the bow on the same side of the tree as your bow arm to get it quickly. But make sure that it’s fully secure and away from deer’s sight as well. Hanging it slowly and quietly may seem like a tedious task, but it helps keep your equipment from falling or being detected.

3. What are other procedures I should follow when bowhunting on a tree stands?

Besides getting a bow hanger, here are other tips for tree stand safety:

  • Make sure that your tree stand is installed properly and on a tree that’s easy to climb to avoid accidents or detection. It’s recommended to wear a tree stand safety harness for protection.
  • Stay concealed by masking your odor with scent-eliminators to your clothes and hunting gear.
  • Avoid rushing everything and stay patient while on the stand. When aiming for the deer, choose a spot where vital organs are.

4. Can I make my own bow hanger?

You can create your own bow holder if you’re still waiting for yours to arrive or don’t have the time and budget to get one for now. The materials needed can easily be found in your local hardware store and it takes less than a few hours to create! Refer to this video if you’re interested in making a DIY bow holder:

If you want to learn more about bow holders and how to hang it, then this informative video will help you out:

Wrapping It Up

With a strong and sturdy bow holder, you won’t need to worry about taking up too much energy and hassle yourself keeping your equipment near you. It will keep your equipment safe from falling when on the tree stand and you have one less thing to worry about while waiting for your catch!

Of all the bow holders tried and tested, I believe that the best one goes to the Third Hand Treestand Bow Rest. I love the fact that it’s well-constructed and sturdy, and that it can take a lot of weight without breaking or letting loose. It holds my crossbows very securely and I have had no major issues with it.

As long as you set it up correctly, you’ll be able to secure your crossbows without the hassle. All in all, a worthy investment and a must-have for bowhunters on tree stands.

Hopefully, this article on the best tree stand bow holder gave you an idea on what you should begin investing in for a better hunting experience. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these products now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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