Exotic fishing in Dubai: an exciting hobby for fishing enthusiasts

A stay in the United Arab Emirates is for some associated with an exclusive luxury getaway, visiting fantastic shopping malls, a safari adventure, and swimming in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai welcomes all holidaymakers and provides a choice of holiday based on your preferences. Someone prefers to engage in passive relaxation on the shore, basking in the warm rays of the sun, while someone cannot refuse active pastime.

In any case, being in Dubai, you cannot deny yourself the opportunity to use VIP luxury car rental Dubai and touch the feeling of luxury, being in the cabin of a comfortable car, and feeling the tremendous power of horsepower under the hood.


You can dive and observe the world of the amazing and beautiful underwater world, or you can go fishing. Choosing fishing on a yacht or boat, you can sail far from the bustling city and enjoy the unity with nature.

Fishing in this emirate provides an exceptional opportunity to fish in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Avid anglers can enjoy a huge variety of inhabitants of the underwater depths. Among your trophies may be the Brown Spotted Reef Cod or the Red mullet, which is a species of royal fish.

The variety of marine fish swimming in the coastal waters is amazing. It is not at all surprising why this country is the leader in the supply of fish products throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

In this emirate, fishing is considered a popular form of entertainment. Every year fishermen from all over the world come here to fish in the waters of the bay. 

A favorite hobby of residents

The locals also have a love for fishing. Fishing is an important part of the good old traditions. It all depends on your luck.

Many local fishermen take talismans and amulets. They believe that such a talisman will bring good luck and the catch will be worthy. You may or may not believe in such talismans, but one thing can be said with firm certainty, you will not be left without trophies, and the impressions received from the fishing from the yacht will forever remain in your memory.

Fishing from the shore

Fishing in Dubai is very popular in the Palm Islands. Fishing from the shore has its charms and benefits. Locals take comfortable places and throw their rods into clear water, where you can even observe the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. On average, a fisherman can catch up to five to six fish in a few hours. But the size of one fish can, if you’re lucky, exceed one meter.

In the open sea

Another common type of fishing is open sea fishing. You can be accompanied by a professional fisherman. A boat or a rented yacht will take you to the most fishing spots. The necessary equipment for fishing and the corresponding boat can be rented at the port. Even if you have never been fishing on the high seas, you should try it. After the first fish caught on the high seas, you will have an incredible passion and desire to catch more. Professional fishermen and instructors will explain in detail what to do to prevent the fish from escaping you.


You can opt for fishing with a guide or through a specialized agency. A dedicated service will take care of your fishing success. Almost every hotel has a large selection of fishing tackle. All that remains for you is to enjoy fishing. But if you are going to go fishing on your own, it is important to know that you will need a special fishing license.


Summing up all that has been said, it can be noted that fishing in Dubai is a very popular and widespread type of outdoor activity. The waters of the Oman and Persian Gulfs are rich in a variety of marine life, and fishing remains one of the main traditions of the local population.

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