An Amateur Fisherman: What to Buy Before Going Fishing for the First Time

Fishing is the old-time classic when it comes to hobbies. You get to spend a lot of time in nature and peace. You can travel to find your favorite fishing spots and learn more about the wildlife in your area. Who knows, maybe you will even need a professional online essay writer to describe all the feelings you had and things you saw on your trips. 

Overall, fishing can bring lots of new experiences and benefits into your life. However, it is one kind of hobby you should get ready for before your first trip. You can’t just go fishing with your bare hands, now, could you? Hence, before going on your first fishing experience, you need to buy some special equipment. Here are all the items you need to get before going fishing for the first time. 

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Get your license

Depending on the area, you may need a license to fish. So do your research and get your license ready before you start purchasing any fishing equipment. Usually, it is quite an easy procedure that won’t take you more than a day. Yet, it is the right and respectful way to approach your new hobby. Also, during this procedure, you will learn the basic rules of fishing in your area. Thus, you will get a better idea of what you can and can’t do in the wild. 


First and foremost, you should think of what you can wear to your first fishing experience. Overall, you should find comfortable and practical clothes. Take in mind that fishing can take a lot of time. So you can start at dawn and finish at sunset. Hence, you have to bring layers. Now, you are also in a wet environment. It often means mud, mosquitoes, cold, etc. So you need to come prepared. Wear waterproof shoes or spray them with water-repellent chemicals. Better to have rubber boots or even waders to prevent any unfortunate accidents. 


Of course, you are going to need a rod. As an amateur, we don’t suggest getting over-excited about your first rod. Don’t go for expensive options that promise to do all the work for you. Instead, start with simple but efficient models. Remember, there are different types of rods and reels for various types of fishing. Hence, pick both of them to fit your purpose best. 


Tackles are the most fun part of your shopping. Fishermen don’t shy away from their excitement over a new sleek tackle. So, there are plenty of options to choose from, designed for different purposes and even aesthetics. These are floats, weights, and hooks. You need to learn about all three of them before your first fishing trip. Various tackles can get you different fish. So you should know the habits of fish and where to find them. For example, if your desired fish is swimming high or low underwater. 

Fishing line

Obviously, you need a line to put your tackles on. So, don’t forget that element in your shopping. Once again, don’t go overboard with the fishing line on your first trip. Some lines can hold higher pressure and weight. They are also more resistant to time. However, that may not be your priority here. We recommend going with monofilament lines as they are more durable and stretchy. As a first-timer, you are most likely to make some mistakes in the beginning. Monofilament lines will be more forgiving. 

A tackle box

Eventually, you will find a place where to store all this new stuff that you bought. So, if fishing really stays in your life, you’ll end up having tons of little and often sharp things. You need to put them somewhere, right? It’s not just for your convenience but safety as well. So, most fishermen have a tackle box designed specifically for storing artificial baits, hooks, and similar things. 

If you see that you are running out of space to store your new toys, definitely get one of those for yourself. It will make your life so much easier. Of course, you can also buy a fishing vest to hang all your cool stuff for everyone to see. However, maybe you are not at this stage of your hobby yet. 

Stay safe

Lastly, don’t forget to purchase a first aid kit for your finishing trips. Pack everything you may need for a hobby like these. Start with antiseptic wipes and bandages and finish off with the prescribed meds and allergy pills. Also, if you are finished on the water (on a boat), don’t forget to get a life vest for your safety. 

Finally, when fishing, don’t forget about safety. You should be careful for your and other people’s health. First, it’s best to go fishing with a friend. A companion will help you have a better time and offer any type of assistance, including medical assistance, if it’s needed. Second, always take into account your surroundings. Don’t choose places with many people in the water. You can easily hurt someone when casting. 

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