Glamping: A Worth Considering Alternative To Usual Camping

Glamping is a new way to travel and is an interesting alternative to usual camping with sleeping bags, tents, and gas stoves. Glamping is a relatively new type of green tourism that also lets the tourists be closer to nature but combines enjoying nature with comfort. The term “glamping” dates back to 2005 and also is the fusion of “glamour” and “camping”. Well, for those who have never tried glamping, it may sound a bit strange: people don’t associate tents, cooking on the fire, and sleeping bags with the word “glamour”. Glamour accommodations are not similar to tents: they provide luxury. 

However, with glamping or upscale camping, you can still stay in contact with nature and live in the tent, hut, cabin, or treehouse and have access to all creature comforts you are used to (electricity, bed with mattress, and hot tub). And the popularity of this trend is increasing, glamping is winning over: many people prefer “glamorous camping” or glamping to normal camping. The usual camping is tempting for many people, but not all people are ready for challenging camping with the bare minimum of amenities and home comforts. Many people want to enjoy the beauty of nature, but not  everyone is willing to endure the hardships of an ascetic tourist’s life and sacrifice many comforts (bathroom, use of refrigerator, normal stove, laptop, etc.) 

Sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground is authentic and makes you a real camper, but how about taking a nap in a comfy bed after hiking? And taking a warm shower? And just imagine: many accommodations for luxury camping are equipped with ovens, coffee makers, multi-cookers, and toasters. A new trend allows a person who has never in his life picked up a backpack, to admire the magnificent sunset and nature and not sacrifice delicious home-cooked meals, fancy furnishings, hot showers, air conditioning, and comfortable beds. Glamping is a great activity for family vacations: if you travel with kids and/or pets, you usually need more comfort.

Different types of glamping (glamping accommodations) 

Glamping is always the combination of adventure, exploring the outdoors, and comfort. However, camping trips and accommodations can be different: glampers can stay in tipis (these little houses are similar to original ones from Native American settlements), yurts, glamping pods, safari tents, tree houses, cabins, and cottages. 

Although the term “glamping” started to be used recently, it is believed that the roots of the phenomenon go far back in history – as far back as the Middle Ages. The forerunners of glamping are the campsites of every medieval king. Their transportive tent camps were huge, chic, decorated and equipped with all the most necessary items.

Modern glamping structures are not similar to king’s chambers or ancient villas but come with beds, bathrooms, and electricity, and some of them are equipped with 5-star luxury hotels with wireless internet access, TV, jacuzzi, outdoor spa, and bars with drinks. You can even plug in your laptop and work from your glamping pod, edit texts, watch series and bet at bookmaker Canada. And as soon as you are ready and want to be closer to nature, make a cup of cappuccino or take a glass of wine and go outdoors for a picnic.

A good glamping has many attributes of a hotel: reception, comfortable beds, comfortable bathrooms, showers, restaurant, daily cleaning of rooms. But unlike a regular hotel, a glamping always has a gorgeous view from any window, the environmental component is carefully thought out, the closeness to life in nature is preserved, the civilized conditions of the glamping are so organically integrated into the surrounding landscape that they become completely unnoticeable.

To make the most of the trip it is important to understand which amenities and creature comforts do you want in your glamping pod. Do you need the minimum – kitchenette, hot water, and electricity? Or are you ready to invest more money in your trip and stay in thcampsitete with a swimming pool? Often the tourists can use portable projectors and even the gaming consoles. Some of the glamping structures are spacious, and some are little such (as wood glamping pods). So, there are many options to immerse in nature and still live in a comfy place. 

Outdoor activities for glampers

Often a glamping site is located in an impeccably beautiful and inaccessible place where it is impossible to build a hotel. Rarely is it possible to drive up to a glamping site on asphalt.  And as much as possible, glamping sites try to keep nature as pristine as possible and use natural materials for furnishings and utensils. If the climate is cool – most likely there will be beautiful rugs made of natural wool. If it’s tropical – wicker chairs and napkins made of palm leaves. Design component in this format of recreation also plays a significant role

Glamping is a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily routine and try something new. Glampers enjoy hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, sightseeing to nearby attractions, fishing and dog sledding (the activities depend on the location of the gambling spot!) So, glamping activities in Finland and Spain would be different.  And it doesn’t matter which destination for glamping you choose: the main advantage of glamping is the opportunity to enjoy nature without having to break away from the comforts of home. The glamping weekend or vacation is perfect for it whether you want to relax in the wood cabin or explore new areas and go hiking. 

Glamping vs. camping

Both activities have their pros and cons. Glamping makes outdoor stays much more comfortable and is much more relaxing and convenient  than camping. You don’t need to pitch a tent, build a fire and cook food: you can simply rent the luxury cabin and go to the nearest restaurant. Glampers aren’t exposed to any risks: they stay indoors, eat home-cooked food and stay warm. However, glampers have less direct interaction with nature and don’t develop their survival skills.

The best glamping destinations in the world

Well, the list of gambling spots in the world is huge. If you want to try glamping  in the USA, you can’t go wrong with a stay at Collective Vail Retreat in Wolcott, Colorado, Under Canvas Grand Canyon in Arizona, Under Canvas Glacier in Montana’s Glacier National Park. The other world’s best glamping experiences are the Camp Katur in North Yorkshire in the UK, the Ecopod in Cornwall, the Three Camel Lodge in Mongolian Gurvansaikhan National Park, Makgadikgadi National Park in Botswana, and the Clayoquot Wilderness Retreat in Canada.  You can also enjoy glamping in Patagonia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, and, and even Antarctica.

Is glamping for you? 

Glamping will be great for you if you have always dreamed of camping in nature but are looking for a balance between rough “survival” camping and staying in the hotel. Eco-friendly tourism will provide you with the allure of being close to nature and keep you safe, relaxed, and warm. Glamping is also a great opportunity to find out whether general camping is something for you or not. So, why not give it a go? 

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