What To Do When An Arrow Stuck In Deer No Blood?

The discovery of an arrow stuck in deer no blood reveals an intriguing mystery that begs further inquiry. This strange incident calls into question our knowledge of hunting and wildlife encounters. It raises a slew of questions that demand answers. 

How did the arrow end up trapped in the deer without causing any visible harm or bleeding? It begs the question of whether the deer is still alive or if it has escaped into the woods. The lack of blood, a necessary component in any injury, adds an extra layer of intrigue to this baffling scenario.

One of the most disappointing experiences a hunter can have is hitting a deer with an arrow and not finding any blood. This predicament can be painful for both the animal and the hunter, and resolving it needs rapid thinking and action. Keep reading to know what to do when an arrow is stuck in a deer without blood. 

Understanding the Situation 

When an arrow is stuck in a deer but no blood trail is apparent, this indicates that the arrow did not penetrate the body cavity. To put it another way, the arrow struck a non-vital section of the deer’s body, such as a leg or shoulder blade. While this can be a relief for some hunters who do not wish to cause undue harm to the animal, it also presents a new set of challenges.

Why Is Finding Blood Important? 

The presence of blood is an important indicator of where a deer has been hit. It tells you whether you hit the target or not, and also gives you information on the severity of the wound. It is critical for a hunter to discover blood in order to track the animal and gently rescue it. 

What Are The Signs Of A Non-Lethal Shot? 

If you shoot a deer without striking the vital organs, there are various symptoms to look for to determine whether the deer is mortally wounded:

  • The deer may run away quickly and then stop after a short distance.
  • The deer may appear unharmed and continue to graze or walk casually.
  • The deer may limp or show signs of injury, such as favoring one leg. 

What To Do When An Arrow Stuck In Deer No Blood?

When you encounter a situation where an arrow is stuck in a deer with no visible blood, it’s essential to approach it carefully and responsibly.

  • Take a Break: The first thing you should do is take a break to calm your nerves. This will give you time to think clearly and come up with a plan of action.
  • Look for Signs of Injury: Observe the deer’s behavior, look for signs of injury on the deer. Pay close attention to its gait, as limping or favoring one leg can indicate an injury. 
  • Try to Locate the Arrow: Try to find the arrow if at all possible. This can help you determine where the deer was struck and how deep the wound is. Attempting to remove the arrow yourself may exacerbate the deer’s condition. Arrows can occasionally be used as a plug to stop extreme bleeding. So, do not attempt to remove the arrow from the deer.
  • Follow the Deer’s Trail: Look for deer footprints or any remnants of the deer if you can’t find the arrow. Follow its path carefully, looking for any signs of injury or discomfort. 
  • Wait It Out: If you cannot find any signs of injury or blood, you may need to wait it out. Give the animal time to rest and recover before attempting to track it again. 
arrow stuck in deer no blood

Examples Of Arrows Stuck In Deer Without Blood 

There are many cases where an arrow is not shot correctly at a deer, causing the arrow to get stuck and no blood at all. 

Hit Shoulder Blade 

When you strike a deer’s shoulder blade, the arrow may stick in the bone and not penetrate the chest cavity. Although this is not a lethal hit, it can cause substantial injury and discomfort to the animal.

Missed The Vital Organs

If you miss the deer’s vital organs, it can result in an arrow being stuck in a non-vital part of the body. This can be frustrating for the hunter since it makes it difficult to track the animal. 

Hit The Leg

If you hit a deer’s leg, the arrow can become stuck without causing significant damage. While this can be a relief for those who do not wish to harm the animal, it also presents challenges in tracking and recovering the deer. 


When it comes to hunting, there is always the possibility that things will not go as planned. Finding an arrow trapped in a deer with no blood can be frustrating for both the hunter and the animal. You can, however, boost your chances of locating and collecting the deer in a humane manner by remaining cool and following the necessary methods. It is our job as hunters to hunt ethically and to strive for clean, swift kills that minimize suffering.

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