The Top 5 Fishing Boats of 2021

In the nautical market, there are fishing boats for all tastes. In this article, together with Zeboats we present our list of some of the best fishing boat models and explain their features and functionalities.

The boat market offers a wide variety of fishing boats. There are of all styles. You will find kayaks and inflatable semi-rigid to large fishing cruises or even impressive fishing catamarans. The choice of each particular case depends on the use that you want to give it: Do you want a boat exclusively for fishing or do you also want to go for a walk with family or friends? Fishing alone or in the company? Day trips or overnight stays on board? In any case, the boat you choose must provide access to the water from anywhere on the boat, allowing the occupants to move with agility and fish with ease.

For this reason, it is also important that most of the space and breadth is concentrated on the deck and not in the cockpit. Of course, the boat you choose must be able to remain anchored in a stable way to be able to sight, bait, and, ultimately, fish comfortably. In the Pescamediterraneo2 nautical forum, you can find tips, tricks, and various techniques to make the most of your sport fishing trips and enjoy them in total comfort.

Each type of boat has its advantages. The smaller models allow you to be comfortable without needing a trailer to transport it and can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes, as well as being more affordable. However, fishing cruises and catamarans have high levels of comfort to spend the night onboard and great amplitudes. Here we highlight the best fishing boats of 2021.

1. Quicksilver Captur 805 Pilothouse

The Quicksilver Captur 805 Pilothouse has won the Boat of the Year award in the Fishing Boat category. The model, which is imported and distributed in Spain by Touron Náutica, is designed to satisfy the most demanding fishermen.

With a length of 7.15 meters, the Quicksilver 805 is a versatile boat, equipped with a large, fast, and stable hull and with numerous solutions for fishing and cruising.

The maximum capacity of it is 9 people and supports maximum power of 350 hp and up to 350 liters of fuel. Its design is current and sporty and it also offers various customization, transformation, and equipment possibilities. She is also available in the Explorer version, which adds even more style and top-level fishing features.

2. Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 Series 2

The Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 from Jeanneau is a boat studied in the smallest details to meet the needs of the fisherman who also wants a family coastal cruising program. She is a weekender with an outboard motor, which presents an attractive design, thanks to its versatile traditional V hull.

The U-shaped cabin, open to the sea, is spacious and convertible into a sunbathing area and has a large aft bathing platform. The boat offers a wide range of options and equipment: cut-out door to facilitate access on board, large storage volumes, equipped kitchen, bright and comfortable interior, and closed toilet compartment with hot shower. In short, she is a comfortable, stable, and high-performance boat at sea.

3. Beneteau Antares 11 Fly

The Beneteau Antares 11 Fly is an innovative boat optimized at all levels to respond to both the cruising and fishing programs. With its 11 meters in total length, this contemporary design boat emphasizes volumes, comfort, and safety and presents interesting innovations, such as the aft bench-solarium, the lateral bathing platform that creates a terrace on the water, the flush deck, and the junction between the cockpit and the wheelhouse.

With the perfectly integrated flybridge and equipped with a starboard cockpit with a wraparound pilot seat, the Antares 11 FLY allows you to enjoy the joys of sailing. It can accommodate up to 7 people and the performance of the hull is ensured by outboard motorization that can go up to 2 × 300 CV.

4. Bayliner T22 CC

The Bayliner Trophy T22CC is the perfect balance between the adventure offered by a fishing boat and the comfort of a cruise ship. She stands out for her deep V-hull, wide bow, comfortable seat at the stern, and dry-driving interior, ensuring pleasant trips to favorite fishing spots. Anglers and non-anglers alike will appreciate the cleanability of the self-draining bathtub and the convenience of a closed bath compartment in the center console.

It has a typical fisherman’s steering position, in a staggered shape, wide and with double footrests. This space can be protected with a T-Top that also covers the pilot’s double seat, mounted on a hatchery for bait or catches.

A true multi purpose boat in which you can enjoy good protection and stability while also adding a series of accessories and accessories that make life onboard more comfortable.

5. Joker Boat Barracuda 650

The Barracuda 650, from Joker Boat’s Coaster range, aims to appeal not only to fishermen but also to classic boaters. It is an auxiliary boat – a new trend in sport fishing – fully equipped for fishing and capable of offering great speed while consuming the right amount of fuel. With an overall length of 6.70 meters, the Barracuda 650 features a functional hull and deck that ensure fun and comfort. The dual-console seat is comfortable and enveloping, with a multi-functional space underneath consisting of a fiberglass tank for storage or as an additional life tank. The 2.55-meter beam increases the possibility of itinerant use (and of making it towable), and the motorization is with outboard up to 225 CV.

With all the necessary equipment, the Barracuda 650 is perfectly adapted to the needs of those who are passionate or competitive fishing.

Honorable Mention

World Cat 325CC

We close our list with the World Cat 325CC, a motorboat specifically for fishing. It is a catamaran and, at the same time, a Central Console boat, as its name suggests. Therefore, it brings together the best characteristics of both types of boats in one: the spaciousness and stability offered by a catamaran, together with the agility offered by a Center Console to move easily with the rod. Features numerous enhancements and improved aesthetics, including transom seating arrangement, increased insulated storage, and improved styling

Therefore, the fishermen on board this boat can travel with complete peace of mind around the entire perimeter of the deck to find the best position in search of a Persian. It is made of fiberglass, has 12-rod holders mounted on the gunwale at the bow, and numerous storage chests to store prey and fishing equipment.

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