A Camping Trip with Classmates: What to Take with You

Events and activities that go beyond your usual pastime always look more exciting and outstanding. So it is not surprising you cannot wait to go on a camping trip with your friends. Of course, your excitement may go hand in hand with some fears and doubts, so you may get nervous, especially if it is your first camping experience. However, if you prepare everything for your comfort and define who will be responsible for certain essentials, your trip will be full of positive vibes. College students can reach out to specialized someone to write an essay for me service to make additional room in their schedule and have more time for decent preparation. Indeed, young people are more used to megapolises with all their perks and high technologies than nature. However, you never know what you are capable of until you try. A camping trip can become one of the warmest and pleasant memories from your college years. Just make sure to grab the following things.

1. Warm Clothes

Warm clothes will run the table when it comes to the list of essentials you should take with you on a trip. It is not about the usual sweaters or sweatpants you wear at home. You should grab some multifunctional clothes that will help you stay warm and dry even after long hours of walking. Besides, it will not be superfluous to take a waterproof and windproof jacket. Don’t forget that the temperature can go down dramatically at night, so your clothes should keep you warm. The modern market offers many different camping clothes, so it is worth purchasing some essentials if you don’t have suitable options. Otherwise, you may get a cold and spoil the whole impression from the trip.

2. Tent

If your trip doesn’t suggest the utilization of camping houses, you should take care of your ‘home.’ It will protect you from unpleasant weather conditions and wildlife that you can come across the area. You can agree with your classmates to take (rent) some bigger options suitable for several people at once. Thus, you can arrange a cozy tent city in nature. If you don’t know how many people can fit inside the chosen tent, it is worth paying attention to its label. However, bear in mind that manufacturers often exaggerate the information, so if you see that your tent goes well for five people, the chances are high that only three will feel comfortable there. If you rent a tent, you should better choose a sturdy one with heavy-duty zippers and aluminum poles. You can find a detailed guideline on how to select the most suitable tent on the web.

3. Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Mattress

A tent will protect you from weather conditions, but your camping experience will hardly be comfortable without a suitable sleeping bag and pad. Indeed, sleeping on the ground is uncomfortable and even dangerous for your health from different perspectives, especially if you arrange a camping trip in the fall when the temperature goes down. A decent sleeping bag will allow you to sleep comfortably at night. If you don’t have any of these items, you can ask your classmates whether they have a spare option, or you can reach out to specialized services.

4. Food and Water

Even though it seems that this point goes without saying, inexperienced travelers may turn a blind eye to it. You will hardly want to fish and harvest around the camping site, so it is better to grab all the necessary things with you. Considering that you go camping with your classmates, you can agree on what types of food each of you will bring. However, it would be wiser to grab options that you can easily open, cook, or heat. Besides, it will not be superfluous to research and find out as much information as possible about your camping site. For instance, if there is a water source within walking distance, you can utilize it instead of bringing a jug with you. Besides, if you want to be on the safe side, you can take care of a sterilizer. Finally, don’t forget to grab some easy-to-carry utensils for camping.

6. Navigation Tools

Even though it may seem that you don’t need such staff, it is better safe than sorry. For example, you may decide to take a walk around the neighborhood and get lost. Of course, you may say that any smartphone application will cope with this task in a matter of seconds, but this option will hardly work out when you are in the middle of nowhere. Thus, it will not be superfluous to grab an old-school compass and determine in what direction you should move if something. Besides, you can utilize paper maps to understand your location and what spots you should avoid better.

7. First Aid Kit and Preventive Care

Sunscreen and insect repellent are on the list of must-have things when you arrange a camping trip since you can never foresee weather and environmental conditions. Besides, citizens are not used to insects that they can come across in the forest, so the whole pleasure from a holiday may be spoiled because of them. Of course, a first aid kit should be an inevitable part of your camping backpack. You should have some first aid for bites, cuts, and wounds. Don’t forget about your prescribed medicine.

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