Pheasant Hunting In Snow: A Short Guide To Get Your Catch!

A lot of people tend to be so put off trying to hunt during the winter. However, it’s actually one of the best times to hunt pheasants, and one of my favorite things to do! There’s nothing like pheasant hunting in snow, from the quiet environment, the cool air, and the excitement of spotting game to catch for the day.

While fun to do, it’s not the easiest thing, nor is it exactly the same as hunting during more normal conditions. That said, it’s possible and anyone will be able to start with the right knowledge and equipment! So read on as I show you tips on how to go pheasant hunting in the snow.

How to Go Pheasant Hunting In Snow

Hunters shun the idea of hunting in the snow, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you do! Just make sure that you hunt in safe conditions and that you follow these tips:

1. Pheasants Sit Tight

Pheasants have difficult times when in snow since they can’t move around if the round is too light ad fluffy. This causes them to sit tight until they can move around freely.

During fall and dry conditions, birds can move around as they please, running away quickly when they sense danger. Because they have more difficulty in the snow, you have a better chance of getting closer to take an easy shot. Just walk slowly and take your time since they won’t be moving until the snow intensity lessened.

2. Look Into Cattail Marshes

The best tip to follow for more success of late-season pheasant hunting is to look for the cattail marshes. This is because pheasants head to these types of cover once the cold weather begins. These birds become wary of the cold, looking for a cover for shelter.

Look for swaths of cattails, and you’ll most likely find pheasants. Be slow when making your way through the area, checking every nook and cranny. Since they’ll be sitting tightly, you have a closer distance, but also be prepared for them to fly out in a hurry when they sense you!

3. Keep Low Profiles

During the earlier season, the bird isn’t as smart and you’ll find them out in fields. Head out there with a large party and you can get some success. But once the late-season begins, birds get smarter, so you need to keep a low profile at this time.

Don’t bring too many hunters in the group and quietly make our way to areas birds are, sneaking in until you’re close enough to take your shot. Walk in the direction of the wind to stay quiet and have a good plan of attack beforehand!

4. Change Those Approaching Habits

I’m sure you, and a lot of other hunters, have been out in the field for quite some time now. This means the birds that survived you have already learned all your hunting habits. So if you’ve had some success weeks ago, the chances lessen if you maintain your usual strategy.

So change your approach and come up with a new plan, changing things up to confuse your target. Enter fields from different locations, hunting during different times and angles.

5. Hunt Near the Water Sources 

When the temperature is cold and snow is abundant, all animals would go to survival mode. Pheasants will find cover close to food and water, so look for all the water sources in your area. Once you’ve identified where the water sources are, visit and hit those places hard.

Birds find cover there and will sit tight, as it’s the way they can survive throughout the winter season! Think like a bird and where they would be during weather like this.

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6. Look For Cover Around Harvested Crops 

Once the late-season begins, crops have already been harvested. If you’ve watched the harvest, then you must remember seeing pheasants fly from the crops and into areas near it. If you remember the direction the birds flew to, then you can find them when hunting during the winter.

Pheasants would go to ditches and thick cover near harvested crops, staying there for the entire season. Hit those areas quietly and you can find success. 

Wondering what else to learn about what pheasant hunting in the snow is like? This cool video will show you what to expect: 

Wrapping It Up

When weathers get bad, most hunters would head back to seek shelter, especially during winter. However, there’s more to enjoy when hunting for pheasants in snow. As long as you’re prepared and ready with the correct equipment and tips, you can successfully catch a few birds!

I hope this article on pheasant hunting in the snow helped motivate you to hunt better. So start following any of these tips for a more successful day ahead and enjoy!

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