Baiting Coyotes With Dog Food: What Should We Do?

Baiting coyotes with dog food is a controversial practice. Some people use it as a tool to manage or regulate coyote numbers. 

Dog food is used as bait in an effort to draw coyotes to a certain area in order to catch or kill them. Supporters claim that it is a successful strategy for managing coyote populations and defending priceless artifacts. They contend that dog food acts as an extremely alluring lure that appeals to coyotes’ scavenger instincts.

However, detractors contend that it interferes with normal predator-prey interactions, potentially causing ecosystem imbalances. Furthermore, baiting techniques may unintentionally damage non-target animals or encourage unfavorable interactions between coyotes and people.

By deciding whether or not to utilize dog food as bait, we will now gain additional knowledge about this matter. Let’s get started!

Why Do Dog Food Attract Coyotes?

There are a number of reasons why coyotes may be drawn to dog food:


It takes a long time for the smell of dog food to disperse since it is so potent. The scent of dog food can attract coyotes, which are known for having a good sense of smell, to the source.


Dogs are formulated to like and be drawn to the taste of dog food. Coyotes may find it appealing as well because it includes meat-based elements. Because dog kibble contains a lot of protein and fat, these opportunistic predators may find it to be a tasty meal.


In urban and suburban regions where they might frequently come into contact with domestic dogs, coyotes frequently coexist. They may be accustomed to the taste and smell of dog food because it matches the food they could find in household areas.

Easy Availability

Dog food is frequently found in homes, especially in pet bowls left outside or outdoor feeding stations. Dog food can serve as a dependable food supply for coyotes and draw them to a particular region.

Competition With Dogs

Dog food left alone can be perceived as a chance for coyotes to take a meal from domestic dogs since they are known to scavenge for food. Coyotes may approach residential areas where dog food is prevalent as a result of this.

How To Use Dog Food To Bait Coyotes?

Planning ahead and having the right information are necessary to set up a secure and efficient environment for baiting coyotes with dog food. You must carefully examine the bait’s placement, the bait pile’s size, the sort of bait utilized, and the area’s safety in order to guarantee a successful and safe outcome.

The location of the bait must be far from any traffic or other human activities. In light of the fact that coyotes are quickly startled and may flee if they perceive a threat. The bait pile’s size should also be large enough to draw coyotes while remaining manageable.

Dog food is the greatest choice for bait because it is readily available, inexpensive, and appealing to coyotes. You may create a secure setting for luring coyotes with dog food by following these easy steps and taking these things into account.

Some Tips For Baiting Coyotes With Dog Food

Baiting coyotes with dog food might be a fantastic strategy to pull them in if you want to draw them to your hunting location. Nevertheless, getting the procedure just right can be challenging. Here are some pointers for successfully using dog food as a coyote bait.

Select Proper Kind Of Food

Coyotes love canine food that is high in fat, fresh, and stinky, like wet or canned food. To make it simpler for the coyotes to discover the food, make sure to distribute it widely throughout your property. 

Avoid Using Too Much

Coyotes are drawn to the smell, so if you put out an excessive amount of food at once, it may overwhelm them and prevent them from returning. 

Examine The Bait Frequently

If the bait is left out for too long, coyotes may become apprehensive of returning because they are wary of unfamiliar aromas. 

Be Tolerant

Don’t give up if you don’t see results right away because baiting coyotes with dog food can take some time to work. You’ll be able to attract coyotes eventually with practice and patience. 

By using these suggestions, you’ll be able to lure coyotes to your hunting area by baiting them with dog food. 

Is It Illegal To Bait Coyotes With Dog Food?

Depending on local rules and hunting regulations, baiting coyotes with dog food or any other food source may or may not be permitted. In some areas, baiting wildlife may be subject to special limitations or possibly be outright forbidden. To ensure legal and moral hunting methods, it is crucial to review and abide by the local hunting rules and regulations.

Referring to the hunting laws offered by your local wildlife state will help you identify whether or not baiting coyotes with dog food is permitted. These rules will specify any particular requirements, limitations, or outright bans on baiting coyotes. To ensure ethical hunting practices and avert potential legal repercussions, it is crucial to keep informed about and follow the hunting laws.

How Many Methods To Hunt Coyotes?

Baiting with dog food may be illegal in some places. So you can consult some other methods. Coyote hunting can be done using a number of different techniques. The particular methods and tactics can change based on regional laws, the terrain, and individual preferences. Listed below are a few popular techniques:


This technique involves imitating coyote vocalizations or distress noises using a variety of predator calls to draw coyotes into shooting distance. Common cries include coyote howls and the distress calls of prey animals. Mouth-blown calls, computerized calls, or a combination of the two may be used by hunters.

Observe And Stalk

Using binoculars or spotting scopes, you can observe coyotes from a distance before slowly approaching them to get within shooting distance. It calls for stealth, endurance, and familiarity with the habitat and coyote habits.

Hunting With Dogs

For the purpose of locating and pursuing coyotes, some hunters employ specially trained hunting dogs, such as scent hounds or lurchers. Hunters will find it simpler to approach and fire a shot if the dogs can aid track, corner, or tree coyotes.

Hunting At Night

With the use of artificial lights or thermal scopes, night hunting is permitted in some places. This approach takes advantage of the coyotes’ heightened activity at night. It’s crucial to comprehend and abide by local laws and regulations because they can differ greatly when it comes to night hunting.


Another way to catch coyotes is with traps. It entails setting traps intended to kill the animal without harming it. However, there may be a need for particular permits and training because trapping laws might be complicated.

To ensure moral and lawful hunting methods, it is essential to learn about and adhere to local hunting laws and regulations. You should consult with seasoned local hunters who can offer helpful advice and direction unique to your region.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can use dog food as a lure for coyotes. However, it is not advised or moral to bait coyotes with dog food. Baiting animals, such as coyotes, can alter their natural behavior and may result in unpleasant encounters with people or other animals. Prioritizing responsible and courteous interactions with wildlife is crucial.

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