Tricks For Baiting Coyotes With Chicken

Coyotes are recognized to be one of the most elusive predators in the wild. They are intelligent, agile, and can readily outwit their prey. Baiting coyotes with chicken is an effective method for hunters wanting to capture them. 

Coyotes are opportunistic predators with a varied diet, and chicken is an attractive lure due to its strong scent and high protein content. Chicken is used as bait in an effort to draw coyotes to a certain area in order to catch or kill them. 

However, coyote baiting with chicken remains a contentious practice. Supporters argue that it is a successful technique for managing coyote populations and conserving valuable antiquities. They argue that chicken is a particularly enticing lure that appeals to coyotes’ scavenging instincts. Opponents claim that it interrupts typical predator-prey relationships, potentially leading to ecosystem imbalances. 

Keep reading to know essential information about using chickens as coyote bait to help you make an informed choice. 

Why Does Chicken Attract Coyotes? 

Chicken attracts coyotes mainly because it has 5 outstanding attractive features including: scent, high protein content, easy prey, availability and habituation. 


Chicken has a strong and distinctive odor that can carry over long distances, especially when it’s raw or freshly killed. Coyotes have a keen sense of smell and can detect the scent of chicken from a long distance, making it an appealing lure. 

High Protein Content

Coyotes are omnivorous and require a diet that is high in protein. Chicken is a rich source of protein, and its consumption can provide essential nutrients that coyotes need to survive and thrive. 

Easy Prey

Domestic chickens are generally easier to catch and kill compared to some wild animals. Coyotes always take advantage of opportunities for easy meals, so chickens kept in coops or exposed in rural areas make for convenient targets. 


Chickens are often readily available in rural and suburban areas, where they are commonly raised for eggs and meat. This makes them a convenient and accessible food source for coyotes.


In areas where coyotes become accustomed to finding chicken as a food source, they may develop a habit of seeking out chicken coops or scavenging for leftover poultry. This further reinforces their attraction to chickens. 

How To Use Chicken To Bait Coyotes

Using chicken as bait to attract and hunt coyotes is a common practice for various purposes, including wildlife management, research, and recreational hunting. First and foremost, check local regulations and laws related to coyote hunting and baiting. Ensure you have the necessary permits and adhere to any restrictions in your area. 

baiting coyotes with chicken

Planning ahead and having the right information are necessary to set up a secure and efficient environment for baiting coyotes. To ensure a successful and safe outcome, carefully assess the bait’s placement, the size of the bait pile, the type of bait used, and the area’s safety. 

Choose an area where you have observed coyote activity and must be far from any traffic or other human activities. Given that coyotes are easily frightened and may flee if they feel a threat. 

When it comes to the bait itself, fresh or frozen chicken parts or carcasses work best. The choice between whole chickens or cut pieces depends on your preference. Fresh chicken tends to emit a stronger scent, so using raw chicken for coyote bait can be more enticing to coyotes. 

The size of the bait mound should be large enough to attract coyotes while remaining controllable. Chicken is the greatest choice for bait because it is readily available, inexpensive, and appealing to coyotes. 

Once you have your chicken bait, secure it in your chosen location. To maintain the bait in place, various ways can be used, such as hanging it from a tree branch, placing it on a platform, or using wire stakes. The goal is to make the bait accessible to coyotes while preventing theft by other animals or birds. 

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Tricks For Baiting Coyotes With Chicken

Baiting coyotes using chicken might be a fantastic strategy to pull them in if you want to draw them to your hunting location. However, getting the technique precisely right might be difficult. Here are pointers for successfully using chicken as a coyote bait.

Select Proper Kind Of Food 

Fresh chicken tends to have a stronger scent, which can be more appealing to coyotes. However, frozen chicken can be more practical for longer-term baiting, as it won’t spoil as quickly.

Avoid Using Too Much

Coyotes are drawn to the smell, so if you put out an excessive amount of food at once, it may overwhelm them and prevent them from returning. 

Minimize Scent

Coyotes have a keen sense of smell, so keep your personal scent to a minimum when preparing the bait place. Wear scent-neutral clothing, gloves, and boots to avoid leaving human odors that may repel coyotes.

baiting coyotes with chicken

Examine The Bait Frequently 

Coyotes may grow afraid of returning if the bait is left out for too long since they are wary of strange odors. 

Know The Regulations

Before you begin baiting coyotes, familiarize yourself with local hunting and baiting regulations. Ensure you have the necessary permits and understand any restrictions in your area. Complying with the law is essential.

Be Tolerant

Don’t give up if you don’t get results right away because enticing coyotes with chicken can take some time to work. With practice and patience, you will ultimately be able to attract coyotes. 

Monitor The Site

Regularly check the bait site to see if it’s being visited by coyotes. Adjust your strategy if necessary based on your observations. 

By using these suggestions, you’ll be able to lure coyotes to your hunting area by baiting them with chicken. 

Is It Illegal To Bait Coyotes With Chicken?

Enticing coyotes with chicken or any other food source may or may not be authorized, depending on local norms and hunting regulations. Baiting wildlife may be subject to special limitations or even outright prohibited in some regions. It is critical to research and follow local hunting rules and regulations to ensure lawful and moral hunting tactics.

Your local wildlife state’s hunting rules will assist you determine whether or not enticing coyotes with chicken is legal. These guidelines will outline any specific criteria, limitations, or outright bans on coyote baiting. It is essential to stay informed about and observe hunting laws in order to ensure ethical hunting methods and avoid potential legal ramifications. 

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Baiting coyotes using chicken  is an effective hunting technique that can help you bag a coyote. You can boost your chances of trapping or hunting these cunning predators by following the tips in this article and utilizing raw chicken as bait. Remember to always follow local laws and regulations, use caution when handling raw chicken, and be patient when waiting for coyotes to take the bait.

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