Where To Hunt Coyotes In Colorado?

Colorado is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts as well as avid hunters. You’ve come to the correct location if you’re seeking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure and the thrill of hunting coyotes. Colorado’s varied terrain, ranging from broad prairies to steep mountains, make it a great home for coyotes. So, where to hunt coyotes in Colorado?

Coyotes are exceptionally intelligent animals with acute vision and a keen sense of smell. Taking down one of these beasts can earn hunters a badge of honor in the sportsmen community. Every year, hundreds of hunters scour the fields and woodlands for these cunning predators. 

There are several choices to consider when it comes to coyote hunting in Colorado. The eastern plains have large areas where coyotes frequently travel in search of food. Additionally, the foothills and mountainous regions in the western part of the state are also prime spots for finding coyotes. Keep reading to discover details of coyote hunting locations in Colorado! 

Variables To Consider When Hunting Coyote 

Coyote hunting in Colorado is a terrific way to get outside and enjoy the surroundings. Before you go on your hunting excursion, it’s crucial to understand coyote habits and what you need to know while hunting coyotes. 


Coyotes prefer to reside and hunt in regions where there are a lot of small game species like birds, mice, and vermin. Brushy areas near creaks or marshy marshes can be good places to look for coyotes. 

Solunar Calendar

The location and fullness of the moon, according to a notion proposed by John Alden Knight, influence animal movement. This hypothesis is reported to have been utilized by hunters and fishers long before Knight’s theory was published. It is still widely recognized and used today.

Time Of Year

Coyotes can be hunted throughout the year, however the greatest time of year to hunt coyotes is during the winter months. Coyotes become less nocturnal in their search for food as winter progresses. They also tend to travel together more in the winter than in the summer. 

Time Of Day

Coyotes are nocturnal predators by nature, making dawn and dusk the best times to go hunting for food. Night hunting is also becoming more popular because this is when coyotes are most active. However, their activity during the day rises as the weather cools.


Temperature has a significant impact on coyotes’ mobility. However, in general, cooler weather is preferable while hunting coyotes. Temperatures between 20 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, according to experts, are excellent.

Barometric Pressure

Barometric pressure has an impact on coyote activity as well. When barometric pressures rise after a front passes, your chances of seeing a coyote on the move improve. However, because there is no strong wind, the quiet before a front is ideal for coyote hunting.

Where To Hunt Coyotes In Colorado? 

Now that you have a basic understanding of coyote behavior let’s take a look at some of the best places to hunt them in Colorado:

Eastern Plains

The Eastern Plains of Colorado are known for their vast prairies, grasslands, and agricultural areas. This provides ideal hunting grounds for coyotes. The open spaces allow hunters to spot and stalk coyotes from a distance, increasing their chances of a successful hunt. Eastern plains are popular for predator calling, as coyotes are known to respond well to calls.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains cover a significant portion of Colorado, offering breathtaking views and wildlife diversity. The mountains are home to a variety of prey species, making them an ideal habitat for coyotes. Hunting in the Rockies can be challenging due to the rugged terrain, but it also provides a unique hunting experience.

Western Slope

The Western Slope of Colorado is home to vast stretches of public land and wilderness areas.This gives hunters plenty of possibilities to explore and hunt coyotes. The area has plenty of canyons, river valleys, and mesas that are ideal for setting up ambushes or calling coyotes. 

Western slope is known for its challenging hunting conditions, making it an excellent location for experienced hunters.

Pawnee National Grassland

Pawnee National Grassland is a vast grassland located in northeastern Colorado, covering over 193,000 acres of public land. The area is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including coyotes. Pawnee National Grassland offers an excellent hunting experience with a mix of open terrain and rolling hills. 

Coyote Hunting Colorado Public Land 

Coyote hunting is a popular pastime in Colorado, and there are numerous locations where you may do it. Public land covers a substantial portion of the state, and many coyotes call these places home. There are a few things you should know if you want to hunt coyotes on public land in Colorado.

First, you must obtain a hunting license. This can be done online or at a variety of retail places. Once you’ve obtained your license, you’ll need to choose a suitable hunting location.

Coyotes can be found all around the state, but they prefer regions with plenty of cover and prey. Look for signs of Coyote activity such as tracks, scat, and dead prey animals. It’s time to set up shop once you’ve located a suitable location.

You’ll need a good rifle and scope for long-range shots, as well as some sounds to entice the coyotes. Patience is essential when hunting coyotes, as they are notoriously difficult to capture. But with patience and expertise, you can bag a prize coyote from Colorado public land!

Can You Hunt Coyote At Night In Colorado? 

Coyote hunting is only permitted during daytime hours in Colorado. This means that hunting coyotes at night is prohibited. This is due to the fact that coyotes are classified as a nongame species, which means that there are no special rules governing their hunting. Because they are frequently regarded as a nuisance animal, many landowners will allow hunters to hunt them on their property.

In Colorado, there is a bounty on coyotes. The state gives a $25 bounty for each coyote killed, with the money distributed by the county where the coyote was killed. 

The bounty can be collected by anyone, however all hunters must have a valid hunting license. The bounty program is meant to aid in the control of Colorado’s rapidly rising coyote population. 

Coyote Hunting Tips

Hunting coyotes in Colorado requires skill, patience, and persistence. Here are some tips to help you have a successful hunt:

  • Use predator calls: Coyotes are attracted to prey distress calls, making predator calls an effective tool for hunting them.
  • Hunt during the early morning or late afternoon: Coyotes are most active during these hours, increasing your chances of spotting one.
  • Scout your hunting location: Before starting your hunt, scout the area to identify coyote signs such as tracks and scat.
  • Use camouflage: Coyotes have keen eyesight, so using camouflage clothing and gear can help you blend into your surroundings.
  • Be patient: Coyotes are intelligent and crafty animals, so it may take several attempts before you have a successful hunt.


Colorado is an excellent destination for anyone who enjoys the excitement and challenge of coyote hunting. The state’s varied geography and rich wildlife provide many opportunities for hunters of all skill levels. Remember to follow all hunting regulations and safety guidelines before embarking on your trip. Good luck and happy hunting!

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