How to Move a Gun Safe: 7 Efficient Steps to Follow

Gun safes are great ways to ensure that your weapons and other hunting equipment are locked away. This keeps the home safe while the gun isn’t in use, away from pets and children who might come across it. These are highly beneficial, which is why many gun owners and hunters invest in heavy-duty ones.

But with heavy-duty gun safes also come the difficulty in actually moving it. Whether you’re moving homes or would like to relocate the gun safe, how can you successfully move it? I did the research so read on as I show you how to move a gun safe properly!

How to Move a Gun Safe

It’s crucial to move your gun safe securely to prevent any damage or injury on your part. With that being said, follow these steps for a hassle-free move:

1. Empty the Gun Safe

Before anything else, remove anything that’s inside the safe, may it be guns or other valuables. This makes the safe lighter for easy removal, also preventing any damage to your valuables in case of drops and accidents.

Furthermore, it’s safer to move out an empty gun safe without any loaded guns! It risks damage to the equipment and may harm the movers, so make sure the safe is completely empty.

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2. Use Proper Equipment

There are different moving equipment a heavy-duty gun safe needs. Test out your equipment before using it to move your safe.

I recommend that you get the following moving equipment:

  • Heavy-duty dolly
  • Safety gloves
  • Security straps
  • Truck for loading
  • Other special equipment like stair climbing dolly or pallet jacks

Take note that heavy-duty items require heavy-duty equipment, so never get cheap or low-quality ones which can increase the difficulty and risk of accidents. You can either purchase or rent moving equipment for smooth and safe moving. 

3. Identify Any Obstacles While Moving

Look around the area you’ll be moving the safe from. Are there any obstacles like tight hallways, stairwells, or smaller door frames? Assess the location and identify any obstacles which make moving tougher.

That way, you can prepare a strategy and invest in special equipment for these types of cases. It’s also best to weigh and measure your gun safe to ensure that you and your equipment can take its dimensions.

4. Secure Your Gun Safe

Once you’re ready to begin moving the gun safe, make sure that you already secure it on the equipment. Tilt the safe on one side, sliding the dolly under it. Once on the dolly, use the straps to wrap the safe as tight as you can.

It’s best to secure the safe on the dolly as much as you can to minimize its movement. Your safe will be less likely to fall, lessening the risk of damage and accidents.

5. Get Strong Help For Moving

You should NOT move a gun safe alone, as this can cause injury and damage to the safe or your home. If you won’t be using professional movers, then I recommend that you have a strong family or friends to help you. This is important especially if you need to transport the safe up or downstairs.

I recommend you get friends with moving experiences or at least have the manpower and positive attitude.

6. Prepare With a Strategy and Dress Up

Once you’ve established any obstacles, figure out a safe and effective strategy to successfully move the safe to its new location. Work together and talk about what you all agree on doing to prevent miscommunication that makes the moving slower.

Furthermore, dress up for the move, wearing work gloves, durable pants, as well as steel-toe shoes.

7. Extra Safety Tips 

  • Avoid rushing and trying to get it done ASAP. It’s best to take it slow, especially when dealing with stairs.
  • Constantly check the security straps of your dolly and safe to ensure that everything stays in place.
  • If it looks like the safe may tip over, let it drop to the ground rather than try saving it. Your safety is the most important!

Learn more about how to move a gun safe properly and any other extra tips to follow from this informative video: 

Wrapping It Up

If you don’t have a gun safe yet, it’s about time you do! As long as you’re familiar with how to handle and move it properly, you won’t have to worry about damage or the hassle. It all boils down to having a quality safe AND the proper steps to move it with ease.

I hope this article on how to move a gun safe gave you an idea on what to do. So don’t wait any longer and follow these steps and tips to move your safe now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with moving a gun safe, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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