Big Game Hunting in Argentina

Big game hunting has long been a tradition in many parts of the world. In Argentina, you can find a wide variety of big game animals. 

With everything from birds to large land beasts, Argentina has lots to offer when it comes to big game hunting. Read on to find out about the animals you can find in Argentina, and what you should do to prepare yourself before you go on an Argentina big game hunt.

Red Stag

The red stag can frequently be found around the woods in the Andes, but it can also be found in various locations around the country. They are also known to hang around areas with lots of brush or in the woods. 

These large beasts can reach up to almost five feet near their necks. You’ll find that these mighty creatures can reach up to 500 pounds in weight, but will commonly be found around or over 300 pounds. 

These animals are known to be more active at night, and are very agile, being able to run and jump over large distances. This means if you want to hunt them, you’ll have to be prepared to head out in the early morning, or around sunset. 

Axis Deer

The axis deer prefers to hang around heavily wooded areas. They also like to linger around water in the morning and near nighttime as well, when it’s hot outside. This means you may be best off setting off early in the morning, and you may want to find a watering hole to start looking for them. 

The males of this species usually reach up to 165 pounds, while females can get up to 99 pounds. You’ll often find these animals in a herd that contains both sexes, giving you ample opportunity to find a target that suits you. Beware, these creatures can run at speeds up to 40mph when they are startled, and they will attempt to take cover in wooded areas, so you’ll need to be careful about how you approach them.


While they are not technically considered “big game”, if you’re looking to hunt some birds while you’re on your expedition to Argentina, then look no further than the dove. Doves are plentiful in Argentina and can be hunted all year round due to a lack of seasonal restrictions. 

Most of the time if you’re looking to hunt doves in Argentina in high volumes, or you simply want a reliable way to track them down, then you’re best off staying at a lodge, finding a service that can help you find them, or that can provide you with access to land that is full of them. 

Though be aware, these birds are quick. There aren’t too many ways to prepare for a dove hunt, as you can use a variety of tools to hunt them efficiently, but you need to have a higher degree of skill to be able to accurately lock down a few birds, even if you see them in high volumes. So practice up your aim before heading out!


The blackbuck is a slim type of antelope that is plentiful in Argentina. They tend to be under three feet up to their shoulders, and the males are larger than the females. The males tend to weigh around 99 pounds at their heaviest, while the females usually weigh in at around 86 pounds on the higher end. 

You can find these beasts in herds of up to 50 in open plains and open woodlands. They also tend to feed during the day, and will often search far and wide for access to water. Even if finding them isn’t too hard most of the time, taking one down sure can be. Some members of this species have managed to run at speeds of 50mph at times. Try to approach these creatures with caution to avoid startling them.

White-Tailed Deer

The white-tailed deer is another type of deer that you can find in Argentina. You can typically find this deer at around 140 pounds, though this can vary from animal to animal and can also change based on its gender. 

As far as its habitat goes, many expeditions will take you up to mountainous areas to try and track down one of these creatures. The rough environment can make tracking one of these deer very difficult, and ultimately, the best way to actually snag one is to stalk it until you’ve managed to get close enough to take a shot at it. This method of hunting has long been known as a tough one, and it should only be attempted with an experienced group, or with a guide of some sort. This is especially true in this case because of the rough terrain the animals are typically found in. Always try to make your safety your top priority when it comes to any sort of hunting, no matter where you go.

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