Saltwater Fishing In The Rain: Is It A Good Idea?

As an avid fisherman, I wanted to test out what saltwater fishing in the rain was like. I heard a ton of good benefits and experiences when dealing with the storms and light showers, making it a fun and adventurous fishing trip. However, is it really as good as people claim it to be?

I did my research and also tried to fish in the rain as well, so read on! I’ll be showing you all about what it’s like fishing in the rain, whether you have a fishing net or not, and if it’s something you should try yourself.

Are There Benefits Fishing In the Rain? 

Many fishermen know about the effects of weather on fish and when fishing in saltwater. From sunny weather to storms, it has you wonder: When are the best times to go saltwater fishing and is it fine to rain during a storm?

Unfortunately, fishing during the rain doesn’t really help your chicness in getting successful catches. However, choosing different times to fish (around the storm) can actually positively impact your fishing!

After all, fish are animals and similar to us humans. When exposed to harsh elements of nature when in habitat. Imagine if you were exposed to such harsh water conditions as well, you’ll probably be looking for places to hide. So while fishing in the rain IS possible, it’s not recommended unless you have the skills that help you locate and catch fish during such harsh conditions.

But with that being said, let’s talk about how fish are affected based on their location and the type of rainfall.

The Warm Front

For affected fish from the warm front, it excites them and has them become more active, wanting to move around right after the storm for some feeding.

The Cold Front

They act the opposite compared to those from the warm front, being more lethargic and staying dormant during and after the storm. This makes them hard to catch.

Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall would alter the fish placement as water flow is adjusted, pushing their food in other areas. Furthermore, water becomes unclear and murky for a while, making it difficult to spot fish!

Should You Go Saltwater Fishing In the Rain? 

Now that you’re familiar as to whether or not fishing in the rain is good, do you think you should try it? That actually depends!

The rain may affect the way fish act and where they go, especially if it’s a huge storm that affects their habitat. If the weather is too harsh that it can even affect your safety, I would sit it out.

But if it’s a light to moderate shower that you can take and doesn’t affect the water’s movements, then it’s a good choice! Not many people would be out fishing during this weather, so take advantage of the fewer fishermen around.

However, I highly recommend that you fish before or after the storm, which is actually more productive compared to fishing during one.

This is because fishing before a storm has low barometric pressure, which would have fish in feeding frenzies. They are more visible and would be easier to catch. The pressure slows down during the rains and would pick back up after the storm ends.

But if you do choose to fish during a storm, here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure that you prepare the rainy day weather gear and that you waterproof all your equipment to prevent damage. You also have to take account of your health and safety when exposing yourself to the elements!
  • The type of bait rod you use also affects your fishing success. Use brighter and noisier baits for fish to sense it better. Also, fish with water movement, meaning near inlets, spillways, or drains where fish usually are.
  • Follow the wind to cats the fish, since it gets quite difficult spotting them when just looking at the waters. Go for the downwind sides of waters, and target areas that allow fish to escape the forces of the wind.

If you want to try saltwater fishing in the rain, check out this cool video to help you prepare:

Wrapping It Up

Fishing in the rain is such a cool and unique experience one must try at least once in a lifetime! But of course, you have to make sure you’re prepared with the right gear. As long as you’re ready with what’s to come and have the proper skills, you’ll be able to take advantage of the seas during the rains.

I hope that this article on saltwater fishing in the rain helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and try it out yourself!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with fishing in the rain, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated. 

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