How to Shoot a Handgun: ANYONE Can Start Now!

Learning how to shoot a handgun can be a bit difficult, whether you’re a male or a female shooter. Some women may find it tough figuring out how it works, especially if they’ve just begun. However, you’ll be surprised as to how quickly one can get the hang of the gun with proper technique and knowledge.

I was inspired to create this article from Glenda Craddock, a competition shooter well known around Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. So not only will this article tackle how to shoot a handgun but to talk about the wonders of shooting, especially as a woman! Read on to learn more about it.

Who Is Glenda Craddock?

Glenda Craddock

Glenda Craddock is a competitive shooter around Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. She’s won different awards for her talent in shooting, also known for her Gun Store Chesapeake Pawn and Gun!

Not only does she compete, but she has such an amazing passion for guns to the point her store owns over a thousand guns for the community to avail of.

But wait, why is Glenda Craddock such an important person in this article?

That’s because it just goes to show that women can shoot even better than others, too! Let women like her empower you to start activities you’ve always hesitated to do because of the stereotype.

Do you want to learn more about Glenda Craddock? Check out this interesting video to see how she performs!

How to Shoot a Handgun

Did Glenda Craddock’s story inspire you to start shooting? I recommend you start with a basic handgun first, which can help with your skills. To do this, follow these steps on how to shoot a handgun:

What’s Your Shooting Stance?

The first thing to look into is the way you stand. This is the foundation of the entire shot, so ensure that you are stable and comfortable, tilting a bit forward to manage the inevitable recoil.

You can also search and follow basic stance types, which are the:

  • Isosceles
  • Weaver
  • Chapman

Your Handgun Grip

Next on the list is your grip, which should be hard, but not to the point you’re shaking. The right amount of a crushing grip can reduce the movement of non-trigger fingers.

Besides the grip, consider how you hold your handgun. The web between the thumb and trigger finger should be as high as possible.

The Sight Picture

You’ve heard it before, you should hear it again: Focus on your front sight rather than just the target. Keep both eyes open if you can, which helps lessen eye fatigue while keeping your eyes on the target easier. Just make sure your main priority is the dominant eye!

The Trigger Pull

This is probably the most crucial part of it all, and what can help you with dry-firing. Make sure you squeeze extremely slowly and do NOT yank on the gun, which can set the trigger. Before you take your shot, pull the trigger SLOWLY, which makes the shot even better.

Focus On Your Breathing

Do NOT hold your breath before, drone, and after taking your shot. This can mess you up in a while and ruin your stance!

As much as possible, it’s best to breathe naturally. Remember, you aren’t sniping hundreds of yards, you’re pistol shooting, which doesn’t require NO movement or breath.

The Trigger Reset

This is a common mistake many do right away, lifting and removing your fingers from the trigger right after shooting. The hole or target will always stay, so take your time. This prevents shooting to fast then jerking your trigger, which ruins the shot. Hold the trigger until your shot breaks, releasing it slowly right after.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Last but not least, always make sure that you get enough practice. You can consider dry-firing, and/or practice in a firing range as much as you can. You won’t get things right the first time, which is why you need to accept any mistakes, learn to form it, and improve.

Whether it’s the stance, grip, or the way you calculate your moving targets, it all takes time and practice before mastering it.

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Wrapping It Up

Who says a shooting has to be just for the men and women can’t handle a gun? People like Glenda Craddock are the perfect examples of how women can be even better at activities presumed to be a men’s sport! With tips based on her shooting and expertise, you’ll surely be able to get started with the sport safely and successfully.

I hope this article inspired you to start taking up the SAFE shooting now. Follow these tips and work your way up to become even better at shooting like Glenda Craddock now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips on shooting a handgun, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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