How To Open A Gun Safe Without The Key?

The best place to store all of your firearms is a gun safe. You can keep them there out of the reach of kids and other illegal users. You might be wondering, “How to open a gun safe without the key”, if you’ve lost the key or if your gun safe won’t open for any other reason. 

Personal gun safes have become increasingly popular as the necessity for gun safety has grown. It’s normal for gun owners to forget the combination or key to their safe. Owners are unable to access anything within a gun safe since its lock malfunctions. Additionally, they are unaware of the cost or time involved in successfully breaking into a well fitted gun safe.

If this occurs to you, don’t worry. There are solutions available to help you escape this predicament. So, let’s dive into the world of alternative methods and solutions for unlocking a gun safe without the key. 

The Benefits Of Having A Gun Safe

A gun safe is a secure metal container. Gun safes are built of steel or a heavy alloy metal, making them extremely sturdy and impossible to break into. They also have locks on them, which adds an extra layer of security to your weaponry and jewelry. The following are some advantages of owning a gun safe:

  • A gun safe can keep your home safe from intruders.
  • Gun safes are a secure way to store firearms and ammo.
  • Gun safes allow you to keep firearms away from children and other unauthorized individuals.
  • You’ll have piece of mind knowing that your assets are safe with the greatest security system for weapons, cash, and other precious stuff.
  • If you reside in a high-crime region, having a gun safe might be quite advantageous. Because it ensures that no one steals your possessions when they break into your home.
  • The last thing you want is for someone who shouldn’t have access to firearms to steal them from your home.

How To Open A Gun Safe Without The Key?

There are a few methods for cracking into a gun safe without causing any damage. Of course, you may need to break the lock mechanism in order for it to operate. However, it may also necessitate subsequent repairs, which may be more expensive. There are still other methods for avoiding these costs.

Method 1: Using A Paperclip And Screwdriver 

If you don’t have a key for your gun safe, you can make one with a paperclip and a screwdriver. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the procedure:

  • Gather your materials: Begin by gathering a strong paperclip and a little screwdriver.
  • Straighten the paperclip as follows: Straighten the paperclip using your fingers or pliers to ensure it has a hook-like end.
  • Insert the straightened paperclip into the keyhole, pushing it in as far as it will go.
  • Rotate the paperclip gently in both directions, attempting to replicate the turning motion of a key.
  • Use the screwdriver: While keeping the paperclip inserted, take the screwdriver and gently apply pressure to the lock mechanism. Try turning the screwdriver to mimic the action of unlocking the safe with a key.
  • Apply tension: Apply modest stress to the lock mechanism with the paperclip as you turn the screwdriver. This urges the pins inside the lock to align.
  • Continue trying: Steps 4–6 should be repeated until you feel or hear a tiny click, indicating that the lock has disengaged.
  • Open the safe: Hopefully, the combination of the paperclip and screwdriver manipulation worked to unlock your gun safe. To open it, turn the handle gently or use the keypad.

Remember that this method may not work on all locks or safes. It is critical to use caution and avoid applying excessive force. Because it could cause damage to the lock mechanism. If you are unsure about attempting this method, seek the advice of a professional locksmith or the manufacturer. 

Method 2: Utilizing A Bump Key

Another option for unlocking a gun safe without a key is to use a bump key. A bump key is a custom-made key that can be used to open pin tumbler locks. Here’s how you can give it a try:

  • First, you must obtain a bump key that corresponds to the type of lock on your gun safe. Bump keys are commonly available online or at local locksmith stores.
  • Insert the bump key into the keyhole, making sure it is completely inserted.
  • While keeping constant and gentle pressure on the bump key, tap it with a small hammer or mallet. The goal is to make a tiny impact that causes the pins inside the lock to jump for a brief moment.
  • Continue tapping while rotating the bump key in the direction required to unlock the safe.
  • Listen for any slight clicks or changes in the lock mechanism while applying pressure and spinning the bump key.
  • When you think the tumblers are aligned, try turning the handle or using the keypad to open the safe. If successful, the lock should disengage, granting you access to your firearms. 

When using bump keys, extreme caution is required. Because they are designed for legal purposes and should not be utilized for illicit purposes. If you are unsure about attempting this procedure or if it does not work, seek the assistance of a professional locksmith.

Method 3: Unlock A Gun Safe Using A Nail File 

You can open a gun safe with a nail file just like you can with a paperclip. However, the process will take a lot of time and patience to complete. The sharp tip of the nail file should go inside the keyhole.

Squeeze the pins to press the rolling file deeper into the keyhole until you hear a “click.”

When you hear a clicking noise, turn the nail file clockwise. This will cause the lock to be flipped and the safe to unlock. 

Method 4: Resetting The Password (For Combination Locks) 

It is possible to reset a gun safe’s password. This procedure is particularly successful because there is no risk of destroying any of the safe’s components. It will, however, be applicable if you have a digital safe with a combination lock.

Examine the back panel of the safe’s electrical components for any small holes or openings. You can find them with a flashlight. Insert a wire coat hanger through the safe’s hole.

On the inner keypad, ideally, there will be a reset button. Use the wire coat hanger to press it. With the flashlight, you may simplify the process. After pressing the reset button, you will be able to create a new combination using the front keypad. 

You can confirm the new combination code by clicking the “Set” button next to the “Reset” button. 

Method 5: Contacting A Professional Locksmith

If none of the previous methods work or if you prefer to delegate the task to an expert, contacting a professional locksmith is always a safe bet. These skilled specialists have the essential abilities, expertise, and specialized tools. They are familiar with numerous lock mechanisms, including those found in gun safes.

When hiring a locksmith, make sure they have experience working with gun safes. They also can provide correct identification and credentials. Additionally, read customer reviews and check their reputation to guarantee you’re using a trustworthy locksmith service. 

Common Mistakes When Trying To Open The Locked Gun Safe

The following are some frequent mistakes to avoid when unlocking the gun safe:

  1. Do not attempt to break into the gun safe with a hammer.
  2. Do not try to force open the lock with a drill and an electric screwdriver.
  3. Choose a combination that is difficult to guess or that you are likely to forget.
  4. Select a combination of numbers, letters, symbols, or colors that will be tough for others to guess.
  5. Keep your combinations private; do not disclose them with anyone.
  6. Keep your combinations simple; no one number sequence should have more than eight digits. 

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Tips For Unlocking Gun Safes With No Keys

The following are some tips to open a gun safe:

  1. If you have a keyless gun safe, you must maintain track of your code.
  2. Apply tension to the lock with a rubber band, then put the pointed end of an ice pick or screwdriver into the lock.
  3. Insert ice picks or screwdrivers at various angles into the lock.
  4. Place your hands on either side of the ice pick or screwdriver and crank it clockwise (or counterclockwise) until you hear a click sound.
  5. Remove any tools that are still inside and any locks that may be preventing to your ha
  6. Unlock all drawers and cabinets in case there is another method for someone else to get in without using force.


Losing or misplacing the key to your gun safe can be a stressful experience. By following the expert tricks provided in this article, you can increase your chances of unlocking a gun safe with no keys. Remember, opening a gun safe without the key should only be done in situations where you have legal ownership. In addition to the methods mentioned in this article, it’s important to emphasize the significance of preventative measures.

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