How to Hold a Rifle Steady: The Female Shooter’s Guide

Being a female shooter isn’t as tough as people think it to be. You’ll be surprised with the many talented female shooters out there, such as Glenda Craddock, who’s able to not only handle a handgun but the big guns like rifles! Now that’s something to be proud of, and if you’re a shooter who wants to be like Glenda, the first thing to learn about rifles is how to hold it steady.

However, it isn’t as easy as just holding it. There are different factors to consider on how to hold a rifle steady! So I’ll be sharing you some things about being a female shooter and tips on how to hold a rifle steady now, read on!

Being a Female Shooter

glenda craddock

The firearm industry is changing and it isn’t just men carrying guns for hunts or competitive shooting. Women are now practicing how to shoot, and there are more and more out there who have become the female shooting ambassadors worldwide.

One of them is Glenda Craddock!

Glenda Craddock is a competitive shooter who’s joined and won!) local shooting events around Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. But she isn’t just a competitive shooter, she also has a passion for guns and shows it through her business.

Craddock owns Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, which sells over a thousand guns to date. One of the largest in the Hampton Roads, they offer full services and the best around the area. 

From shooting rifles to selling guns, you can see how she’s one of the amazing women breaking stereotypes and showing how women have talent.

Check out the way Glenda holds her rifles steady and how she shoots them in this cool video!

How to Hold a Rifle Steady

Are you inspired by Glenda Craddock’s story? Then it’s time to learn the basics, starting with how to hold a rifle steady. Here are helpful tips to master this skill and advance to more lessons:

1. Your Position

There are different positions and stances you can try out, following one that has you COMFORTABLE and shooting your rifle well. I recommend that you master the rested position, which is comfortable for many shooters. Positioning and comfort are important so you can hold your rifle without the worry of it slipping!

Regardless of any position you take, here are the following tips for a better shooting grip:

Have the elbows in and down, under your rifle so it can take the weight.

Relax your entire neck, having your cheek fall on the stock naturally. The cheek-to-stock position can help your eyes adjust to the rifle sight. This lessens the chances of eye strain and has you aim at your target better.

2. Steady Your Handgrip

Your rifle’s handguard should be in the V you make with your thumb and index finger. This grip has to be lighter with your wrist candid with your fingers, using both hands. However, the rifle support should come from your dominant shooting hand and overall body position.

3. Where to Put the Rifle Butt

The next step is to ensure that your rifle butt is by your dominant shoulder pocket. Do NOT place it on your collarbone or armpit, which will be painful when experiencing recoil! Always keep the butt on your shoulder’s pocket, so the entire body consumes the recoil.

4. Hold Your Pistol Grip

Your rifle’s grip needs to be firmer with your shooting hand, similar to a good handshake. Pull the back of your rifle into the shoulder, so it lessens the chance of your rifle shaking when you take a shot.

The trigger finger should be straight and NOT twisted, laid on the trigger guard side until you’re ready to shoot.

5. Relax the Body 

You can only hold your rifle steady and successfully if your body’s relaxed! How can you fire properly if your entire body is too stiff?

Breathe calmly and quietly, with the handgrip tight on your rifle without stretching it. Avoid using all your muscles when gripping, which tires your body and shakes the accuracy. As mentioned, focus on a relaxed and comfortable position for a better grip and precise shots.

glenda craddock

Wrapping It Up

Holding a rifle steady as a female shooter is just the same as for males. You just have to make sure that you have a good grip and that you maintain a comfortable stance. Once you’ve mastered holding your rifle steady, you can advance to shooting and aiming at your target perfectly.

I hope this article on how to hold a rifle steady for female shooters helped you out! Let Glenda Craddock’s story and these tips inspire you to start this fun activity now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on how to hold a rifle steady, then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated. 

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