Can You Kill A Coyote With A .22?

The answer to this issue has generated discussion among hunters, outdoor lovers, and wildlife specialists. The.22 caliber is renowned for being inexpensive, widely available, and adaptable. This makes it a well-liked option for varmint control and small game hunting. The efficiency of a.22 caliber weapon, however, is questioned when it comes to hunting coyotes. Can you kill a coyote with a .22?

Coyotes are hardy, versatile animals prized for their cunning and speed. A precise shot to an area that is important can be lethal. The result is heavily influenced by variables such shot placement, bullet choice, range, and the size and health of the coyote.

This discussion intends to examine the pros, drawbacks, and restrictions of using a.22 caliber firearm for coyote management. We can have a better understanding of the possible success of utilizing a.22 caliber weapon in coyote encounters by looking at a variety of elements.

Can You Kill A Coyote With A .22?

Expert hunters don’t believe a.22 caliber rifle is adequate for consistently killing coyotes. Due to their difficulty in being located, many coyotes that are shot with a.22 caliber are never found.

In a rifle, the.22 caliber may travel at speeds between 1,100 and 1,400 fps. When fired from a rifle,.22 caliber ammunition has an energy range of around 120 ft/lbs to 200 ft/lbs. 

With a.22 rifle, you can definitely kill coyotes, however a variety of circumstances play a role. 

When shooting a coyote with a.22 caliber rifle, shot placement is essential. Coyotes are renowned for their toughness, flexibility, and stealthiness. They are strong foes due to their great intelligence and acute senses.  To ensure a quick and merciful death, the shooter must aim for important places like the head or heart. 

The shot’s distance is another aspect to take into account. Over extended distances, the.22 caliber round loses velocity and energy. This may reduce its ability to stop. Shots fired with a.22 caliber firearm outside of its effective range may not penetrate well or transfer enough energy to kill the coyote.

The choice of bullet is also crucial. Its efficiency can be increased by using suitable bullets made for hunting. Bullets with hollow points or soft points can expand more effectively. Upon hit, they transfer energy, enhancing the likelihood of a rapid and merciful death.

It’s crucial to recognize that coyotes can range in size. The results of utilizing a.22 caliber pistol can be affected by many variables, including the animal’s size and health. To successfully neutralize a larger or healthier coyote, a more potent caliber could be needed.

Where To Shoot A Coyote With A .22?

A compassionate and efficient kill must be achieved when shooting a coyote with a gun chambered in.22 caliber. Precision targeting can still lead to a clean takedown even though the.22 caliber may not have the same stopping force as larger calibers. The challenge lies in choosing the proper shot placement and comprehending the anatomy of a coyote.


One of the fastest methods to render a coyote unconscious is to aim for its head. It is possible to immediately become incapacitated by specifically striking the region just behind the ear or in the space between the eyes.


The neck is another potential target region. The spinal cord of the coyote can be severed by shooting it in the neck, rendering it immediately immobile. towards the highest likelihood of success, aim towards the base of the neck where it meets the chest.

Heart and Lung Area

Killing a coyote quickly and humanely can be accomplished by striking its critical organs. Target the heart and lungs by aiming for the chest cavity, just behind the shoulder. Greater target size and better possibilities of reaching key organs are provided by this region.

Broadside Shot

Aim for the middle of the chest if the coyote offers a broadside shot. This region often includes the heart and lungs, giving the possibility of a lethal shot a good likelihood. To guarantee optimal shot placement, take into account the coyote’s position and angle.

It is important to remember that shot placement only works in conjunction with excellent marksmanship. Shooting accurately is necessary to deliver the bullet to the chosen target precisely. You must regularly practice shooting and become comfortable with your pistol if you want to develop. Always put a humane and ethical approach first, and make sure you are following all local hunting laws and regulations.

What Is The Best Bullet To Kill A Coyote?

Hunters must take a number of factors into account when choosing a bullet to kill a coyote. Accuracy, terminal performance, and ethical considerations are what they are. The following are some popular bullet types for coyote hunting:

Hollow-Point (HP)

The purpose of hollow-point bullets is to expand upon impact, transferring energy to the target and doing serious harm. They can deliver swift, compassionate kills and are effective at close to intermediate ranges. Additionally lowering the chance of over-penetration is the enlarged bullet.

Soft-Point (SP)

The lead tip of soft-point bullets is protected by a jacket, allowing for controlled expansion upon impact. They are excellent for medium to longer ranges and have good penetration. Soft-point bullets can deliver good outcomes with less chance of severe meat damage.

Ballistic Tip

In order to promote rapid expansion and increased accuracy, ballistic tip bullets contain a plastic tip over a lead core. The advantages of a polymer-tipped bullet and a conventional lead core are combined in these bullets. They are therefore useful for coyote hunting at a variety of ranges.

Frangible Bullets

They are made to shatter upon impact, reducing the possibility of over-penetration and ricochets. They are frequently utilized in locations where safety is an issue, including close to populous areas or buildings. Frangible bullets, however, might not provide as much penetration as other bullet types.

The ideal bullet for dispatching a coyote ultimately depends on a variety of variables. It depends on the individual, the shooting environment, and the local laws. Hunters should speak with seasoned hunters, since they can offer insightful advice and suggestions for choosing bullets.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that it is technically possible to kill a coyote with a.22 caliber pistol, there are a number of crucial factors and restrictions to take into account. Shot location, bullet choice, range, as well as the size and health of the coyote, all affect how well a.22 caliber weapon neutralizes a coyote. Additionally, it’s critical to understand any potential restrictions and make wise choices in order to guarantee a humane and successful end.

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