Using Laser Sights For Handguns

The rapid development of the weapons industry has led to the emergence of a large number of pistols equipped with a laser sight. The latter makes the weapon as accurate as possible, as well as effective in various conditions. To fully experience all the positive qualities of such an addition, you need to carefully study its features, types and options for use.

What is a lasers sights?

There are many types of sights, among which the laser deserves special attention. It is a device that creates a beam that helps to aim and fire at any distance. Such an addition is often used with rifles of various calibers and pistols. In both cases, the formed beam creates a dot on the target that indicates the approximate location of the bullet impact without taking into account the impact on it of external factors (for example, wind).

Laser sights are most effective when shooting at short distances. In this case, the bullet does not have time to greatly change the trajectory and hits exactly at the point indicated by the laser. At medium and long distances, the shooter needs to make adjustments to hit the target.

Types of laser sights

Pistol lasers are quite diverse. Each type has its own characteristics and is suitable for a particular occasion. The most popular are 4 types, which differ from each other in the way they are attached to weapons.

Main types:

  • on the handle;
  • on the trigger guard;
  • inside the case;
  • on the rail.

The choice of one of the options depends solely on the preferences of users. Some like the classic models with the location of the laser on different parts of the gun, while others like the modern ones (the laser is built into the body.

Why buy a laser?

With enough experience, firearm owners can shoot accurately without any additional attachments. However, with insufficient fire training or the need to perform responsible shooting, where there is no room for error (for example, killing criminals holding hostages), you have to use the help of a laser. Modern models are worth buying even for professionals. These devices have a relatively low cost, so they will not lead to the loss of a large amount of money. In addition, new lasers work as efficiently as possible, which has a positive effect on accuracy. Another reason to buy a laser is the ability to reduce the number of misses when shooting at night.

Which laser is right for me?

The laser is a special device chosen individually for each weapon owner. Only in this case it will be useful and will not interfere with firing. To find a suitable option for yourself, you need to study the characteristics of the existing pistol. You should also decide in advance on the place of attachment of such an addition. In the classic version, lasers are mounted on a special rail and placed under the barrel. There are also many other options. In addition, when buying a laser, you can choose the color (red or green), the speed of the beam after raising the weapon, the ability of the device to withstand the effects of various external factors.

The pros & cons of laser sights

Every device has certain pros and cons. Laser sights are no exception. They do their job well and help gun owners achieve their goals.

Main advantages:

  1. Ease of use. Even beginners can use laser sights. To do this, you do not need to perform many complex manipulations and spend a lot of time preparing.
  2. High aiming speed. Pistol wielders can make an accurate shot only after careful aiming. Very often it takes more than 10 seconds, which is unacceptable when performing some tasks (for example, catching criminals, defending against attacks). Lasers help to correct the situation. With their help, it is possible to direct the beam at the target in a couple of seconds, after which you can immediately open fire.
  3. Compactness and minimum weight. Lasers, which are used as an addition to a standard pistol, are distinguished by their small weight and size. This does not overload the weapon and eliminates some discomfort during shooting. Also, the compactness of modern models simplifies the transportation of weapons.
  4. Reliability. Modern laser sights rarely break. Because of this, they are taken with them to perform responsible tasks, where any malfunction can lead to serious negative consequences.

Main disadvantages:

  1. Unmasking. Pointing the beam at the target will not go unnoticed. The consequence of this will be the discovery of the user’s location, with all the ensuing negative consequences. In the worst case, unmasking will enable the enemy to notice the sniper and open fire on him earlier.
  2. Inefficiency in sunny weather. The laser beam is clearly visible at dawn, at dusk, at night. At the same time, during the daytime it can only be operated in cloudy or cloudy weather. In the presence of bright sunlight, the mark on the target becomes almost invisible even from a short distance.

Laser sight uses

In many situations, the owner of the weapon will need a laser sight. This became possible due to the versatility of modern products and their high speed. Most often, lasers are used as an addition to sights by the military. In addition, such devices will not be superfluous in power structures, police, security organizations.

Laser sights can also be used for defense. In this case, the owners of the weapon will receive an additional advantage over the attacker. It consists in the psychological impact exerted by a colored dot pointed at the head or other part of the body of the offender. Another option for using the laser is hunting. However, lovers of this occupation rarely enjoy such a privilege, preferring to hunt in traditional ways. This is explained by the fact that at the sight of the beam, the animal will react instantly and quickly hide in a safe, for itself, shelter.

Red vs green sights

All lasers available to owners of pistols and other weapons produce beams of red and green. Each of them has its own advantages and is suitable for use under certain conditions.

Comparison of both options should start with the classics. It is a red laser, which until recently was the uncontested choice of all shooters. This type is characterized by simplicity and low cost of production. This has a positive effect on the cost of the sight and makes it accessible to everyone. Another advantage of the red laser is its durability. Most of the manufactured models have been working properly for decades. An additional plus is the extended operating temperature range. This makes the red laser ideal for regions with hot and cold climates. Experts consider poor visibility in the daytime as the only drawback. During this period, the dot on the target will be visible from a distance of no more than 25 meters.

A modern alternative to red are green lasers. They are ideal for daytime use as they create a dot on the target that is clearly visible even from a distance. All this allows you to shoot even in sunny weather and hit distant objects. The green laser also has disadvantages. They are high cost and a relatively small range of operating temperatures.

Pistols equipped with a laser sight are a popular type of weapon. They are easy to use and allow you to shoot with maximum accuracy. However, to achieve all this, you need to choose the right laser. To do this, you need to study all available information and listen to the opinion of experts. If everything is done accurately, then your pistol will turn into a universal weapon, which will be very difficult to find equals.

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