Importance Of A Flashlight In The Survival Kit

Adventure-lovers know how crucial it is to ensure your safety during any activity or excursion you undertake. ‘Safety first’ is the motto when hiking, camping, and many adventures.

You need to be equipped with essential tools for your safety when going on these adventures. It is what a survival kit is all about. Knives, ropes, and even flashlights should be there in your survival kit.

You may be wondering why you need a flashlight too. Read on to discover the importance of a flashlight in the survival kit.

What Is A Survival Kit?

A survival kit is a set of things you may require during an emergency, as the name says for survival. What you put into it is up to you to decide. 

Giving it much thought is essential as you don’t want to be in trouble for not packing up something you can’t survive without during an emergency.

There are pre-made survival kits that you can purchase from the store. However, creating your survival kit is better as you know what you would require when faced with such a situation.

Any outdoor enthusiast would have a survival kit ready to carry whenever going on any adventure. It can help them from getting lost in the wilderness or even surviving a natural disaster.

Importance Of A Flashlight In The Survival Kit

You may not consider a flashlight to be of importance in a survival kit, but it should not be so. A flashlight in your survival kit is vital whether you are off camping or want a survival kit lying at home to be used in an emergency.

Flashlights can light up your path both indoors and outdoors. It helps show you the way ahead or even searching for something that has gone missing. You can see any obstacles when traveling in extreme darkness.

Flashlights also help people locate you. If you’re lost, and a search team is coming for you, you can light up a flashlight to grab their attention towards your location.

Flashlights can also scare away wildlife if you are stuck in the wilderness or see a wild animal approaching you. The brightness of the light prevents wild animals from coming toward you as they will move away from the powerful light beam.

What Is A Tactical Or Survival Flashlight?

A tactical or survival flashlight was initially meant for use in military service. It is a small-sized flashlight which can be placed on a weapon to provide low-level light when shooting.

Tactical flashlights are an excellent addition to a survival kit because they are tiny and can be carried along easily.

Although smaller than the average flashlight, tactical flashlights emit a powerful light, making them excellent to use even in pitch-black darkness.

The Best LED Flashlights For A Survival Kit

A tactical flashlight is ideal for a survival kit instead of a regular flashlight. Tactical flashlights are reliable, durable, and have various useful features.

These flashlights provide powerful light beams for long-distance visibility with a wide-angle floodlight for peripheral vision.

There are several types of LED flashlights that you can include in your survival kit. These include the following flashlight types.

  • 32000-lumen tactical flashlight
  • 700-lumen multi-LED flashlight
  • 700 lumen EDC flashlight
  • 1200 lumen outdoor flashlight
  • LED headlamp
  • Mini waterproof LED lantern

What To Look For In A Good LED Flashlight

An LED flashlight in a survival kit is useless if it doesn’t work up to the expected level. Therefore, paying attention to the type of LED flashlight you put into your survival kit is vital.

Ensure to get yourself a high-quality survival flashlight, as you will get a lot of use out of it. It should also be lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go.

A good survival flashlight should be capable of illuminating enough light to show you the path. The light it lets off shouldn’t be too narrow as well. It should allow for an even distribution of illumination.

If you’re using a rechargeable flashlight, it should have long battery life. reviews some of the best flashlights, including survival flashlights, that provide excellent value for money.

What To Include In A Survival Kit

A flashlight is not the only thing you need in your survival kit. There are so many other essential items that you might require during an emergency.

What you include in your survival kit also depends on how you’ll need it. Do you only need it at home to use during an emergency, or will you be taking it out on your adventures? You might even need a survival kit to suit every possible situation.

Here is a list of what you need in a survival kit. You can add or remove items according to your preference.

  • Food that is easy to prepare and non-perishable.
  • Enough water to provide one gallon per person for a day.
  • A high-quality survival flashlight with extra batteries.
  • A first aid kit with band-aids, bandages, splints, peroxide and rubbing alcohol, and ointment for burns and insect bites.
  • A multi-purpose tool or a few tools for small jobs, including a screwdriver, wrench, and hammer.
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items.
  • Any medications that you require.
  • Mobile phones with chargers.
  • Some cash.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Copies of personal documents and essential photographs in a waterproof case.
  • Maps of the local area.
  • A blanket.
  • A battery-powered radio.
  • Pocket knife.
  • Rope.
  • Tape
  • Compass

Where To Keep A Survival Kit

Emergencies can occur anywhere and at any time. You don’t know whether you’ll be at home, on the road, or far away on an adventure when an emergency strikes. All you know is that you need to be prepared with a survival kit in hand, wherever you are.

You need an emergency kit in your home and your vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. If you go hiking or camping, you must also carry one in your bag.

It’s also essential to have a survival kit at work. After all, you spend most of the day sitting at work in front of your desk.

Where To Carry A Survival Flashlight

If you carry a survival flashlight with you, you need to be able to access it as soon as you can. Therefore, the best place to keep it is on your hips. If you’re right-handed, you need to keep it on your left side.

You can also have a flashlight in your laptop bag or carry-on luggage when you’re traveling. Women can keep a survival flashlight in their purses or keychains.

Tips To Keep In Mind

Carrying a flashlight with you does not guarantee your safety all the time. You need to keep a few things in mind to use the flashlight when you’re faced with an emergency.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind concerning a survival flashlight.

Keep Extra Batteries In Hand

No matter how powerful and high-quality your flashlight is, it won’t be of use without batteries. You need to keep a few extra batteries with you if your batteries run out of power.

Use A Flashlight As A Self-Defense Weapon

The flashlight is also an excellent self-defense weapon. You can switch it on and direct its powerful light at intruders and criminals closing in on you. 

You can also use your flashlight as a club to hit anyone trying to harm or rob you.

Use A Flashlight To Make Your Presence Known

Flashlights can light your path and also show others the way towards you. You can also look at the back of your car to check if any animals are there before getting into it.


A flashlight is a must-have in any survival kit, along with a few other essential items. A survival flashlight should be high-quality, portable, and be able to illuminate powerful light.

Some tips to keep in mind are to have extra batteries for your flashlight and keep your survival kit whenever you think it might deem necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Mandatory To Have A Flashlight In Your Survival Kit?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a flashlight in your survival kit. It can show you the path, scare off wild animals and intruders, and help others locate you.

Why Is A Flashlight Important In Camping?

A flashlight can brighten a dark spot and also signal for help whenever you require it while camping.

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