Hunting in the United Arab Emirates: What You Need to Know

Visiting the United Arab Emirates is a wonderful event all by itself. Blazing desert and miraculous oases exist side by side with the most modern urban architecture and extensive luxury. A country of contrasts as it is. Besides marvelous sightseeings, expensive hotels, and lavish cars, the UAE can provide you with other types of active entertainment including hunting.

However, sometimes the hunting legislation of this country can seem unclear and cause a lot of questions. What types of wildlife can I hunt? What are the hunting regions? Can I hunt without a license? Am I allowed to hunt in the UAE at all? If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, continue reading the article.

Is hunting allowed in the UAE?

Well, the short answer is no, it’s not. The UAE has extremely rich wildlife with a great variety of endemic species that are highly protected by the government. Animals like oryxes, rabbits, deer, and dabb lizards are forbidden to be hunted on the country’s territory. So, unfortunately, it’s impossible to go for a hunt anywhere you want: The punishment for breaking the laws varies from severe fines to time in prison.

However, since there are large programs dedicated to the restoration of endangered species, there are some options you can take a look at.

Also, you can still experience all the beauty of the Emarati nature without hunting down the prey: just rent a powerful SUV and drive around the desert. For example, you can rent GMC in Dubai to travel around and see all the beauty by yourself. Moreover, rental services will provide you with the best driving experience for almost no money.

What is the legislation for hunters in this country?

We have already mentioned that hunting and hurting wildlife in its natural habitat is strictly prohibited. But the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has approved the newest version of the hunting law that allows licensed hunting in specific zones in Abu Dhabi supervised by dedicated operators. Animals there are bred specifically to be released on the hunting territory. Also, you must stay away from any forests, national parks, and production zones.

In order not to get in trouble on a hunt in Abu Dhabi, you have to receive a license provided by the EAD. They can also give you information aout hunting seasons and allowed means of hunting.

Is it possible to hunt with no license?

Yes, Barari Hunting can provide you with that. It’s the only territory where you can omit receiving a hunting license. It’s a hunting facility where they breed desert species in their natural habitat. On this territory, there are oryxes and two types of gazelles available for hunting. You can opt for a bow or a rifle to get your trophies. Usually, the place opens its gates for hunters from October to March during the wintertime in the UAE when you can find the best conditions for big and small game hunting.

And what about falcons?

It would be an understatement to say that the falconry is the national treasure of the United Arab Emirates. This type of hunting is not just allowed, but it’s highly valued among Emirati citizens. Falcons are very symbolic to the culture of the country and have been present in the life of the Emirates for more than three thousand years. In the very beginning, Bedouins used these gorgeous birds to hunt wildlife.

However, there are also several restrictions. Falconers are granted to track only houbara birds and all the falcons should be licensed by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The necessary documentation should be presented when authorities ask so they make sure the falconers comply with the law.

Final words

If you are a seasoned hunter who has already seen a lot, hunts in the UAE can be a nice opportunity to earn unique trophies for your collection. However, make sure that you definitely know all the regulations and have enough budget to organize such a trip. If everything is set up correctly, you have all the chances to experience the most exotic time in your life.

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