How to Have Fun Learning to Shoot in Your Own Back Yard

Before letting yourself loose in the countryside and on the local wildlife in your area, you should make sure you are proficient at shooting a target. Although there are many shooting ranges available both inside and outdoors, it can be less than convenient getting there and back or finding out on your arrival that all lanes are full or booked for the foreseeable. 

Having your own shooting range on your land, however, takes this frustrating scenario out of the equation, and you will be able to invite your buddies over to enjoy it as well, so you can all practice together. However, there are a few necessities that you will need to address first.

#1 Ensure that your land is long enough

You will need to make sure that your land is long enough to accommodate your new shooting range while ensuring that anyone around (and their property) will be safe from shots fired. Generally, the land a shooting range is in should be at least 20 meters in length. This will guard against stray shots in your neighbor’s yard and causing neighborly disputes.

Shooting is a dangerous game, and you should ensure that the area behind your targets and alongside is free from both people and animals. Although you will not be using real ammunition, accidents, and serious injuries can still occur, and it is worth keeping this in mind when designing your shooting range.

#2 Have a fine array of targets

In order to keep your interest (and that of any friend or relation who decides to join you), you should ensure that you are equipped with an array of different targets. These targets could be various printed pictures on paper, trusty tin cans, or a bowling pin wobble. Obviously, some will be harder than others to hit, but that is the game’s idea.

Most of your targets will either be used to exhaustion, therefore, able to take multiple hits; others may only take one direct hit and then be unusable. It is important to consider this factor when purchasing your targets, as certain types will offer better value for money.

#3 Purchase the right gear for you

You will also have to make sure that you have the right safety gear for you and your guests to keep everyone safe who’s enjoying your shooting range. You will also want to invest in the correct BB Gun Pistols, and you can see what is available at reputable retailers like BBGuns4Less

These pistols come in different sizes, shapes, and weights, and they also come with various firing methods, including battery-powered, spring-powered, and CO2. Of course, there are different factors, such as the accuracy of the BB gun, that you will also have to take into consideration before making your final purchase.

This doesn’t mean you cannot purchase a few different types to try and practice with. Getting your hand in with each type can see your experience and skill progress to a time when you will be a true proficient at your newfound favorite pastime.

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